Reddick talks Miami visit

Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas DB Anthony Reddick has one more visit left and then he will decide. Charles Babb caught up with him to discuss his most recent visit and more.

How did the visit go with Miami this weekend?

"It went great."

Who hosted you?

"Javon Nanton and Jon Beason"

What did you do?

"We toured the school. We went out. We went to the Orange Bowl."

What was the best part of the trip for you?

"I think hanging out with the football players that are going to the NFL next year and the rest of the team."

Did you commit?


Who are your top schools right now then?

"Miami, Georgia, Florida State, and Ohio State."

Why those four?

"I don't know. I really don't have a reason why those main four."

What is something that is positive in these schools' favor that sets them apart?

"All of them are a great place to get an education."

Speaking about education, what is your major?

"I'm not sure yet. Probably communications."

What visits do you have left?

"Florida State."

What are you looking for to try and help you make your decision?

"Just where I feel most comfortable and where I can get more playing time at."

Early playing time is important then?


Have you looked at rosters at these schools in your decision making process, and what was your conclusion?

"Yes. I don't know. All of them pretty much are going to lose safeties. All four of them."

Is there one school recruiting you harder than any others right now?

"No, not really."

Who is recruiting you for Ohio State?

"Coach Conley."

How often do you talk with him?

"Probably once every other day, every two days."

What do you two talk about?

"Just how I am doing and everything. Pretty much tells me about the school and where I stand."

With Ohio State being a ways from home but Miami in your back yard – will that make a difference to you?

"No. Not really."

Is there anything standing out with regard to your visits right now?

"No. I just had a great time at all my visits so far."

When do you plan on deciding?

"Probably when I come back from Florida State."

Before signing day then?


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