Davis Looking For A Good Fit

Toledo Rogers WR Fred Davis is still undecided when it comes to his college choice. Where he fits in offensively could play a big role.

The Fred Davis saga continues.

He wanted to go to Ohio State on an unofficial visit this weekend but never made it.

"I didn't make it down there," Davis said. "We had snow storms and ice storms and I didn't make it down."

But nothing has changed according to Davis. The more it seems to change, the more it remains the same.

"Basically everything is still the same," he said. "I'm looking at O-State, Miami and USC."

OSU assistant coach Luke Fickell was in Toledo to meet with Davis on Thursday.

"It went really good," he said. "He met my family and stuff."

Although he was sold on Ohio State and all that they had to offer at one time, Davis now seems to be looking to uncover the deciding factor to distinguish one school over the other two.

"I want to go where I'll fit in the most for the team, position-wise, on offense," he said. "I want to play early."

It was reported that having Maurice Clarett back in the fold at OSU would bode well for the Buckeyes' chances to land Davis.

"That's cool," he said. "I figure that wherever I go I'm going to get playing time but that would help though having a great running back."

And wherever he goes, he definitely would like to play spring football and he thinks that he can do that at either of the three of his final schools.

"That's what I really want to do, play spring football," he said. "I know that if I get there before the 30th I can play spring football for USC and Miami by the 28th. For Ohio State, all I have to do is come to school in March and I can play for them if I go there."

And Davis said that he is a qualifier academically.

"I know my stuff is already taken care of," he said. "I'm a qualifier."

So when will he announce?

"It will probably either be on signing day or sometime later this week," he said. "I'll tell Coach (Rick Rios) to tell everybody."

So what exactly is positive still about Ohio State from Davis' own perspective?

"It's the home team," he said. "It's a great school and they have great athletes. And Michael Jenkins is leaving so that's another good thing."

Are the odds still good, at least percentage-wise, that Davis could be a Buckeye down the road?

"Yeah, my mom loves the Buckeyes so that helps," he said.

Will any more coaches be visiting Davis before he decides?

"I think Miami's receiver coach might come today, I don't know for sure yet," Davis said. "I'm supposed to see Coach Fickell sometime later this week."

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