Kennedy Enjoys Visit

One of the visitors in Columbus this weekend was Ft. Lauderdale Stranahan DB/RB Dennis Kennedy, who said OSU "felt like home."

One player who could soon become a Buckeye is Ft. Lauderdale Stranahan DB/RB Dennis Kennedy. Kennedy took an official visit to OSU this weekend.

"Yes, I was up this weekend," he said. "Just got home.

"Thomas Matthews was my host. He is from (Ft. Lauderdale) Dilliard."

Was Kennedy offered on the trip?

"No, there was no offer yet but Coach Tressel and Coach Conley will be in to see me on Thursday," he said.

Even though he's from Florida, the weather is no issue for Dennis.

"This was my third trip to Columbus. The weather is not a problem," he said.

What did he like about OSU?

"It felt like home," he said. "Hanging out with the guys and everything. It was cool."

Is Dennis done with recruiting?

"I have taken an unofficial to Miami and might take an official to Wake Forest," he said. "That is it for now. I have not been anywhere else."

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