Classic Conflict: Has Mitchum Verbaled Or Not?

With just over two weeks remaining until national signing day, we have one more intriguing storyline. A source told recruiting editor Duane Long today that Pennsylvania OL Kyle Mitchum has verbaled to OSU. But Mitchum told Gary Housteau tonight he has not. Click here for the interview with Mitchum.

EDITOR'S NOTE -- Earlier this evening, recruiting editor Duane Long reported that, according to a reliable source, Pennsylvania OL Kyle Mitchum had verbaled to OSU. But in the interview conducted tonight and detailed below, Mitchum denies that is the case to contributor Gary Housteau. Here is that interview.

Offensive lineman Kyle Mitchum from Erie (Pa.) High School completed his official visits with a trip to West Virginia this past weekend. I had a brief Q&A session with Kyle to update his situation.

Housteau: How was the trip to West Virginia?

Mitchum: "Official visits are official visits," he said. "It was real good."

Housteau: What's the next move?

Mitchum: "I'm probably going to sit down in the next week or two and make my decision."

Housteau: Have you decided in any way, shape or form?

Mitchum: "No I haven't decided yet."

Housteau: Not even to yourself or to people that you trust?

Mitchum: "No."

Housteau: There's a rumor out there that you have decided. Can you knock that out for me right now?

Mitchum: "Is that right? What's the rumor?

Housteau: It's Ohio State and you're not going to announce until signing day?

Mitchum: "No, I'm not waiting until signing day, sorry. I could, but I'm not. That's a rumor."

Housteau: So that's a false rumor and you don't want to say yes or no that it is Ohio State?

Mitchum: "I haven't decided yet."

Housteau: OK, so how do you feel now about what you need to do and how you need to go about doing it?

Mitchum: "I've been to my top three schools and so I'm going to sit down and look at everything and decide."

Housteau: Is it starting to take shape for you?

Mitchum: "Not toward a decision yet, but time will tell."

Housteau: Do you still intend to go to the school when you make your decision?

Mitchum: "Yes."

Housteau: Any coaches coming in to see you this week?

Mitchum: "Coach O'Keif (Iowa) is coming in Wednesday. I think Coach Daniels is coming in tomorrow. And I think Coach Gibson (West Virginia) is coming in one of those days as well."

Housteau: Are your home visits by the head coaches done already?

Mitchum: "Yes."

Housteau: Do you think you will decide this week? Do think that will happen?

Mitchum: "There's a possibility that it could or it could be a little bit after that. I don't know. We'll see."

Housteau: It's been reported that you'll be making an unofficial visit out to Iowa?

Mitchum: "That's been talked about. I might go out for a basketball game. So I don't know yet."

Housteau: When would that be this coming weekend?

Mitchum: "I don't know. Coach O'Keif and my coach have been talking. We're just talking about it right now so it's a possibility."

Housteau: So Ohio State fans will hear this and get kind of really bummed out. What do you say to that?

Mitchum: "Don't get bummed out right away. I haven't made my decision yet."

Housteau: So as of Monday night at 8:20 p.m. on Jan. 19, you haven't decided yet where you're going to school?

Mitchum: "I haven't decided yet."

Housteau: And you don't have any date set yet when you will announce ...

Mitchum: "It could happen whenever."

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