Jarrett Reflects On OSU Visit

New Brunswick, N.J., wide receiver prospect Dwayne Jarrett just spoke with our Gary Housteau. This national top-50 prospect discusses his Ohio State visit, who he hung out with and when he may announce his college choice. Click here for all the details.

While all minds were seemingly focused on Fred Davis this weekend, Dwayne Jarrett of New Brunswick, New Jersey quietly went about enjoying his official visit to Columbus.

"I had a great time out there," said Jarrett, ranked as the nation's 37th-best prospect by TheInsidersRecruiting.com. "I liked the stadium and their fans and the way that they said that they were going to use me in the offense."

Jarrett said that he had great expectations coming into the visit and he wasn't disappointed.

"I knew it was a great program and I knew that I could have a good chance to start there and I knew that they have a great football tradition there. So I already knew all that coming in," he said. "I had a great time up there."

And Jarrett was able to meet with Jim Tressel, who was in Hawaii on Saturday coaching an all-star game.

"He just really talked about how they'll use me on the field and academically he said they would make sure that I keep my grades up there," he said. "My grades are good right now. I have a 2.8 GPA and I'm doing pretty good in the classroom. On my test score I had an 820 and I've qualified already."

What did he like the best about Ohio State?

"The best thing I liked was the coaches. I like the coaching staff," he said. "I like the whole atmosphere. I like the stadium and I like how much support the fans show the players. They're a lot different than a lot of the schools that I've seen so far and they have a great program and they're on national TV every weekend. They're proven to be one of the top teams in the country."

At 6-5, 215 pounds, Jarrett is similar to Mike Jenkins, physically.

"I have a mixture of Randy Moss and T.O.(Terrell Owens)," Jarrett said. "I have great speed and I can adjust to the ball very well."

Like Davis, Jarrett would like to play early at whatever school he eventually chooses.

"Fred is a great player and me and him are interested in some of the same schools like USC and Ohio State," he said. "As far as me playing early I can go in and showcase my talent as long as I work hard and do what I got to do. It's important in a way and if I feel that I'm ready, I'll do it, it's not a problem. But they did say there would be a good chance for me to go there and play early."

Can Jarrett and Davis be on the same team?

"It doesn't really matter to me where Fred goes," Jarrett said. "I'd like to play with him, he's a great player but it doesn't really matter to me."

Jarrett played with Davis at the All-American Bowl.

"I met him before that, too," Jarrett said. "I had met him down at Pittsburgh when we went to see Pittsburgh and Miami play."

Although Davis wasn't in town on Jarrett's visit, he did enjoy being around Teddy Ginn and some of the other guys he got to meet over the weekend.

"The guys were great," Jarrett said. "I hung out with Ira Guilford, he's from New Jersey too so we kicked it off. He was my host."

Where is Ohio State now in the pecking order with all of the other schools he's looking at? He's already visited USC, Iowa, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

"They're high on my list," he said. "They've always been in the picture and they've always wanted me to come up but I never had a chance to come up. And now that I've had a chance to come up and experience everything, they're high on list."

When will his verbal be made?

"I'll make my decision most likely on signing day," he said. "It should be on ESPN. ESPN is suppose to come down and broadcast it."

Does he have an idea yet who the lucky suitor is?

"I can't really tell you right now what it looks like. I'm going to have to go home and talk about everything with my family and my coaches and make that just make that right decision," he said. "Ohio State is very high on my list...very high!"

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