Bryant Returns From Official Visit To OSU

Pennsylvania LB James Bryant, a national top-50 prospect, returned home tonight after making an official visit to Ohio State. Click here for details on how things went for this prospect, who does not lack for confidence in his abilities.

Although the Buckeyes are loaded at the linebacking positions, if you have the chance to add a player of the caliber of James Bryant from Reading Pa., you just do it. Bryant, ranked as the nation's No. 35 overall prospect by, visited Ohio State officially over the weekend.

"It went all right," Bryant said. "I enjoyed myself. I didn't really get to see a lot of the football players but I know there was a lot of guys there that I already know from a couple of weeks ago from being at the All-American game."

Marcus Freeman was his host for the weekend and Ted Ginn Jr. came down to Columbus to say hello.

"Like I said before the Ginn family would be a real big factor in me going to Ohio State," Bryant said. "I saw Mr. Ginn this weekend and talked to him a little bit and I really enjoyed being there. Marcus Freeman was my host and he showed me a real good time and he took me around to a lot of places."

He didn't get to see Fred Davis this weekend but he wasn't disappointed.

"I talked to Fred on the phone and he said he couldn't make it," Bryant said. "That's fine, I'll just have to catch up with Fred another time and hope that we can talk on the phone and see what's going on."

On a scale of 1 to 10 what did he give his Ohio State's visit?

"I gave it an 8 earlier this week when somebody else asked me that question," he said. "That's good. On a scale of 1 to 10 that's good, that's an 8."

Has any other team been higher than 8 yet?

"Yes and No!"

So where does that leave Ohio State as far as leaving an impression in your mind?

"I'm feeling really good about the Buckeyes," he said. "They left a really good impression in my mind, especially some of the fans that I saw down there. They know who I am and they were really excited about me being interested in their school."

Did he spend any time with Jim Tressel on his visit?

"I did get to talk to Coach Tressel right before I left and Coach Tressel was just telling me about the situation like every other head coach was," Bryant said. "He didn't try to force his school on me but he's definitely trying to persuade me a lot about to be a part of the Buckeye family."

Was playing time at the linebacking position discussed a great deal during the visit?

"It was talked about but I think it really doesn't matter because wherever I go I'm going to start, hands down," Bryant said. "It don't matter if they've got 25 linebackers, somebody is not going to be starting on Saturday."

He can't be serious, could he?

"I worked hard for many years doing what I do and I think that what separates me from a lot of linebackers in high school and in college is my attitude," he said. "I'm very confident in what I do. I love playing football and if I got to bring the thunder then that's what I'm going to do. Every time I step on the field. I feel that I'm very aggressive and a very invincible player when I step on the field, that's why I'm so confident in what I do."

Could he envision himself playing together with Freeman on the same defense?

"That does sound real good," Bryant said. "Me and Marcus are two linebackers upcoming but he's different than I am. I'm a very aggressive and physical person and he's a guy that needs to fly to the ball and make tackles. And that's somebody that I'm looking to play with where I can get in and make the play but he's got to make the tackle."

So with one more visit to LSU still to go, what is the current mind-set? (Bryant visited Pittsburgh, Miami and Florida previously.)

"I just want to get through this last visit and sit down with my family and make a decision then," he said. "In my situation it's a family thing. The decision is going to come down to me and my mother."

Your lasting impression from your visit this week?

"I'll tell you this one thing, I'd look good in red and silver," Bryant said. "My home colors are red, white and black so there wouldn't be that much of a difference."

He wore number 40 in high school.

"I'll have to look for a number change," he said. "If I were to go to Ohio State I wouldn't be able to wear number 40 because that number is retired. That's fine. A number ain't nothing, I'm still going to go out there and smack somebody in the mouth and send them home with a bad feeling."

We'll find out his final intentions on or near signing day.

"I'm feeling real good about my visit and going up there," Bryant said. "It's a place that's close to home but not too close and definitely not too far away. It's close to my brother which is a real big factor also."

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