Estopinan to decide soon

South Miami LB Javier Estopinan is getting close to decision time. Duane Long caught up with him last night to discuss his status.

South Miami, FL LB Javier Estopinan is a Florida recruit that Ohio State has a real shot at landing. One of the reasons is because he is familiar with the school due to wrestling camp.

"I like it a lot," he said. "I've been going to wrestling camp up there for seven years."

Last night, Javier indicated he would pick between three schools.

"It's Ohio State, Florida and North Carolina State," he said. "The North Carolina State coaches were just here.

"Coach Zook from Florida was in last week. Coach Tressel will be here this Friday."

Javier is listed as a LB, but OSU might have different ideas as to how they'll use him.

"North Carolina State and Florida are recruiting me as a linebacker," he said. "Ohio State's recruiting me as a defensive end and a linebacker."

What will be the thing that pushes him over the top?

"It's just going to be a gut feeling," he said.

Javier is undefeated wrestling this year. He is a two-time state champion who is 103-3 in his career and was 45-0 last year. He did not win the state championship as a sophomore though.

"I got hurt as a sophomore, but before I got hurt, I beat the guy who won the state 12-2," he said. "I haven't been beat since my freshman year.

"I'm wrestling at 215. I played during the football season at 235."

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