Bryant Ready To Sort Things Out

Reading, PA LB James Bryant was unable to make his scheduled trip to LSU this weekend due to weather, but this week, he plans to quiet things down and sort things out as far as a college choice. Florida, LSU, Miami, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh are still in the mix.

If James Bryant has any desire at all to play for LSU, he'll mostly likely have to decide without making an official to the school. He was scheduled to make his final official visit there this weekend but never made it out of Reading, Pa.

"I didn't go down to LSU actually. I was supposed to but weather-wise I couldn't go," Bryant said. "They're still in the picture but I just couldn't get down there."

So just as I have in recent weeks, I fired off a few questions at him that he again so candidly answered.

What's next?

"I'm just trying to figure out what to do now with just one weekend until the big day. I think I'm just going to take this coming weekend and not answer my phone. Actually, you're the only person I've talked to all day."

What are you really thinking about as you prepare to make your final decision?

"There's really nothing real big and major that I'm thinking about. I'm just thinking, ‘Wow, if I go here, how am I going to end up?' and things like that. I don't know, it's up in the air."

James, am I reading you completely wrong, because there are some people that don't even have you seriously considering Ohio State at this point?

"You're reading me pretty good I can say. I have my reasons why I am (considering OSU), especially one reason is to get after my man Chad (Henne) again, that's a real big factor. I think that would be a great rivalry for me and him to go at it again in the Big Ten. That will give the folks back at home something to really read about in the papers since there is nothing going on at Penn State. I played him four years in a row and we ended up 2-2 and I think that maybe we might not want to end the series and keep it going again."

So what's holding you back from pulling the trigger as far as what you're thinking right now?

"I think just because of the fact that I can hold back and I want to make this ride out to the end because I definitely have people on the edge of their seats debating on where I'm going to go. You know, you only get one chance at this, and I guess I'm just trying to live it up."

And then there is the Ginn factor?

"Just like I've said before, I feel real comfortable around his family. I feel one with them. I feel that I've known them longer than I really have and that's a great feeling to have, especially going into a place where you really don't know a lot of people."

So tell me about your relationship with your brother and maybe that will help to understand your connection with him and maybe Pitt's chances of getting you.

"I guess the biggest thing I can say is that I love him to death. He's always been there and he's always going to be there. I got his name tattooed on my arm, his name going across and my name goes down, so it makes a cross on my arm. So he's a real big part of my life, a real big part."

So is Sam just one year ahead of you or is he a redshirt at Pitt?

"He's two years ahead of me and he's a redshirt freshman. He played this past year and actually started in their Bowl game."

Is he trying to pull you that way in any way?

"No, not really. He's not trying to persuade me to do anything that I don't want to do because he knows for a fact that if he did try to do that, I wouldn't do it any way. So he wouldn't waste his time trying to do that. He's just being there supporting me and answering any questions that I have for him and asking any questions that he has for me."

So is Miami too far for you now?

"No, not at all. I think that if I have to go far to get what I want, then that's what I have to do."

Is Miami ahead of Florida in any way or are they both on the same par?

"They're both on the same par and everybody is on the same plate; it's just a matter of who I finish off first and who is left on the plate."

What coaches are yet to come in this week that you know of, do you know that yet?

"No, I don't know any coaches that are coming in this week, and if they do come in I probably won't talk to them anyways. This is my week that I need to sit down with my mother and talk about some things and their (respective) recruiting process is pretty much over. There is no more or no less that they can do. They're done with what they need to do and now this is my week to do what I need to do."

So is it possible to still consider LSU on the same level since you haven't visited them yet?

"I believe so because that's still a very young team who needs linebackers, and I'm just looking for somewhere that I can take over a defense and rally them together and lead them to another championship if it's at all possible."

Have you met with Coach Saban or anything like that?

"No I have not. I've talked with (two assistant coaches) on the phone several times but I never have seen Coach Saban yet."

So by me saying that you're really interested in Ohio State, a whole lot, I'm not too far off base with that, am I James?

"No, you are not."

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