Dukes Ponders Final Two Choices

Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central talks about his top two schools -- Ohio State and N.C. State -- during an interview with Bucknuts.com's Charles Babb. Click here for an archive of their conversation.

Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central wide receiver Albert Dukes discusses his college decision during this interview with Charles Babb.

So, are you 100% done with your visits now?

Dukes: "Yeah."

Tell me about the N.C. State visit. What were the highlights?

Dukes: "Meeting a lot of the boys from Florida, you know hanging out with basically the guys who play my position, having a good time, learning about their academic program, and just enjoying myself."

On a scale of 1-10, what was the visit?

Dukes: "I would say between 8 and 10. It started to snow when I left."

What did you think of the snow?

Dukes: "It was really my first time being around snow. It was great, but it would take some used to playing in it."

Who are your leaders?

Dukes: "N.C. State and Ohio State."

How will you decide?

Dukes: "Where I feel most comfortable and me playing."

Are you looking for early playing time then?

Dukes: "Yeah I am."

Have you been looking at depth charts then?

Dukes: "I've been looking on the internet for that."

What are your thoughts when you look at both teams? They both look like they could use wide receivers.

Dukes: "Yeah. Well, N.C. State plays the most receivers in my case because their base offense is 4 to 5 receivers. So you know… Ohio State has a good rotation too, but that might be the determining factor to just be playing."

Is distance from home a big deal as well?

Dukes: "Yeah. It makes a difference."

When do you expect to make your decision?

Dukes: "Probably this coming Thursday."

Can you give me one negative and one positive about your final two?

Dukes: "I can say that a negative for both of them is the weather and the positive on Ohio State is they are a good team all around. They are a very solid team. The positive for N.C. State is I think I fit right into their offense because I am a receiver and their pass to run percent is like 70 to 30. They throw the ball."

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