Signing Day Notes: Martin Verbals To Toledo

Lyndhurst (Ohio) Brush defensive lineman Alfred Martin was hoping for a late OSU offer. But when it did not come, he committed to Toledo tonight. Does that leave an open scholarship for Dwayne Jarrett or somebody else? Hmmm. Click this free link for more details and other odds and ends as we get ready for national signing day.

Lyndhurst (Ohio) Brush defensive lineman Alfred Martin was hoping Ohio State would come through with a scholarship offer and a letter-of-intent with national signing day coming up Wednesday.

But Martin learned tonight that OSU would not be offering. Instead, the 6-4, 260-pound Martin, rated as Ohio's 51st-best senior by Ohio High, verbaled to Toledo earlier this evening.

"I went ahead and committed a little while ago," Martin told recruiting editor Duane Long. "They were only recruiting me as a defensive tackle, and that is what I want to play."

This is an interesting turn of events if you follow OSU's football recruiting closely.

The exact number of scholarships OSU has available is unknown. But OSU began its flirtation with Martin yesterday, when informed sources were already reporting the Dwayne Jarrett, a national top-100 wide receiver from New Jersey, had indicated he was coming to OSU.

So, reading between the lines, Martin was in line to receive a scholarship that may have been targeted for somebody other than Jarrett.

Although Jarrett has since sent signals he is wavering in his "silent verbal" to OSU, the fact that OSU has decided it does not have room for Martin could indicate that the Buckeyes have received word privately that one of the other key prospects they are recruiting will be signing with the Buckeyes Wednesday.

That group includes a pair of top-100 players in Pennsylvania linebacker James Bryant and Wisconsin defensive end Rhyan Anderson as well as Florida linebacker Javier Estopinan. Attempts to reach all of these players for comment Tuesday night have been unsuccessful.

Estopinan will announce his decision between OSU and Florida at 10:30 a.m., while Bryant will announce at 4:30 p.m. Sources had indicated that Bryant's decision was likely down to Pittsburgh and Miami (Fla.).

Meanwhile, Jarrett may again be torn between Ohio State and USC. And, Anderson was admittedly having a heck of a time trying to decide between OSU, Oklahoma, USC and Miami (Fla.). It was not known the exact time either of those players planned to go public with their choice on Wednesday.

More Odds and Ends

* Stay tuned to the site. Our Duane Long will be sharing comments on all of OSU's verbals. That story will likely be up first thing in the morning. Plus, we are planning gavel to gavel coverage of national signing day, up through Jim Tressel's signing day press conference at 5 p.m. Eastern.

* Duane Long will also be making an appearance on a special signing day show on Ohio News Network at 8 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday night.

* Ohio State did another bang-up job inside the state of Ohio by getting nine of Ohio High's top 20 prospects. Here is where some of the state's other top names figure to sign on Wednesday (Ohio High ranking in parentheses):

WR Fred Davis (2), USC (already enrolled, and allegedly telling people he will move to safety so Jarrett can sign as a receiver)

QB Brian Hoyer (5), Michigan State

RB Delbert Ferguson (8), Cincinnati or Washington State

WR Miles Williams (9), Michigan State

RB Gary Russell (10), Minnesota

OL Chauncey Incarnato (11), Notre Dame

RB Ray Williams (12), undecided, possibly a prep school

DE Mike Massey (13), Michigan

OL Gerald Cadogan (14), Penn State

FB Brock Bolen (18), Illinois

RB Tony Howard (19), Michigan State

QB Daryll Clark (21), Penn State

WR Romunn Grigsby (22), Kansas State

DE Diyral Briggs (24), undecided

RB Ray Jones (25), Stanford

OL Ryan Stanchek (26), West Virginia

OL Jeff Browning (27), Ohio U.

DT Nii Adjei Oninku (28), Kentucky

WR Michael Bell (29), Michigan State

QB Anthony Turner (30), Bowling Green

QB David Wess (31), Minnesota

OL Brandon Braxton (32), Oklahoma

LB Tyjuan Jones (33), Illinois

LB Anton Narinskiy (34), Iowa

LB Antony Hoke (36), undecided

DL Nick Smith (37), Michigan State

QB Kurt Shoemaker (38), undecided

WR Asante White (39), undecided

QB Mike Maciejowski (40), Minnesota

QB Kyle Decker (42), undecided

S Brandon Wamsley (43), undecided

RB Pernell Williams (44), West Virginia

RB Brandon Lombardy (45), undecided

LB Chad Mayse (46), West Virginia

OL Evan Spanogians (47), South Carolina

DE Jason Chapman (48), Wisconsin

QB Alex Engram (49), Western Michigan

LB Tory Cornette (50), undecided

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