Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

In today's chat with Gary Housteau, we talked about up-and-coming instate recruits, out of state recruits, Maurice Clarett, and much more. Check out the transcript here.

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:03:08 PM)
Hello and good afternoon to all fellow Buckeye fans. If you have questions...I'll try to give my best answers. Let's do it!

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 1:03:10 PM)
When does spring practice start?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:04:13 PM)
Hi edbuck...I'm going to say April 1 is the start of Spring ball and it culminates with the Spring game on April 24 a Saturday.

tsteele316 (Feb 12, 2004 1:04:24 PM)
there seem to be conflicting accounts of D'Andrea moving to DE versus staying at linebacker. With Kerr and Schlegel now eligible, do you think he makes the move?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:07:35 PM)
Hi tsteele...I'm a big fan of D'Andrea being a heat seeking middle linebacker but I understand there is a tremendous amount of competition there. I also am a huge fan of John Kerr from watching him play in high school and it was good to see that he had a solid freshman year at IU to kind of back up my thoughts on him. Schlegel gives us an even deeper corps of guys in the middle. I say give them all a chance at it and let the very best one be the man and then adjust from there. I can't say how it will play out but I think Mike deserves a legitimate shot in the middle as well as the other two. It should be a fun race to watch. As will be the QB race. The battle for the leaders on both sides of the ball. Wow!

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 1:07:40 PM)
Nice piece on Mr. Smith. Do you see him as a DE in a couple of years?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:11:10 PM)
I would love to see this kid get a chance at linebacker because that's his natural position and specifically in the middle, but I'm told that his dad is a big man and he's a terrific looking physical specimen so maybe he will continue to grow into a DE. He just looks really good and he's a very articulate and well polished individual. I call this kid the absolute sleeper of the class because people aren't even considering him as a vital member of this class. Just got a ton of good vibes from him in person and I would love to see him play linebacker at OSU. And thank you on the compliment!

ToledoBucknutty (Feb 12, 2004 1:11:20 PM)
Let's keep the conversation about MoC to a minimum. I, for one, am sick of hearing about him. It has been interesting to see all of the NFLers who say they will be keying on and gunning for him. I hope for future guy's sakes that he has a tough road before becoming successful in THE LEAGUE. What are your thoughts Gary?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:16:03 PM)
Hi ToledoBucknutty...I think the people advising Reecie have led this kid down a primrose path to self destruction and even distinction. Anyone and their brother knows that Reecie needed another year to bolster his status with the NFL but the delusions of grandeur by him and his people have overtaken all objectivity. He will forever be remembered for the Clarett Rule but unfortunately, I don't think he will be for much more than that in the NFL. It's a shame. One of my all-time, if not the top, high school favorites has become nothing more than a get rich quick, I'm in it for the wrong reasons prospect. I wish him well because to me he's still the same Reecie I watched in junior high school with the ball in his hands but he could have been so much more. Good Luck and Good Bye Reecie! Let's all move on.

Jamario TheShutDownCB ONeal (Feb 12, 2004 1:16:28 PM)
Any news on Junior day visits, offers, or commits?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:21:21 PM)
Love the moniker there Jamario...boy I love this kid's future and thanks to Ted Ginn Sr. his juvenile delinquency days are far behind him now. I'm really bummed about Mario, I really am, but I want to see Jamario knock his block off in week two in Warren. I recommend everyone join me there to watch that matchup. I really haven't made many calls after junior day so I have no recent news sorry. My plate has been pretty full. But I can say that this Justin King kid is someone that excites me and he's not too from where I live. I want to check him and this Nate Hartung out before school is out. I met Hartung at a game last year in the Shoe and it was freezing cold and he was in shorts. You've got to love this kid and he's not very far from me either. I'll check those two out soon and report on their status with the Buckeyes.

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 1:21:38 PM)
I appreciate how much effort you put into your work here. Are you thinking of putting some time into the Pittsburgh and western PA areas? It looks like the Bucks are starting to make headway there.

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:24:02 PM)
Yeah edbuck I alluded to that in the previous question. King and Hartung are at least two kids in Western Pa. that I will be tracking this spring, summer and fall. King really intrigues me but so does Hartung, come to think of it. He and his father really enjoyed their unofficial visit to OSU this past season.

loverbuck (Feb 12, 2004 1:24:23 PM)
I have heard that MoC convinced MM to verbal to Michigan and also that MoC had told Doug Williams that he would transfer to Grambling if he lost his suit. I see today, I day after MoC declared for the draft that Williams resigned from Grambling. Any truth to these rumours?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:29:50 PM)
Hi loverbuck...well it wouldn't have taken much convincing by Reecie if that was the case because my people have been telling me MM to Michigan for some time. Like Burgess, I was holding out hope that Manningham would reconsider but that wasn't the case. I doubt that Reecie had anything at all to do with that and with the Grambling situation. You're giving him way too much credit. Neither of the two scenarios would benefit him directly so it's unlikely that he wouldn't be involved in it. I just think it's terrible that we continue to lose talented Ohio kids from Harding to Michigan. I want Rocco Cirroni to come to OSU for no other reason than to get another OSU guy in the school. Rocco loves OSU but if we don't show him any love I'm sure the Infidels there could convert him.

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 1:30:39 PM)
Can you refresh my memory on Devon Jordan's injury, and do you know how he is progressing?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:34:57 PM)
I can't even recall what his injury was other than they keep saying it was a preexisting condition that required surgery. I do know he was in street clothes it seemed like for most of the season. I like Jordan a lot. In addition to his good size and speed and the prodigous numbers he put up in his junior year at Washington with Zwick at the controls there, he loves to block and he's really good at it. I remember him vividly laying a defender out right in front of me at the Big 33 game, it was a thing of beauty. He's a tough kid and he's a competitor and I think he's another guy that is being over looked. We shall see. But no, I'm not certain of the injury at this time...sorry. I'm sure he will be ready for Spring ball.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 12, 2004 1:35:09 PM)
Gary - I'm with you. Addition by subtraction. But I do find it interesting that Clarett has finally found out how to keep his mouth shut and how to spin the media.

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:41:03 PM)
Hi Buckeyedave...even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Again, I'll say it until the cows come home...him and his people have botched this from the beginning and continue to botch it. Other than being remembered for the Clarett Rule, there is no logical reason for him wanting to come out for the draft now. How many young, responsible high school kids in Ohio would have loved to have had the opportunity that Reecie had in front of him...only to pi$$ it away in the wind for a chance at some quick money. I wish him well...I really do...but it's a shame any of this ever had to happen and that's the only lasting thing that I'll remember about Reecie's brief stay at OSU.

Jamario TheShutDownCB ONeal (Feb 12, 2004 1:41:12 PM)
Who's the best QB leaning towards OSU in 2005? Is Jeff Lucien or Bobby Rome a possibility?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:45:07 PM)
Miles Schlichter! Sorry I plead the fifth on the two candidates you mentioned. And yes I know Schlichter is 2006! I met him at an OSU game very briefly and was impressed.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 12, 2004 1:45:15 PM)
I'm going to a reception for Coach Tressel in Chicago's west suburbs tomorrow. Anything you want me to ask him?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:47:21 PM)
That sounds like a loaded question BuckeyeDave. Ask him what offensive coaching clinics that he and his staff will be attending this offseason? Smile!

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 1:47:28 PM)
40% of this year's class came from out-of-state. Do you think next year will be similar? This year we took 10 out of 25. If we take 10 out of 17 - 20 next year, the percentage would obviously go up.

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:53:04 PM)
Your math looks to be pretty solid edbuck...but really that's such a premature question at this time...I have no idea at this moment what the percentage will be. I'm happy that we have O'Neil and Boone to start...add Lenix to the mix and there's three out of three so far. I'm not sure if we will stop there or not with the Glenville kids...maybe Curtis Smith as well. I'll take as many Ohio kids as I can get first and foremost. Ohio State football should be a reflection of the kind of high school football we have in the state and we should be proud of it. It's JT's job to sprinkle in enough OOS talent to help make it a top class every year.

Paynebuck (Feb 12, 2004 1:53:11 PM)
How many of the top 10 in Ohio next year have grade problems?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 1:57:00 PM)
Hi Paynebuck...I'm still not over the Williams and Morgan fiascos of this season. Now that we are the Notre Dame of the Big Ten all of the sudden I guess a lot more kids than usual will be considered to have grade problems. I still find the two major debacles of this recent recruiting season to be very disturbing at best! So who knows what academic volleyballs we will be dealing with next recruiting season.

Guest (Feb 12, 2004 1:57:13 PM)
Do either Hartline or Robiskie have the chance to be rated higher than Manningham and how would you compare the 3?

goofy (Feb 12, 2004 1:57:21 PM)
Hey Gary. Just wondering if you have any info on Northmont's QB, Horner. I am a grad from there awhile back and I can't remember a single player from there with this much attention. Is OSU going after this kid? Do you think he has the ability to play Big10 ball? Thanks

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:01:11 PM)
Hi's funny you should ask me that because someone just emailed me the other day about him. My email address is for all friends and foes...I have both. I'll have to find out more about him I must admit. I think we could really be quarterback free this year and wait for Schlichter to give an early verbal for the following year. I just think the kid belongs here!

tsteele316 (Feb 12, 2004 2:02:29 PM)
how many running backs do you think osu will take in the 05 class. wells is showing great interest, Ringer is a good one, and ray williams is in the fold. if all 3 want to come to osu, how many do they take?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:07:59 PM)
Lets make it clear that we're talking Maurice Wells and not Chris Wells from Akron Garfield first off. Yes Wells and Williams would be a great start. I love Sutton and Ringer as well. Sutton will be the Ben Mauk of rushing yards this coming year and because of that will be Mr. Football in Ohio. I don't think we can fit all four in this class. Really the Ray Williams thing is up in the air as far as his future right now...too many things can happen in a year, good or bad. I don't know the academic status of Ringer or Sutton at this time other than what has been reported and I don't trust a lot of that stuff unless I get it first hand. And I'm sure there will be other intriguing backs that will also pop up. But Wells, Williams and either Sutton or Ringer will be a great haul of RB's next year if that indeed transpires.

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 2:08:08 PM)
What are your thoughts about OSU getting the Nike camp, and are you able to attend?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:10:56 PM)
I love it edbuck and I can't wait for it to come. April 17th is the date I do believe and I will be there with bells on! I'll be like a kid in a candy store! Having all the players in one spot saves a lot of travel miles over the summer.

Jamario TheShutDownCB ONeal (Feb 12, 2004 2:11:08 PM)
Gary, when Ohio State recruits 3 running backs in a year, like this current class, how difficult is it to recruit blue chip backs the following year? Maurice Wells and Tyrell Sutton both look good, are we asking for too much to have 5 young runing backs in the program?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:14:21 PM)
Has opposed to our running back situation this year....bring on the gluttony in my opinion. If we can land three top backs this year and they're not afraid of the competition...then bring them aboard. We should never be without a stud tailback no matter how deep we have to go becuase of injuries. Especially in a JT run offense! The more the merrier.

edbuck51 (Feb 12, 2004 2:14:34 PM)
OSU did not offer Braxton, Incarnato and Cadogan. I'm not asking you to question OSU's evaluation of talent, but do you think we signed four better o-lineman?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:18:35 PM)
I'm extremely happy with the four offensive linemen we did bring in with this class! I was never big on Braxton at any time and I can't really comment on Incarnato and Cadogan other than to say I'm happy for all three of them that have great offers in their own right. Good for them and good for us. I'm extremely excited about the leadership shown by Ben Person and I love the potential talents of Mitchum and Skinner and the size of Rehring. Big, physical and tough are they all! Smashmouth kind of guys with athletic ability and great size.

Paynebuck (Feb 12, 2004 2:18:50 PM)
If the Dispatch is right and Darrell Hazell is one of the 2 assistants, do you think the other one comes from the college ranks also or a H. S. coach from Ohio maybe?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:22:34 PM)
Paynebuck I would love for it to be a former player from OSU but I really don't know who JT is considering at this time. I'm still trying to write reports on the kids that I met up with on Signing day and really haven't had much time to think about the coaching vacancies. I would hope that he can fit a former player on the staff but I really don't know. I like this Hazell being from NJ there with Ohio ties as well. He can help lock down the NJ and the East coast. Sounds like a good start! I don't think it will be an high school coach but we shall soon find out.

slimkid (Feb 12, 2004 2:22:41 PM)
If the season started tomorrow, who would start on the offensive line?

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:28:28 PM)
My offensive line right now would be Sims, Olds, Mangold, Schafer and Barton. I'm assuming Olds is injury free by spring ball. I could be very happy with that group in sring ball. I would also love to see R.J. Coleman in the mix at guard if Olds isn't available. I think Schafer will surprise a lot of people this spring. Love his body for an offensive lineman. Come fall...let's hope that Person and Mitchum can make some noise in the two-deep. I'm also a T.J. Downing fan and would like to see this kid battle for some PT. I think Datish will be the backup center. A lot of good bodies and a lot of JT recruits I might add.

dcbuck (Feb 12, 2004 2:29:16 PM)
Question about J. O'Neal, what are his vitals now, From the video he seems to be the next great OSU safety, some say he's a CB, which do you see him it possible he's still growing and will be a there any offense in his future

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:35:36 PM)
Hi dcbuck...I just spoke with JO at length on Wednesday and he considers himself to be a bigger and more physical Chris Gamble at the next level. Right now he envisions himself being a lock down corner that can bring the wood. He will play QB for Glenville this year and probably safety to utilize his talents all over the field on that side of the ball. I sure think he will be a candidate to play on both sides of the ball like Gamble and Ginn will for OSU. He's the top talent in Ohio this year by a wide margin and I think very highly of Marion Manningham. JO is a physical freak with big time speed to go with it. But please forget about him at LB...I like him at safety at OSU but he's thinking corner right now. So I'm thinking corner as well. And yes he will touch the ball on offense in the future at OSU, IMHO.

Kirk (Feb 12, 2004 2:36:20 PM)
Ok, we'd like to thank Gary for joining us today... Gary, we'll see you next week. Stop by everyone tomorrow at 1 for chat with Steve Helwagen!

BuckeyeDave (Feb 12, 2004 2:36:38 PM)
Thanks Gary & Kirk.

GaryHousteau (Feb 12, 2004 2:36:58 PM)
Thank you all for your time and your questions...I really look forward to chatting with my Buckeye buddies every Thursday. Thanks again and go Bucks!

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