Helwagen Chat: Feb. 13 Archive

Here are excerpts from Friday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. He conducts these Chat sessions each Friday for Bucknuts.com subscribers. Click this free link for all of the questions and answers.

Here are excerpts from Friday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. He conducts these Chat sessions each Friday for Bucknuts.com subscribers.

murfinatl (Feb 13, 2004 1:05:17 PM)
Steve, Is Bauserman's baseball decision based on a certain draft position? Signing Bonus? And is he good enough to get it?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:06:39 PM)
Yes, if he is a first- or second-round pick, he would have to think strongly about going pro. Also, the organization would make a difference. If it's the Yankees or somebody like that with deep pockets, you'd have to think long and hard about it. Baseball America said, with a good senior year, he could be a first-round pick. He has a 94 mph fastball. Yikes.

CleveBucks (Feb 13, 2004 1:06:43 PM)
Steve, Have you had a chance to talk to Brandon Harrison since junior day? It sounds like he's a must-offer.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:08:01 PM)
No, have not spoke with him. Saw him there and I think he could be a player. Listed at 5-10, 180, but that could be old info. A natural corner coming from a pretty good program at C-J. They play some big games against good teams.

Heacock for Pres. (Feb 13, 2004 1:08:08 PM)
Any word on Datish's development. The last official thing I heard from the coaching staff was that his pass blocking was coming along slowly due to his lack of experience due to his high school system.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:10:41 PM)
Heard he is now slotted behind Mangold at center, although that could just be a temporary move. If he proves to Bollman he is one of the best 5 linemen, he will play. Looks like Sims, Mangold and Kne are pretty much locked in. The battle for the last 2 spots will be between Datish, Coleman, Barton, Downing and Schafer with Olds mixed in if he's healthy. The best 5 will play and they like to mix and match positions to get right mix. Heard Tressel quoted that Bollman is an old NFL guy, where the linemen had to play multiple positions because there were only 7 active OL at any one time.

CleveBucks (Feb 13, 2004 1:10:51 PM)
With such a great year for DB's, how many do you see OSU taking? 2 corners and 2 safeties maybe?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:14:06 PM)
This staff has proven they can sign DBs. Mel Tucker must be pretty persuasive in the staff meetings because he now has guys tripping over each other in the secondary. Of course, when you play 5 of them 45 percent of the time and as many as 6 10-15 percent of the time, you need a bunch of guys who can run, cover and tackle in space. The DBs have been a big part of what they've done. Obviously, they have O'Neal. Jury seems split on whether he is a CB or safety. Seems more suited at safety, but could be a great corner. Harrison and Myers-White are also strong possibilities. With a small class, I don't know how they take more than 3 DBs. They would have 12 others back for 2005 already. Having said that, I imagine Tucker will get 2 more safeties and 2 more corners (grin).

tsteele316 (Feb 13, 2004 1:14:11 PM)
steve, your opinion of the Hazell hiring? any rumors of coach #2?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:15:41 PM)
Great hire, seems to me. Has Ohio ties with Muskingum and Oberlin in his past. His in must have been Allan Johnson, who he worked with at West Virginia a few years back. No idea on coach No. 2. Would be an RBs coach, obviously.

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 1:15:46 PM)
Steve, Is it possible to work Troy into the rotation enough over the next two years that he will be considered an NFL prospect? That's of course, if Zwick wins the starting position.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:16:48 PM)
Oh, geez, I don't know. These guys have 3 years to sort this out. They're going into it

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:16:57 PM)
with a great mind-set. I would think and hope that Troy at some point gets to show what he is capable of because he can play. This is going to be fun watching them go head to head.

birdiemosh (Feb 13, 2004 1:17:19 PM)
Hi Steve. Do you think JT will change any of last year's starters to different positions? For example Fox to safety, or D'Andrea to DE. Or maybe some guys slated to be on the D-Line and think about moving them to O-Line?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:19:51 PM)
Coach Tucker did not sound inclined to move Fox, especially after losing Gamble to the NFL. He wants at least one experienced cover guy. Looks likeUnderwood, Youboty and Ginn will battle for the other spot. Now if 2 of them really emerge, he can put Fox at safety. The Internet is abuzz with D'Andrea to LB rumors. But he needs to get healthy first. With a shoulder he may not be 100 percent this spring. Haven't heard of any linemen moving, but people like Maupin or Cotton could be possibilities, I guess. Really, they have enough OL bodies that they shouldn't need to move anybody. They should have 9 scholarship OL inspring ball, 10 if Olds comes back.

ucfpengbuck (Feb 13, 2004 1:20:00 PM)
Steve,who are your three starting linebackers?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:20:51 PM)
That's easy: Hawk and Carpenter outside and Schlegel inside with D'Andrea and Kerr backing them up. Maybe Freeman or Matthews or Lukens also get a sniff.

slimkid (Feb 13, 2004 1:21:00 PM)
The new WR coach spoke of his relationships with current OSU assistants, which got him a foot in the door with Tressel. What exactly are those relationships, and what does he bring to the table?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:24:06 PM)
I just checked his bio. Jim Heacock was gone from Muskingum when this guy played there in mid-1980s. Maybe Heacock's brother(s) referred him. Also he worked alongside Allan Johnson at West Virginia. Not sure who else he has ties to. Nobody at OSU has coached at his other stops: E. Illinois, Penn, Army, W. Michigan, Rutgers.

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 1:24:12 PM)
Steve, I saw that Mr. Bucknuts is looking at Tyler Horner as the 2005 QB recruit to get. But he also says that we need another. Any opinion on Jeff Lucien or Bobby Rome? Thanks

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:26:05 PM)
Not conversant on a lot of OOS recruits yet. Just names and schools right now. Not to disparage Horner, but my people say it's doubtful OSU goes instate for a QB. Maybe the only way that happens is if Bauserman doesn't make it. Even then, they may want to go OOS for a "great" one first and use an Ohio guy as a fallback.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 13, 2004 1:26:11 PM)
I get the feeling that Geiger & Clarett don't particularly like and Tressel & Clarett are just cordial. Is that accurate?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:29:29 PM)
Your question was kind of choppy, so I will try and interpret. No, from what I can see Geiger and Clarett did not see eye to eye on just about anything. Clarett's public comments made that clear, as did Geiger's. I almost felt the AD went too far last fall in burying the kid, although the reports were he did try to salvage the relationship privately as they worked toward possibly reinstating him. The Tressel-Clarett relationship has been up and down, from best I can tell. Tressel obviously saw the talent and did the best he could to nurture Clarett and try and get him to conform to the group (he never seemed to win that battle). They have or had a relationship. But there was so much water under the bridge by the end that I can't imagine it was truly that close.

CleveBucks (Feb 13, 2004 1:29:47 PM)
Steve, it seems like we had an extra scholarship to give on LOI day, plus Clarett is gone. Why not give one to Pettrey and let him redshirt to get in some good work with Nuge all year? Any chance we see one more guy in this class, maybe Gartrell Shavers if he get his grades in order?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:32:13 PM)
I think you bring up 2 strong possibilities. Redshirting Pettrey is the same as grayshirting him because his first year of eligibility is 2005. I think, for now, though, OSU is keeping all options open. You never know what might happen between now and August. But, if on Aug. 1, nobody else has stepped forward for that spot, it makes sense for Pettrey to come in full-time in the fall, go through camp, practice, etc., work with Nugent and the coaches full-time and get his feet wet in the program before they count on him in 2005. Not sure of Shavers' exact predicament, so I won't make a guesstimate on whether he could be here any time before 2005.

djbuck (Feb 13, 2004 1:32:21 PM)
Steve, it seemed like last year OSU had a lot of standout leaders on that team, who do you see on this coming years team that will standout as some definate strong leaders

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:34:13 PM)
Good question. It is a small senior class with 14 guys on scholarship. On offense, I like Ross (quiet guy, but could have a nice lead-by-example senior year) and Joe. On defense, pretty obvious it is Fraser and Fox. Nugent is also a senior. That's about it of guys who have started and/or played a lot.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 13, 2004 1:34:21 PM)
We're not going to have another Jackson-Germaine platoon situation are we?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:36:06 PM)
No, sounds like Tressel wants one guy designated as the starter and, as we saw with Stevie B and even with Krenzel this past year, even if he goes 8 for 30 (I'm exaggerating), he will still be the starter. His championship teams at YSU, he maintains, he always needed 2 QBs to get through the year. Smith should get some playing time, too, so he can show what he can do. This is a great problem to have. Hopefully the media won't beat this into the ground (I know, wishful thinking).

fatigue (Feb 13, 2004 1:36:18 PM)
Was Darius Walker rated as a Top 100 recruit? I have read that Notre Dame didn't get any Top 100 recruits.I wish we could have signed him.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:38:01 PM)
No, Walker was not a top-100 recruit. But he had some good schools after him and had a great prep career. Maybe a little smallish, but would have been a nice get, no doubt.

osufan25 (Feb 13, 2004 1:38:06 PM)
Steve, What is the story with David Lighty? Is he leaning toward playing basketball or is he going to stick with football in college.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:40:46 PM)
I have not spoken to David. He is potentially a great one in both sports. We ranked him in Ohio High as the No. 2 soph in football (helped VASJ go to the Division IV title game) and No. 2 soph in basketball. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Buckaholic, who tracks basketball recruiting for us, reported he may already be a Michigan lean as a longtime fan.

birdiemosh (Feb 13, 2004 1:40:58 PM)
I would imagine kick returner and punt returner are up for grabs this year with Jenkins and Gamble both gone. I would think Ross or Hall would be one the kick returners, but since JT knows special teams is so important, do you think Ginn gets a look as a punt returner or do think he goes with a safer bet?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:43:10 PM)
birdie, I have to believe Ginn will get a solid look back there on both kicks and punts. Nobody else likes him, but I think Maurice Hall, if healthy, is an OK kick returner. Usually gets you out to the 25 or 30 and rarely fumbles. Holmes has to get a look on punts. They should have good competition for all of those spots, no doubt.

Heacock for Pres. (Feb 13, 2004 1:43:19 PM)
Next year in recruiting do you forsee Coach Tressel picking up recruits at the airport in a Cadillac Escalade? It seems to really energize the Miami recruits and appeal to "high character" kids.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:44:58 PM)
No, I imagine OSU will stick with its trademark department issued white extended vans. That seems ridiculous that a school would do that. They must rent Escalades just for that purpose. They think of everything, don't they.

djbuck (Feb 13, 2004 1:45:10 PM)
Steve, can you name specifically some people you would like to see as RB coach for OSU

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:46:17 PM)
Nope. Only name that stuck out to me was the guy from Minnesota. Two 1,000-yard rushers says it all. None of the former players (Byers, Harris, etc.) seem like time is right for them to jump in like Spencer did.

Bellybuck (Feb 13, 2004 1:46:27 PM)
Hey Steve- Does obie have a back-up plan if they don't get Malik-maybe take a flyer on a late bloomer

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:48:26 PM)
Well, I'm not sure. They can take 2 guys this spring if they want. I had heard they were looking at some JUCO help, but maybe that isn't going to happen now. Not sure what the backup plan would be if they don't get Hairston. Not a possibility anybody wants to consider at this point ... ha ha.

murfinatl (Feb 13, 2004 1:48:38 PM)
Is Irizzary better than Hamby right now? Are his personal issues behind him and JT?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:50:02 PM)
No, I wouldn't say that. Potentially, Irizarry can be a Winslow-style pass catching TE. But he isn't there yet. He needs some coaching this spring to get it out of him. I like Hamby. He may not be the great blocking TE that Hartsock was or whatever, but I think he and Irizarry, plugged in with 3 wides in the 5-wide set will give some people some fits.

slimkid (Feb 13, 2004 1:50:16 PM)
What do you know about any preferred walk-ons that will be joining the team this fall?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:53:36 PM)
I know they are under my radar. I don't spend a lot of time keeping track of walk-ons. When they crack the two-deep is when they become "dangerous", as far as I'm concerned. One name I did hear potentially was FB Tony Johnson from Lakota East. Not sure if that's a done deal or what. Didn't hear that he signed anywhere. He is a 250-pounder with decent speed, Might make a good blocking FB down the line, if it's true. But, honestly, I don't spend a lot of time tracking down preferred walk-ons. The walk-ons in this program come and go so quickly. The rarities are the one who stick for more than one year, like a Kne. It's hard for them to make any kind of real inroads with so many scholarship guys in front of them. Don't mean to blow off the question, but I have never cluttered my brain with names and data about walk-ons until they show they'll be on the field on Saturdays in the fall.

osumaniac (Feb 13, 2004 1:53:48 PM)
any word on maurice wells? that guy looks like an absolute stud

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 1:54:36 PM)
In the FYI category, on the Big 33 roster Tony Johnson has Iowa State listed as his school of destination. I wonder if it's for wrestling.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:56:35 PM)
Thanks for the correction Kirk. I was working off bad information, obviously. See that proves I really don't know what I'm talking about with walk-ons ... grin.

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 1:57:02 PM)
That's ok, I heard the same thing too until yesterday :)

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 1:57:52 PM)
regarding Wells, he is smallish at 5-10, 185, but he can fly with a 4.35 40. I guess Conley became enamored with him on tape and tried to convince Tressel to offer him basically sight unseen. OSU is definitely in the running. Kid had 3,000 yards this past year. You know the Southern schools (Fla., ga. Tech, Ole Miss and others) will come hard after him.

birdiemosh (Feb 13, 2004 1:58:04 PM)
If Clarett goes to the NFL combine along with the fact that his lawyer since he is entering the draft, does that mean he can't come back to OSU even if he, for whatever reason, doesn't get drafted, or changes his mind?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:00:08 PM)
I think going to the combine or hiring an agent slams the door. If he skips the combine, next litmus test, barring a declaration from reecie himself, would probablybe the March 1 deadline. Even then, he has 3 days to pull himself back out. Trust me, he is going to be drafted. I consider him gone.

osufan25 (Feb 13, 2004 2:00:21 PM)
Steve, When will we get an update on Javon Ringer and his grade situation. I went over to Massillon to see him play against the Tigers and I was very impressed with his strength, speed and balance. I think he has a little Barry Sanders in him.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:00:46 PM)
He's going to get drafted much higher than the Kipers, etc. have him, too. He will test off the charts for people and also give them that Reecie charm in person, that may raise his stock.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:02:21 PM)
My impression on Ringer is the grade situation does not look good. Obviously, he has 1-1/2 years to straighten that out. But that may be what holds him back from going big time a year from now. We have him listed at 5-10, 190, so I can see why you might relate him to Barry Sanders.

birdiemosh (Feb 13, 2004 2:03:08 PM)
What games in this upcoming season do you see as possible stumbling block. We've got scUM at home and WI (I think). NC State can't be the same team w/o Rivers I wouldn't think, but it is still a road game. Any other we should watch out for in your opinion?

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 2:04:58 PM)
osumaniac, stop doing that please.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:06:54 PM)
My big 4 to put on highest alert are at N.C. State (18 pissed off returning starters over last year's narrow loss at OSU, although Rivers is gone), at Purdue (starting over on defense, but great offense), at Iowa (Ferentz has program really going, just beat Florida in a bowl, who would have ever thought that 5-6 years ago?) and, obviously, home with Michigan (tough game every year). I keep saying 9-2. OSU should be a spread fave in every game on paper, but may lose 2 on inexperience at (a very) key position. Cinti., Marshall, Wisconsin and Penn State could also be touchy. I like OSU at NW, at MSU and home with Indiana a lot. That's a full breakdown. Just 11 games. What will we do with all that spare time? I know, watch other games.

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 2:07:00 PM)
Steve, Any news on James McKinney? Looks like he might change his commit from UM to OSU?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:10:06 PM)
I didn't get the impression he would necessarily switch, just that he plans to look at Michigan, OSU and Notre Dame and maybe some others as well. Doubt he will make a snap judgement in another direction so quickly.

Guest (Feb 13, 2004 2:10:16 PM)
early prediction for next year...what will our record be?!?

Heacock for Pres. (Feb 13, 2004 2:10:22 PM)
Hypothetically, with Ben Roethlisberger at QB does OSU win the 2002 national title? 2003 national title?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:14:05 PM)
I'm not sure if he would have changed the bottom line in 2002. Krenzel did some incredible intangible things (the run at Cincinnati, the pass against Purdue, etc.). Of course, converse is Roethlisberger's passing would have had OSU 2-3 TDs out in front of those teams, so late heroics would not have been necessary. he did throw, what, 3-4 picks against Iowa this past year (not to say he would have done that for OSU because dynamics would have been different). I think they beat Wisconsin with McMullen at QB, let alone Roethlisberger. Wrong decision to start a guy in the rain after he hadn;t played in a month. They sat on the run and stuffed it all night long. Michigan they fell behind 21-0 because they didn't start hot on offense. Totally different game with different personnel, but would the outcome have been much different? I'm not sure.

osumaniac (Feb 13, 2004 2:14:14 PM)
any big time recievers or wide recievers coming our way?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:16:13 PM)
I like Craig Orton, 6-4, 175 of Huber Heights Wayne, which has been a steady talent producer for Ohio State. Out of state, there is a guy at Bauserman's high school in Tallahassee named Rouse, I believe, who everybody likes. Two others in Ohio could be GlenOak's Brian Hartline and Chagrin Falls' Brian Robiskie.

djbuck (Feb 13, 2004 2:16:24 PM)
Steve who do you think will get the other wide receiver slot across from Holmes this coming season?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:18:22 PM)
Roy Hall will get the first look. Would like to see John Hollins finally participate. I was among a group who believed he was the catch and Will Allen was just a throw-in on that deal from HHWayne a few years ago.Devin Jordan and Devon Lyons are also possibilities, I suppose. Both bigger receivers.

birdiemosh (Feb 13, 2004 2:18:33 PM)
Steve, have you seen J Zwick in any practices? Is he a Krenzel mold, or do you think he has the potential of even being more special?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:21:18 PM)
Only seen Zwick sparingly. Practices are not open, usually. I like Justin he may have a slightly stronger arm. They have worked hard to drill some bad mechanics out of him. He has good command, but he's just a young QB. Krenzel had 3-4 years in the system before he ever played. Zwick has only been around less than 2 years, so he is far from a finished product, I like that Daniels will be working with he and Smith and Boeckman full-time now, and not splitting time with the WRs. Have to believe they all sat in meetings together and did film study and the WRs were like "Why am I here if he's talking to QBs?" and vice versa. This is a much more efficient use of the manpower.

slimkid (Feb 13, 2004 2:21:34 PM)
Any info. on former players (or anyone else) who might step into grad assistant roles or lower-level coaching positions next year?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:22:06 PM)
Nope, haven't heard anything along those lines. Dantonio pretty well cleaned them out .... ha ha.

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 2:22:19 PM)
Steve, What WRs can we expect to see in the line-up for 3 wide or 4 wide sets? Do you expect Gonzalez and Hiley to see time this season?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:24:45 PM)
Yes, I think those guys get a chance. The rotation is likely Hall, Holmes, Childress (hope Fiesta Bowl is his jumping off point to a 35catch, 7-8 TD season) and then it's wide open between Hollins, Jordan, Hiley and Gonzalez. Hiley is a potential star at either offense or defense. He just needs to find a home. He could be dangerous on returns. Go back and watch his Glenville tapes if you think I'm joking. Like Hank Williams Jr. used to say, "They all call me Superman ..." Or in Dareus' case, just plain "Supe".

Heacock for Pres. (Feb 13, 2004 2:25:17 PM)
Steve, when Tressel commented on which players really improved during bowl practice he really gushed over Tony Gonzalez. Have you heard anything about his development?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:26:43 PM)
I like Tony Gonzalez. The kid is a football player. He will block, run great routes, catch the ball, get yards after the catch. He did all of that and also starred on defense in big game after big game for CSI (the school, not the crime drama). Again, practices are locked down most of the time, so it is hard to gauge a redshirt's progress. But it's obviously a good sign when the head coach knows your name.

osumaniac (Feb 13, 2004 2:26:55 PM)
what position is of the greatest need for next year and who do you think would be good to fill that gap?

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 2:28:58 PM)
Steve, how much longer can you go?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:29:48 PM)
Position for next year?? Hmm. Well if Bauserman doesn't make it, they'll still need a QB. have to go OOS to get that. Losing Hall and Ross, they need more help at tailback. Almost a critical need. Can they wait for The Truth, Akron Garfield's Chris Wells in 2006? They seem OK at wide receiver, but the Jarrett recruitment shows they wanted more there, too. I think they need 3 more OL to go with Boone. They're stacked up at LB and DB, maybe an impact DL or 3 would be great.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:30:11 PM)
Greatest need, continuing to answer osumaniac, and this isn't exciting would be OL and DL.

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 2:30:34 PM)
Steve, Ryan Franzinger might be the FB walk-on that you were referring to. Mr. Bucknut reports that he is in the mix this fall.

Goofy (Feb 13, 2004 2:30:49 PM)
Hey Steve. Just wondering why Brad Smith was never pursued by the Bucks. Do you have any idea?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:31:03 PM)
Could be. I vaguely recall Frnzinger's name.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:32:25 PM)
Who was Brad Smith?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:32:26 PM)
My mind went blank on that name.

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 2:33:08 PM)
Missouri QB. He was an under-the-radar guy. Story is that Pinkel was on him when he coached at BG (?) and when he was hired to Mizzou, stayed with him.

russiabuck (Feb 13, 2004 2:33:14 PM)
Is Brian Robiskie the Browns Offensive Co-ordinator's Terry Robiskie's son?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:36:35 PM)
Pinkel was at Toledo. Now the name sounds familiar. I just don't recall much of a D-I rush for a Brad Smith, I assume an Ohio guy, a few years ago. Kind of like the stories on Harris from BG. In hindsight, everybody says OSU passed on him. I don't recall ever even hearing his name associated with OSU, and remember, every year I'll track 100 kids for 20 signing spots. Then as they're playing there are all these reports he went to camp and they liked him but didn't offer. That's true of about 250 kids every year.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:38:15 PM)
russia, just checked Browns site, terry Robiskie (best remembered to me as Art Shell's righthand man with the Raiders, always with a pained expression on his face) does have a son named Brian. Great catch. Obviously, great bloodlines there.

TJM025 (Feb 13, 2004 2:38:21 PM)
answer for the browns questin is yes, i know him, he is a tremendous athlete

osumaniac (Feb 13, 2004 2:38:32 PM)
How is our running game going to be next year, assuming Ross has the spot, is it going to be as worthelss as last year?

osumaniac (Feb 13, 2004 2:38:35 PM)
As far as our running game goes, after the Fiesta Bowl, I heard rumor that Branden Joe might be the primary back is this true or fale

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:41:36 PM)
Well, I think they'd like what they had over the last 6 games, excluding Michigan. The first 6 games they would love to forget. (In 100 years will people believe they managed just 196 yards offense against San Diego State?) Joe may get a look in some sets as the tailback. If he does well, he could very well steal the job. It ain't like Lydell has a lifetime contract or anything. But it is Ross' job to start the spring and they'll go from there. I think Lydell comes out and has a good year. But the real key will be establishing the pass to back a couple guys out of the box and the play of the young OL, which will have a combined 2 starting seasons among the 5 spots going into this year.

Heacock for Pres. (Feb 13, 2004 2:41:50 PM)
What do you believe are the most important reasons why OSU has struggled on the road the last 2 years?

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:46:59 PM)
Struggled on the road? Let's review: Won by 4 at Cinti. in a setup (tough game). Bearcats played like it was their Super Bowl. Won by 11 at NW when reecie fumbled 3 times. Won by 5 at Wisconsin. Tough place to play, period. Won by 4 at Purdue (Holy Buckeye, better team than record showed, obviously). Won by 7 in OT at Illinois (terrible team, reecie and Scott didn't play). This past year, lost at Wisky in the rain (my thoughts on Krenzel playing are clear). Rolled at IU. Won by 1 at PSU on late drive (tough place to play, although others didn't have similar problems last year), Lost at Michigan (beat in every facet, defense's worst showing since 2001). Lots of reasons. Just hard to play on the road. Tressel's style may not be conducive to "jumping on opponents" and taking their crowd out, either.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:47:46 PM)
Anything else??

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:47:59 PM)
And before I go, I want to extend Happy Birthday wishes to ...

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:48:17 PM)
.... me. If my 37th year is anything like my 36th, I'm in for quite a ride, I guess.

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 2:48:54 PM)
Thanks for stopping by Steve!

MalikIsComing (Feb 13, 2004 2:49:07 PM)
Thanks Steve ,Happy B-Day.

SteveHelwagen (Feb 13, 2004 2:49:16 PM)
Great, see you all next week. Look for Buckeye Grove and the Chat transcript later today!!

Kirk (Feb 13, 2004 2:49:43 PM)
Talk to you all later!

Goofy (Feb 13, 2004 2:49:50 PM)
Happy B-day Stevo

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