Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

A transcript of today's chat with Gary Housteau is now posted.

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:04:05 PM)
Hi everyone...Spring football is around the corner...can't wait! Recruiting is slow but we can always talk about that as well. Let's warm things up!

JoeyABuckAgain (Feb 26, 2004 1:01:54 PM)
Gary, Do Hoops fans have something to look forward to next year when Harris, Butler, and Terwilliger will all be wearing the S&G?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:07:06 PM)
For JoeyBuckAgain...when you want to talk hoops I think Kyle Lamb is the man to speak to me...not me. I love the Buckeye hoops and women both... but only as a spectator. Of course I'm partial to Dials with him being from the Y-town area and all and I followed him some in high school, but that's the extent of my knowledge there.

jd (Feb 26, 2004 1:07:13 PM)
Hi Gary, out of the 3 big-time wrs instate (Hartline, Robiskie, Orton), who do you think gets the most interest from OSU ? Any thoughts on these players at this time ? Orton seems to have a build quite like Jenkins - do you think he has the talent that Jenkins has?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:10:32 PM)
Hi jd...I'm starting to research all three of those guys right now because I really want to make a solid comparison between the three. Either of them will have to be pretty special to compare to Super Mario IMHO but I'm anxious to get to know them better. Right now, I've only meet Orton in person and that was because I followed Freeman a great deal last year. Hartline and Robiskie are both within an hour of my home and I plan to visit with each of them soon. Naturally I like Robiskie, sight unseen, because I'm also a Browns fan

tsteele316 (Feb 26, 2004 1:10:45 PM)
do you see osu making any offers in the immediate future?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:14:36 PM)
Hi tsteele316...I think any time during spring ball is a great time to make more offers if they're imminent. If they can get a kid on campus for spring ball and overwhelm him, it would be a good time. I think with the lower number of ships this year I think OSU will have to be very selective again this year, sort of like the 2003 class.

slimkid (Feb 26, 2004 1:14:42 PM)
Any info. on possible coaching hires? When can we expect Tressel to make a hire?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:17:19 PM)
Hi slimkid...I'm surprised that JT is dragging this out so long, I can't figure out why that is unless it has to do with some kind of commitment the potential hire has. I haven't heard any solid names and I don't want to go on a fishing expedition so we'll have to just wait and see. Sorry.

JoeyABuckAgain (Feb 26, 2004 1:17:29 PM)
Gary, Have you seen Ryan Brinson play at all. He's the running back from Canton (OH) McKinley that is highly interested in signing with the bucks in 2005? He looks pretty good.

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:21:42 PM)
HI JBA...yes I saw Brinson play once last year and I wouldn't compare him in any way to Sutton or Ringer at this stage of the game. He's smallish for one and unlike the other two...he's not a bruiser. I don't see his future at Ohio State at this particular time.

NJBuck (Feb 26, 2004 1:21:51 PM)
Gary, Regarding the Clarett decision, who gets the short end of the stick, the NFL or College Football?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:25:59 PM)
HI NJB...great question...I think College Football and College Football fans all get the shaft because of the Reecie decision. I don't there will be a tremendous outpouring of kids going to the NFL any earlier than they would have other then the Mike Williams' of this world. The superstars of college football are gone. It makes no sense to redshirt any talented kids any longer. Get them in the program and utilize their talents before they realize they can make a living in the NFL and they move on. No question college football is damaged the most because of good old Reecie.

jd (Feb 26, 2004 1:26:11 PM)
Gary, what's the word on "Superman" Dareus Hiley....can he make an impact this year ? If so, at what position, WR or DB ? I've heard that he has suspect hands at WR, but isn't quite the physical presence you would want at DB. If these traits are true, where do you play him ?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:30:31 PM)
Hi jd...about Superman...I can remember watching his highlight tape in Ginn Sr. office and being blown away by the sheer number of big plays with the football in his hand as a receiver and returner and then also as a defensive back. He was especially great in the open field, ad libbing and making things happen. I can see him as a slot receiver in the mold of least I hope he pans out that way. I'll say his biggest impact at OSU will be on offense and maybe special teams.

tsteele316 (Feb 26, 2004 1:30:46 PM)
gary, do you have any info on James Gilmore WR from Columbus area? He seems to have been a hot name recently.

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:32:40 PM)
About Gilmore...I've just been reading about him lately as everyone else has. I didn't even know of him a week or so ago so he's another name obviously to look into now.

JoeyABuckAgain (Feb 26, 2004 1:32:50 PM)
Gary, Are you going to be at the Nike camp and report back on who has the spectacular performances?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:35:00 PM)
About the Nike camp...I have full intentions at this time of bringing my camera and tape recorder to the Nike camp in April. I'm sure we will have that event covered better than anyone else. I'm looking very much forward to it.

mbuck37 (Feb 26, 2004 1:35:07 PM)
Good afternoon Gary. Whom do you feel will be our starters at WR (Holmes,Hall,Jordan,) or could Albert Dukes crack the starting lineup? Are Gonzalez & Hiley destined for Offense or Defense? Thanks for your time.

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:40:51 PM)
Hi mbuck have to be impressed with Roy Hall when you see him in person and I have to think he could potentially have a tremendous year. I also have very high expectations of Jordan as well...very high. He may be the most complete receiver we have now. I'm a big fan of both Gonzalez and Hiley. Gonzalez did some really great things for Iggy in two years on both sides of the ball and he's a Chuck Kyle favorite. That says a lot to me. Hiley was nicknamed Superman in the 9th grade because he could do it all even back then. What Holmes did last year speaks for itself. I don't know what Dukes and Lyons will do and how soon, I do think Lyons has great potential after learning a little more about him. The bottom line is I think JT will have tremendous weapons at his disposal on the perimeter if he chooses to utilize them, with one Elite 11 quarterback under center or the other. I think Jordan will surprise everyone in the long run.

slimkid (Feb 26, 2004 1:41:02 PM)
What do you know about Ted Ginn's plans to try out for the Olympic team? Is this contingent upon his performance this spring (making qualifying times, for example)? And will this affect his status with the football team (e.g., delay his joining the team in August, or lead to a redshirt)?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:45:31 PM)
Hi slimkid...I don't know for certain what Teddy's plans are for this summer but I do know as of now he's slated to be in the Big-33 game. I think that's just a fallback in case the Olympic gig doesn't play out this summer. I know he has full intentions of doing whatever he has to do to try to be on the Olympic team this summer. I don't know the schedule of the Trials but I think they are sometime in July. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Ted...maybe twice in 2008... and I know he has a tremendous passion to be in the Olympics or be the best that he can be in track so we will have to wait and see how that develops. I'll be in very close contact with Ted and his dad the entire this summer to keep us all posted. If he has any luck with the may be in his best interest to redshirt although I know he doesn't want to do that.

tsteele316 (Feb 26, 2004 1:46:09 PM)
is the nike camp open to the public?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:48:51 PM)
I think Nike would want people around so that they could sell their products but I don't know that answer to that. I'll yield to Steve on that one. I have never been to one yet.

slimkid (Feb 26, 2004 1:52:37 PM)
Who do you see as starters in next year's defensive backfield?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 1:55:25 PM)
In the defensive backfield... right now let's go with Fox and Underwood at the corners and Salley and Whitner at the safeties. Everett is the nickel back. We'll see what develops in the spring.

JoeyABuckAgain (Feb 26, 2004 1:56:26 PM)
Gary, With all the talent trying to get on the field this coming season, do you see some creative uses of personnel? Could we see more rotations, the way the defensive line has been rotating the past 4 or 5 years?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 2:04:00 PM)
I really think you'll see a tremendous amount of rotation of players on defense this year because there is so much talent. At linebacker for instance... I think you'll see Kerr and Schlegel both getting serious PT as will Hawk, Carpenter and D'Andrea. I still D'Andrea at LB but he may learn the DE position again this spring as he did last year. His injury will no doubt set him back this spring. For the record...I think John Kerr can play with anyone so I'm anxious to see how he does this spring. And I hope to see Freeman and Lukens both log some reps this year. On the DLine....I love Pitcock and Patterson and Fraser for starters. Green will be a mainstay this year as will Kudla and Penton. Look for Richardson to make some progress as well as Cotton. These are all capable players up front and most of them were big time recruits. I look forward to the spring to see who exactly wants to play the most of the talented lot on defense. The defensive backfield has a surplus of talent there as well.

jd (Feb 26, 2004 2:04:34 PM)
Gary, what kind of year are you expecting out of Louis Irizarry ? Does he have enough ability to split out wide and play in the slot ? How are his hands (the only pass I remember him getting last year was the TD he dropped against Nwestern) ?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 2:09:33 PM)
About Irizarry...I know Louis is an incredibly hard worker and I know that he really thinks that he still has a lot to prove so that should be a motivating force for him. Louis is great after the catch and I do see him split out in the slot. I for one would like to see him become an accomplished blocker like Hamby has become because that will only make him a better player in the long run. He has a pass-catching mentality but I'm sure blocking has become ingrained in his thinking now. He has good hands although I have seen him drop a few passes in high school and obviously the one you mentioned from Zwick last year. I think the kid has a great body and has tremendous ability, big play ability, and I hope we see it from him sooner rather than later.

JoeyABuckAgain (Feb 26, 2004 2:04:35 PM)
Gary, What kind of recruiting changes do you think will happen this coming year and what changes do you think would really help avoid the kind of situations that have occurred at Colorado and Miami?

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 2:13:52 PM)
As far as recruiting me naive but I really don't think there will be any major goings-on at OSU like there allegedly have been at Colorado and other places. There may be another bar fight or two along the way but that's it. I don't think the system has run amok the way people are portraying it to be. Sure things happen with 18-year-old kids having their first taste of freedom on a recruiting trip, but I think, especially now, that the weekend visits will be much more regulated by the coaching staffs at all universities. Again you could never say stuff like that will never happen at OSU but I tend to think it never will.

GaryHousteau (Feb 26, 2004 2:14:31 PM)
It's been fun to answer your questions today to the best of my ability. Thanks for joining me this week and I hope to see you again next week. It will be spring soon. Go Bucks!

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