Hairston Addresses Rumors

Five-star hoops prospect Malik Hairston is getting closer to a decision, and there's been some talk that Ohio State is not in the picture. We caught up with Malik today, and he said that is definitely not the case.

Often times in recruiting, many rumors begin to arise, and usually without any merit. The latest rumor was that Ohio State has perhaps fallen out of consideration with Malik Hairston. Friday afternoon, Bucknuts spoke with Malik to address that rumor amongst other things.

"That's definitely not true at all," Hairston said. "They (Ohio State) are very much in the picture, I like them an awful lot."

Hairston said the process is beginning to wind down for him, and in fact, things have begun over the last few days, and few weeks to get pretty clear to him.

"I'm still thinking it over to be sure of myself," Hairston said. "But I'm actually starting to get a real good feel for where I want to go."

Hairston, The Insiders' #2 ranked small forward, is still contemplating a visit to Oklahoma, but remains uncertain whether he will take it. He did say if it is to happen, it will not be until after the Michigan State Championship on March 27th.

"It's possible, yes, that I will take it," Hairston said. "I just don't know for sure."

Hairston will be leaving shortly after the state championship to Oklahoma, but not necessarily for a visit to the Sooners. Hairston will be spending a week in Oklahoma for the McDonalds All-American game, which will take place on Wednesday, March 31st. Any visit to Oklahoma during his trip there for the game would then have to be unofficially according to NCAA mandates. Could an announcement of his choice be forthcoming at the all star game?

"That's something I definitely thought about doing, yes," Hairston said. "I just don't know if it's going to happen. But that's something I've really considered. I will probably announce right around that time."

While he's there, he will be paired with UCLA commitment and signee Jordan Farmar. Many have speculated their friendship from this summer could be a factor in Malik's decision.

"I don't really talk to him very often," Hairston said. "I haven't spoken to him in a while."

It does appear that it's going to be one of Malik's final five to obtain his services for next season. Ohio State, UCLA, and Michigan appear to be the front-runners, with Kansas and Oklahoma still having a shot.

Those who have followed Malik's recruitment can take solace in the fact it appears to be winding down within a month, if not before that. With his decision nearing, the rumors have just begun.

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