Winter Workout Photos

While you were sleeping, the Buckeyes were up and at 'em today at 6 A.M. sharp, going through winter conditioning drills. We have some photos of today's session posted now.

R.J. Coleman chases down Mike Kne

Doug Datish tries to catch Nick Mangold, with assistant strength coach Bernardo Amerson and WRs coach Darrell Hazell looking on

Justin Zwick chases Troy Smith

Santonio Holmes, Roy Hall and Bam Childress working through a collection of dummies as Mark Snyder cheers them on

Sian Cotton carries Reggie Smith

Jay Richardson is paired with Marcel Frost

Frost is pulling a sled with a weight on it

Mike Kudla (left) and Tony Gonzalez (second from left) are among those working with plyometric rubber bands

Adam Olds works on a stairmaster

Joel Penton carries Simon Fraser in the wheelbarrow drill

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