Malik Still Deciding

Things haven't changed much for Malik Hairston -- he's still planning on deciding soon, but no school has jumped out at him yet.

It's already been a rollercoaster ride as far as fans of Malik Hairston go. Bucknuts spoke with Hairston on Thursday evening, and apparently it's been a roller coaster ride for him too.

Just as recently as last week, Hairston told Bucknuts he was getting a good feel for where he wanted to go, but he's already apparently having some doubts.

"It's tough because every time I start to get an idea of where I want to go, I'm not so sure of myself," Hairston said. "There are a few schools I really like a lot."

Hairston continues to name the same five teams from whom he will ultimately choose.

"Kansas, Ohio State, and UCLA," he said. "Oklahoma and Michigan are in there too."

Despite the uncertainty, and his total focus on Renaissance' season, Malik acknowledged he still plans to announce right after the season ends, which would be about the 26th or 27th of March. Until then, he has one thing in mind.

"I haven't really been thinking about it (my decision) as much," Hairston said. "My total focus is on the state championship."

For one reason or another, a lot of times people have had to speculate on where Hairston might be going. Hairston said any speculation has been premature, as he stresses he's just simply not made his decision.

"People are going to formulate their own opinions, but I guess no one really knows until I make my decision," Hairston said. "I'm still not sure about things myself."

Has he just not had time to make a decision?

"I'm sure I've had a chance to, but I don't think I'm necessarily prepared to do it," Hairston said. "I don't have a certain school set in my head yet, but when i'm prepared to make my decision, I will not hesitate to let people know."

We asked Hairston what the deciding factor would be if he's having a tough time deciding between a few different schools.

"I'm not necessarily sure what it's going to come down to, because a few of my schools seem to offer very similar things," Hairston said. "That's part of what's stopping me from deciding."

Things have been status quo with most of his schools. He continues to hear from all five teams consistently, but one has really tried harder than the others.

"Michigan has pushed me the hardest here recently," Hairston said. "Everyone else still stays in touch regularly."

Hairston said that his family has been very active in the process, and still acknowledges their importance in this decision.

"They do their research too and they've met with my coaches about it," Hairston said. "For the most part, it's my decision. They want to see me go where I'm happiest and most successful."

Fortunately for Hairston, as well as anyone following his recruiting process, the roller coaster should come to a complete stop within about three weeks. Until then, keep your arms in the vehicle at all times.

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