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joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:01:43 PM)
what's the latest on the search for a new running backs coach?

Kirk (Mar 5, 2004 1:02:36 PM)
Steve should be arriving in a bit... the decision may not be announced today even though that was the goal

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:03:24 PM)
thanks any rummors?

Kirk (Mar 5, 2004 1:04:06 PM)
I've not heard any names other than Dick Tressel but that doesn't mean much... I think he's the odds on fave though

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:04:07 PM)
krik, do you think Coach's brother is a good selection? Is it going to be one the team likes>

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:04:10 PM)
hello everybody!

Kirk (Mar 5, 2004 1:04:49 PM)
Hi Steve... talking RBs coach here early on. joe683 wanted to know the latest and if there were any rumors

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:05:56 PM)
I asked people at OSU about this and when we might expect an announcement. They wanted to announce it yesterday or today, but it does not seem like that is going to happen this week. Like everybody else, Dick Tressel still seems to be the choice. I guess it's just a matter of when.

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:07:17 PM)
Steve, every year there are top rated OOS kids who wanta get the recruiting stuff out of the way early. Do you think OSU needs to get to their OOS scouting quicker? It seems like other teams (Michigan) do a much better job of recognizing TOP talent early.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:07:31 PM)
I saw the question about whether this would be a choice that those on the team will like. Well, Dick Tressel is a familiar face. He has been there 3 years and has a relationship already with all of these players. His role will change a bit, though, as a full-time assistant. It is premature to guess about that. If it's him, let's see what happens this spring.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:09:33 PM)
moxy, I don't know about that. Keep in mind, by my count they have 16 slots for next year and 4 of those are taken with the 2 grayshirts and 2 verbals. So, they'll get 16-17 pretty good players whether they start offering guys today or tomorrow. It's less of a risk to offer a better observation has been made in May and June. All you're offering on right now is tape without getting to know a kid that well, etc. It's a trade-off, I guess. I have no doubt they'll do fine.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:09:37 PM)
if it is to be dick tressel why the wait?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:11:50 PM)
My sources say the discussion is ongoing, perhaps between Jim Tressel and Andy Geiger, over this decision. I don't have any details other than that and, please, don't read into it that Geiger is dragging his feet in approving it, because I do NOT know that to be true. They're probably just dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's that they have to do with a state job.

Mr. Eddie (Mar 5, 2004 1:12:08 PM)
Steve: Is Tyler Dennis (the QB from West Holmes Millersburg) a Big Ten or MAC type player?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:13:34 PM)
I can't say. I haven't seen him. Duane likes him. I believe his dad is the coach there. In general, I don't think Duane sees any high Big Ten QBs in Ohio this year and he has seen tape or talked to coaches of 90-some seniors-to-be in the state. I will defer to his judgement.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:13:40 PM)
is the transfer form air force as good as everyone seems to be hyping him up to be?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:14:55 PM)
I think he's a good player with 2 years of experience. he played really well in some big games at Air Force (vs. MWC foes, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech). I liked what I saw of him last spring. Very physical guy. I think he would have helped them last year. Let's watch him this spring and we'll know much more.

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:15:02 PM)
What has happened with Doug Datish? Is he really starting to kick it up, or is he destine to be a backup/bust at OSU? Any other OL guys at OSU who the coaches seem really high on, not to start this year, but for the future?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:18:38 PM)
Datish is starting his 3rd year on campus. It usually takes linemen that long to make an impact. He is slotted behind Mangold at center, which is somewhat of a "death position" because barring an injury Mangold is going to play every snap. Hopefully Datish will also get some time at G or T so he can show what he can do. Bollman is really high on Coleman, Schafer, Downing and Barton as well. It would be premature if I speculated who out of that group will fill the 2 openings (I'm assuming Kne, Mangold and Sims will be there.)

ToledoBucknutty (Mar 5, 2004 1:18:43 PM)
Steve, how have the guys looked so far at 6:00am conditioning, especially the O-linemen? Have any of the new guys or redshirts looked faster than expected? I know it is almost ridiculous to try to gauge off of that, but...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:21:30 PM)
Well, we only got the one day to check it out. I thought Tim Schafer showed some things on Monday. It was a conditioning session, not a combine so you don't see 40-yard times, etc. Of the redshirts, Reggie Smith, Marcel Frost and Devin Jordan all looked good, too.

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:21:37 PM)
If Bauserman doesnt enroll at OSU, and goes the baseball route, do you see the Buckeyes going after 1 or 2 QB's in this years class? Id like to see them go all out for a couple top rated OOS guys and hope to get one. Obviously better make the right decision which couple guys you have a shot at if your going to sell out for only a couple, QB's eem more fickle then other recruits when it comes to recruiting numbers. Completely backfired on us the past two years.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:24:40 PM)
I think they need another QB either way, whether Bauserman makes it in or not. If he doesn't come and the numbers fall right and they find one they like, then, hey, sign 2. I think it is out-of-state. This kid from Pittsburgh, Stull, sounds like he'd verbal tomorrow if they offered. Every year, you hear of a few like that. Sometimes it works out and sometimes, after the coaches, evaluate they look in a different direction. But they definitely need 1, maybe 2, in this class.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:24:44 PM)
are there football players in the columbus area that osu would be interested in?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:26:45 PM)
It's an OK year, but nothing like this past year. Westerville South has a nice OL in Phillip Pollard. There is talk there may be a City League player or 2, somebody at Mifflin (name eludes me now).

Susan (Mar 5, 2004 1:26:49 PM)
Hi Steve. I'm assuming Coach Tressel will visit with the Kennedy family at some point while he's in Florida?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:27:35 PM)
I didn't know he was in Florida or going there, but, yes, I assume he will send condolences.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:27:41 PM)
how good of a prospect is hartline and does he have an offer?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:30:18 PM)
No offer yet. Duane likes Hartline. He is a great athlete, no doubt, at 6-3, 175. Next to MM, Duane thinks he is the best WR in the state. We'll see what happens this spring with the evaluation phase and camps, etc.

Susan (Mar 5, 2004 1:30:27 PM)
Steve, does Lydell look "bigger" to you? I saw a picture of him and his legs look huge. In December, Kevin Randleman told me that Lydell approached him, asking Kevin to help in his weight training. The one goal Kevin told me was that Lydell wanted his thighs to be big like Clarett's. Did you notice any change?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:32:20 PM)
Yes, he did look thicker to me. Guys and gals, don't worry about Lydell being in shape and being a specimen. I thought he looked great last year. He pulled a muscle early in fall camp from maybe being too tight and that hurt him. It's a fine line these guys walk of being so sculpted and yet athletic and nimble at the same time. Just pray he stays healthy.

ToledoBucknutty (Mar 5, 2004 1:32:25 PM)
Steve, do you really think our D-line can approach the level of dominance that it did last year? I know Patterson, Pitcock and the guys are pretty imposing.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:35:00 PM)
I don't know about that. Will Smith was maybe the best defensive end in the country. Darrion Scott would have been an All-American if he could have stayed healthy. Tim Anderson was just an absolute bear. Those were three great players. They only had one bad game (at the University of ...) in 2 years. There will be some growing pains up front. Veteran OLs may get the better of them early in the year. But Heacock will be rotating 8 to 10 DLs. There may not be one great star, but they hope to get it done by committee. We shall see if that works.

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:35:09 PM)
Give me a Haw player for this year from Ohio. A kid with a lot of talent who nobody knows about but will be a hot player after the camps.......and will have a breakout year in his senior year?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:37:59 PM)
That's hard because I can only choose from guys I know about, which kind of deflates the question because Haw was a total unknown. Maybe Lance Phillips from Wellston. He's a 6-2, 240 LB/DE. Maybe DB Brad Jones from Canton McKinley. Maybe LB Brandon Long from Canton GlenOak.

Kirk (Mar 5, 2004 1:38:43 PM)
I will add that there are a few names that aren't being talked about much that Duane really likes... that's what's fun about this issue of Ohio High. It's fun to add names to the list of guys everyone's already talking about. A few I know Duane likes that aren't getting much press yet are OL Jim Cordle from Lancaster, OL Robert Brewster from Cincinnati (Wyoming I think), and WR Trey Stross from Avon Lake, a player we just got tape on for the first time about a couple of weeks ago. Duane was in on Haw early last year and had him circled as a player to watch, but as Steve said, it's hard to pinpoint those guys

Susan (Mar 5, 2004 1:39:07 PM)
How is Marcus Green looking?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:40:33 PM)
He looked good to me on Monday. Hopefully he takes the next step and becomes the next star for OSU at DT. He and Pitcock have the potential to be a real load in the middle.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:40:41 PM)
do you think the ncaa will make any changes in how colleges recruit players, because of the fallout from colorado?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:43:37 PM)
I think there will be serious discussion. About the only thing I see the NCAA doing is limiting the trips down to 3 or 4. I think that would be unfair to the kids, in some respects, though. They should be able to get all the info they want before they make a decision. I don't see the NCAA instituting any kind of new rules on what happens on official visits. They will as a group condemn things like drinking, flesh, etc. as making them part of the visit. But it's happening everywhere, not just Colorado. How do you stop it? You just hope your player hosts have the good sense to keep it all on the up and up.

moxy (Mar 5, 2004 1:43:54 PM)
Steve and Kirk......with the University fo Michigan starting to sell private seat license, do you see OSU going to this point to get a LOT more money in the next couple years????

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:46:42 PM)
OSU already does in a manner with the Club Seats and Buckeye Club contributions needed to obtain season tickets. There are still a segment of "longtime season ticketholders" who get seats (not the good ones, I presume) for longtime loyalty. Alumni also get a few as well. Rest go to faculty, staff and students. The only next step for OSU would be to charge the "longtime season ticketholders" and alumni an additional fee for ticket rights.

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:46:52 PM)
what are on the football team will cause the most headaches thi year?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:48:16 PM)
please repeat question, it's not clear

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:48:18 PM)
now I get it what area?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:49:48 PM)
OK, what area, the offensive line and defensive line will each have some growing pains, and the young QBs will make mistakes. It is a fact of life. Everything else -- provided they find a punter and Trapasso wins the job -- looks reasonably solid. That third game at N.C. State, to me, will be quite a litmus test.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:51:30 PM)
my electricity

Schony14 (Mar 5, 2004 1:51:33 PM)
I have never been accussed of being in shape, but the pictures from the first morning conditioning looked like Shlegal had a gut? Is he a little to big to be LB? Is he fast enough?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:51:37 PM)
is flickering could lose service any time

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:54:08 PM)
Schony, it was March 1. Are these kids entitled to have an off-season? So the guy is a little pudgy. I've seen the tape I know he can play. Call me on Aug. 15 and let me know if the kid is 20 lbs. overweight. That's what the off-season is about to get the kids into shape. Spielman didn't test off the charts, but he could play. Let's see how he looks with the pads on this spring.

Kirk (Mar 5, 2004 1:55:13 PM)
Any more questions for Steve today?

Susan (Mar 5, 2004 1:56:10 PM)
Thanks Steve. Have a great weekend. You, too, Kirk.

slimkid (Mar 5, 2004 1:56:11 PM)
thanks, Steve!

joe683 (Mar 5, 2004 1:56:24 PM)
not from me . thanks steve and kirk

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:56:28 PM)
Let me say two things: First, I may not be available next Friday if I'm in Indy for the basketball tournament.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:58:39 PM)
Secondly, OSU needs 14 new starters, including a QB. They brought in the No. 2 class in the country two years ago, many of those guys are in line for jobs now. If those guys are anywhere near as good as we all thought they were coming out of high school, and this thing hits this fall, Ohio State could be a real force to reckon with both this year and next year. I'm not quite sure why I came up with that brainstorm just now, but it hit me. This thing could hit and hit big this fall. dare to dream, I guess.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 5, 2004 1:59:18 PM)
That makes this spring all the more exciting, I guess. See you all later!

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