Hairston Focused On Team's Playoff Run

Detroit Renaissance small forward Malik Hairston still has some business to attend to as his team tries to track down a Michigan state championship. But Hairston says he plans to announce his college choice perhaps before the end of this month. Click here for more.

Since the season began for Malik Hairston, it seems nearly every major program from coast to coast has come calling at some point or another. But despite the interest from some pretty appealing suitors, only a select few have survived the process. Only one will ultimately relish it.

"I am still listing the same five schools," Hairston, The Insiders' No. 2-ranked small forward said.

Those five schools are Kansas, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma and UCLA. Although Hairston, who has already visited Ohio State, UCLA, and Kansas in September, has not ruled out a visit to Oklahoma, he doesn't expect to take it. Hairston also acknowledged that if he didn't take his visit to Norman, he would not be selecting the Sooners.

Hairston is ready to make a decision now, and there's only one thing that stands in his way.

"There's nothing else I need to know," Hairston said. "I have all the information now I've needed to make my decision. I just want to keep my focus on winning the state championship, that's it."

He still has yet to set an official date for his announcement, although acknowledges it could be immediately forthcoming after the season is over with.

"I haven't decided when I'm going to announce," Hairston said. "It will be after my season ends."

The state championship game in Michigan is on Sat., March 27. Many have speculated he could conceivably announce as soon as after that game if Renaissance, now 22-0 and ranked third nationally by USA Today, is still playing.

Hairston discussed some of the things he will be looking for in his college of choice, if he has not already found it.

"I'm just going to go somewhere that I'm comfortable and that I fit in well," Hairston said. "I want to like the people I play with, and I want to be able to develop my game for when I'm ready to play at the next level if I'm fortunate enough to do that."

Hairston, who averaged 21 points a game and 11 rebounds a game in the regular season, will turn his attention to the upcoming all-star games once his season ends. Hairston will be playing for the West squad in the McDonald's All-American game March 31 in Oklahoma City and will play in April at the Capital City Classic.

Renaissance will now play Dexter Wednesday night at 8 p.m. at Dundee High School. If they win that game, they could be faced with a match-up against River Rouge. River Rouge is the school formerly coached by current Ohio State assistant Lamonta Stone. Hairston joked it was too early to worry about that.

"They have to win their game first," Hairston said with a laugh.

Hairston didn't lose site of the fact their team wasn't the only ones who had to take care of business.

"We have to win our game, too," he added.

The state quarterfinals would then be March 23 at the University of Detroit. The state semis (March 26, 6 p.m.) and state title game (March 27, 8 p.m.) would be played at Michigan State's Breslin Center.

Hairston will remain focused on winning a state championship for just over 10 more days. In just about a year from now, Hairston will be focused on winning a national championship, and that's another thing one team will be relishing.

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