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We are back with another edition of The Buckeye Grove. Today, we look at Iowa, OSU's struggling run game, Ted Ginn Jr.'s big return, Justin Zwick's status, OSU's bowl possibilities and much much more. Click here for more on this special column for subscribers.

I have just completed the season opening edition of The Buckeye Grove column, our special midweek column for subscribers.

This is a special column for Ohio State fans only. That is why it is posted on our premium message board.

This week's edition of Buckeye Grove (4,547 words) has been posted. In this week's column, I have:

* A complete player-by-player look at Iowa on offense and defense.

* A look inside the numbers for clues as to why Ohio State has been ineffective at running the football during the Jim Tressel era.

* A look at games under Tressel when OSU failed to score an offensive touchdown.

* Justin Zwick's assessment of his play and where things stand at the quarterback position.

* How losing has worn on one OSU newcomer.

* Ted Ginn Jr.'s reaction to the hoopla over his first collegiate touchdown and his take on how the Buckeyes are able to break such big plays in special teams.

* Views from defensive stalwarts Nate Salley, Donte Whitner and Bobby Carpenter on what's been missing on that side of the ball.

* Salley also talks about how he couldn't answer his phone after last week's loss.

* A legal viewpoint on Ira Guilford's bid to be reinstated at OSU.

* A look back at OSU's previous 0-2 starts in Big Ten play and what transpired each time.

* A look at OSU's 11 home losses since 1991 and the seven of them that have been by double digits.

* A glance at OSU's bowl possibilities as we reach the midway point of the season.

* A look at Lindy's preseason basketball annual and where they see Thad Matta's first team fitting in.

* And there's more on our radio show, Chat sessions and my picks.

What are you waiting for? By reading this column, you are going to get insights on OSU athletics and recruiting that you will not find anywhere else.

Now is the time to subscribe to and get into the Buckeye Grove! (Remember, before clicking, the Buckeye Grove is a premium forum.)

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