Harrison Focused On Track, Recruiting

Cornerback Brandon Harrison of Dayton Chaminade-Julienne may be one of the top two DBs in the state in this year of fine defensive back prospects. The speedster recently chatted with Duane Long about where things stand with recruiting as well as track.

Cornerback Brandon Harrison of Dayton Chaminade-Julienne is not only one of the best overall prospects in the state, he's also one of the fastest. Recently, he took second at the Findlay indoor meet (one of the biggest meets in the Midwest) in the 55 m out of 111 runners. He was timed at 6.58.

"I beat Jamario O'Neal," he said. "He ran a 6.65. He was seventh overall."

Brandon expects to be busy over the next few months with track, but he will also be taking part in camps as well.

"I'll go to Nike on April 17th at Ohio State," he said. "I'll go up to Michigan, Penn State, Pitt, maybe a few others.

"I've been invited to Miami (FL)'s Junior Day."

Is there a pecking order right now when it comes to school choices?

"Iowa, Michigan -- I had a real good visit on Junior Day; they said I could play right away -- Pitt, Penn State, and Ohio State," he said. "All those Big Ten schools really."

Iowa has reportedly offered, and Brandon said he recently received another offer, in addition to some attention from the nation's most prestigious academic institutions.

"Miami of Ohio has come in with an offer," he said. "The Ivy League's coming in -- Harvard, Dartmouth and Princeton."

When does Brandon expect to choose a school?

"I was thinking I wanted to do it before the season, but now I'm thinking more toward the middle of the season or waiting until the end," he said.

Brandon weighs in at 196 right now and is training very hard. He's max benched 315 and has a max squat of 545.

"I'm working so hard because I want to win the 100 this year," he said. "I ran a 10.6 last year, and I'm just now getting my form down. We have a sprint coach this year; we didn't have one before."

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