C-J Standouts Ringer, Harrison Speak Out

We have more from Dayton Chaminade-Julienne's dynamic duo of junior running back Javon Ringer and defensive back Brandon Harrison. Our Charles Babb shares excerpts of an interview he conducted for the spring edition of Ohio High magazine. Click here for more.

Our Charles Babb recently interviewed Dayton Chaminade-Julienne coach Jim Place as well as junior running back Javon Ringer and defensive back Brandon Harrison for an article in the upcoming spring edition of Ohio High magazine. Below are excerpts from those interviews. The magazine is due out by late April.

Coach Jim Place

Babb: Does Harrison project to be a safety or cornerback in your estimation?

Place: "I think either. He has the speed to do either one."

Babb: What is something that Brandon can work on to improve?

Place: "I don't know. He is a pretty good player. He benches about 320…"

Babb: What about motivation – how is Brandon in this area?

Place: "He really is self directed."

Babb: Grades?

Place: "He is about 3.1"

Babb: How are Javon's Grades?

Place: "He's doing better."

Babb: Tell me a little about Javon if you would.

Place: "He benches 360, squats 540. Great lateral movement."

Babb: What running back might he remind…

Place: "Barry Sanders."

Babb: Does he have that kind of center of balance?

Place: "Yeah – good words to describe him."

Babb: In other words, he makes people look stupid?

Place: "Yeah – he's awful good."

Babb: What is Javon Ringer's vision like? Clearly, he is not going to be a bullish type running back.

Place: "Give him that ball; he knows what to do with it. He is his own back."

Babb: What are your expectations of Javon this year?

Place: "I expect Javon to set the standard for our whole team. We set very high goals for ourself."

Babb: Are these two players close as friends? Will this have an impact on where they go?

Place: "I don't know. I think they are both pretty much going to pick whatever college they want to go to."

Babb: What about leadership – how are these two as leaders?

Place: "They're both hungry and want challenges. We've scheduled a couple tough teams next year because our seniors wanted a challenge. We went out and scheduled Louisville Trinity and Cincinnati Elder. The seniors said, ‘We want a challenge.'

Babb: Oh my. You're giving them what they asked for!

Place: "You've got that (right). Both of those teams are D-I state champs."

Babb: Clearly Brandon and Javon are going to be heavily recruited this year. What is their mindset - are they leaning toward any schools?

Place: "They are both wide open right now. Absolutely wide open?"

Babb: No favorites at all then for either one that you can detect?

Place: "Nope. They both want to have a good senior year and pick a good college to go to."

Babb: When did you know they were going to be something special?

Place: "They have come up all the way through our system. They have been very good all the way through."

Babb: Who are you hearing from as far as coaches?

Place: "The only offer that I know about is Iowa, but everybody else is talking to them."


Babb: Has recruiting started for you yet?

Harrison: "Yes sir. Coaches say they can't really call until May, but I have been receiving letters and stuff. People are inviting me down to their colleges."

Babb: Who is sending you letters?

Harrison: "Michigan, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Michigan State, Miami Florida…"

Babb: Are you favoring any team right now?

Harrison: "Not right now. I am just waiting."

Babb: Any camps this summer?

Harrison: "I am going to the Nike Football Camp (at Ohio State)."

Babb: What is your style as a player?

Harrison: "I like to get up close and personal. I like press coverage. We run cover one. I like press coverage. I like to get in the receiver's face and knock him off his route. Then run with them. I am able to out-skill them as I am running right next to them."

Babb: Any models as players?

Harrison: "Charles Woodson for his cover skills and John Lynch for the way he hits because I deliver a blow."

Babb: What your speed?

Harrison: "I ran a 10.6 100 meter dash last season, and I ran a 4.35 and a 4.2 in the 40."

Babb: Weightroom?

Harrison: "My max bench is 315, and my max squat is 545."

Babb: Say you give up a TD – how do you come back from that?

Harrison: "Like my DB coach says – you just have to forget it and move onto the next play. If I am dwelling on the play before, that is going to take me out of my zone for the next play."

Babb: Name your most memorable moment(s) thus far in your high school career.

Harrison: "The year we went to state. We were in a playoff game against Kings. We were down – it was 21-7. I made an interception and ran it back for a touchdown. On the next possession, I made another interception and ran it back for about 40 yards – bringing us back for a victory."

Babb: What is your GPA?

Harrison: "3.0"

Babb: Have you taken your SAT yet?

Harrison: "I take my SAT next weekend."

Babb: What are your goals at this point?

Harrison: "Well, in high school, I just want to graduate with top grades and get awards and have fun. In college, I want to get my degree in business. It is between business and law because I want to open my own shop, but I also would like to be a criminal lawyer."

Babb: What are you working on as a player to get better?

Harrison: "Being able to work with the new players that are coming in – the freshmen – to get along with them. What I am really working on now is just my…just keep working with my DB coach on my coverage skills. He says I have the skills to take it to the next level and then take it to the next level after that, but you can never stop working on something."

Babb: What about your timeline on making a choice of school?

Harrison: "I want to make a decision in the middle of the season. In the middle or towards the end."

Babb: Have you won any awards thus far?

Harrison: "Most valuable defensive back, second team all-state, All-GCL, all-district…"

Babb: What events do you run?

Harrison: "The 100 and the 200 and the 4x400. And the 4x100 and the 4x200."

Babb: What is your favorite part of football?

Harrison: "Just being able to go out on Friday nights. It is just fun. Family is there. Everybody can see you play. It's exciting. There is nothing better than Friday night."

Babb: What is your favorite part of being a defensive back?

Harrison: "Ooohh…being able to hit somebody and the crowd go…everybody just stand up and stop talking…just hearing the smack on the field…the ‘mo' – momentum changer. They will be driving down the field, and you hear that big crack, and it shuts everybody up. That is the best feeling."

Babb: Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Harrison: "Well, of course I am in Ohio – probably Ohio State. But, I pretty much just watch all the football games. I watch all football, pro, college, arena, XFL – everything."

Babb: What do you like to do outside of football?

Harrison: "Me and my father have a truck we are working on. We are souping it up. Just messing around with that. We like to fix up old cars. It's fun. I rarely go out to parties and stuff like that. I usually have so much homework, then plus practice. I just go home (do) homework and hit the sack."


Babb: Why do you like running back over another position?

Ringer: "I guess I would have to say the thrill of just having the ball in my hands and knowing everyone is after me. That is why I don't like playing defense. I would prefer for people to try and stop me than me try to stop them. I love scoring touchdowns. I know being a running back is a lot of hard work. I love to push myself and my body to see how far I can go. A lot of people say I run similar to Barry Sanders, but I am not as short."

Babb: What is your size and speed?

Ringer: "I am 5'10", 200 pounds."

Babb: What are your goals?

Ringer: "My personal goal…I want to get over 3,000 yards. In order for me to do that, we have to go to state, but that is my goal. I got 2,000 my sophomore year, 2,000 my junior year. I want to set a record and get over 3,000 yards. I am going to get over 3,000 yards."

Babb: Team goals?

Ringer: "I want us to win our league. Every time we come close. We will go undefeated until we get up to Alter. We keep losing the GCL. So, I want to win that and win state again. Not just for me and my class, but I want to do it for my coach – coach Place. I want to do it for the coaches.

Babb: Do your coaches mean a great deal to you then?

Ringer: "Yes. Especially coach Place because he has helped me out a lot ever since my freshman year. He has kind of been like a father figure for me. I know the best way for me to pay him back – the way I can think of right now – is to get him another state championship."

Babb: You mention you are going to the NIKE camp – any others this summer?

Ringer: "I am going to try to go to the Ohio State camp and the Michigan camp, but those are the only ones I really have time for."

Babb: Ohio State AND Michigan…?

Ringer: "Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to go to Ohio State. That has been my #1. I also like Michigan though – even though they are rivals. Ohio State is my #1, but I still like Michigan."

Babb: How are you doing in the classroom?

Ringer: "I am fine. I have a tutor. I hate that, but I know having these tutors will help me in the future so I will just suck it up."

Babb: Do you have anyone you patterned your game after?

Ringer: "Barry Sanders and Walter Payton are my idols. I am trying to find a Walter Payton highlight tape because all I have right now is a Barry Sanders one. Thursday night [before Friday games], I always watch that highlight tape."

Babb: What are some factors that will make a difference in your recruitment?

Ringer: "My goal is to start my freshman year. I feel I will be good enough to start my freshman year, but it is not like I am demanding that. If they say they will give me an opportunity…I want to work for it. I don't want to just have it there on a silver plate."

Babb: Let's say you get knocked down behind the line of scrimmage on a play, what is your attitude on the next play?

Ringer: "OK. Forget about it. That is what we all go over. Whenever we make a bad play, or I get a loss of yardage – I forget about it. I can't dwell on something that happened a play ago because that might mess me up the next play coming up."

Babb: What are you working on to improve as a player?

Ringer: "I have been working on my speed because I want to beat that 4.26. My balance, my acceleration, getting my strength up in my legs – I need a lot in my legs because that is what running backs need – leg power, my upper body. I have been working on my hands because I know in college some running backs get plays out of the backfield. Blocking. I am working on how to get inside because a lot of running backs really don't block that good. I want college coaches to see that I am not selfish. I am not looking out for just me, I want to look out for my quarterback and everybody else too. I have been working on when I am blocking making sure I don't hold."

Babb: How would you describe the idea of "vision"?

Ringer: "I guess I could say on the field, with my instincts I can see everything. When my quarterback says, ‘hut,' everything lights up. I can see everything. If I don't see you in front of me, I can feel someone behind me. That is how I am able to react."

Babb: Have you played defense at any point?

Ringer: "I played defense my freshman year. I played linebacker. Then my sophomore year I did not play defense because when we won state we were stacked with players. This year I told coach whenever the defense was in trouble that I felt like I could help because I am one of the strongest and fastest on the team. He said, ‘I don't want anyone to be able to take a cheap shot on you. If you get hurt it needs to be on offense, not defense."

Babb: Do you have a major yet?

Ringer: "I am not sure what to major in yet. That is still kind of iffy."

Babb: Who is faster – you or Brandon?

Ringer: "In a 100, right now, Brandon will get me. In a 40, my time is a little better than his."

Babb: What are you looking forward to most in college?

Ringer: "More competition because I know in college I am going against the best of the best, and I am looking to get a good education."

Babb: When do you plan on committing?

Ringer: "I would like to commit some time before the season, but if that does not happen…I don't want it to be a long process. I want to commit as soon as possible."

Babb: You do karate?

Ringer: "Tai Kwan Do. I was a blackbelt in it, but I still go in the basement and work on my skills so I don't get rusty. It has helped me out a lot. It is more of a lower body – they love to kick – so that has helped me in my lower body and with my flexibility. It keeps me calm. Like in games. Every time I get tackled I am choked, punched, kicked, someone has just deliberately poked me in my eyes – I hate it. I get pinched, they try to twist my ankle…I guess the Tai Kwan Do has helped me be calm about it. When I get up everybody scatters away, but I stay relaxed and go back to the huddle. I am trying to hold onto the ball too while I am getting poked and punched. I just suck it up and take it and hold onto the ball."

Babb: Awards?

Ringer: All-Ohio, runner-up for Mr. Football, MVP of our school, MVP of our league.

Babb: Stats?

Ringer: "My junior year, I had 2,356 rushing yards and a 10.8 yards per carry and 30 touchdowns. In 2002, I had 2,028 rushing yards on 198 carries. I averaged 10.6 yards per carry and 30 touchdowns."

Babb: What do you like to do outside of football?

Ringer: "I am a real relaxed person. I can have the greatest time chillin at my house or someone else's house watching TV. I do like to go out to the movies, or a party or whatever."

Babb: 40 time?

Ringer: "4.3"

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