Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

Maurice Clarett, spring football, this year's Buckeye team, and more was discussed in this week's chat with Gary Housteau.

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:08:45 PM)
Hi everyone sorry I'm a bit late. Friday I hope to watch Glenville run track in Mansfield and then Saturday I hope to see what I can of the Nike Combine or as many of the kids that are there that I can and then I'll be at the scrimmage, so this time next week I should be well armed for any questions you might have then.

BuckeyeDave (Apr 15, 2004 1:09:01 PM)
The NCAA is filing a brief that supports the NCAA position vs. Clarett. It supposedly lists 6 points in support. Any idea what those points are?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:12:00 PM)
Hi BuckeyeDave, it all comes down to not diluting the talent that is college football or the NFL feeder system. Status quo is good for the universities and it's good for the NFL. I don't know what the six points are but after talking to some of Reecie's people up here in Y-town, they feel they have solid ground to stand on and I have to agree from what I've been told. See ya Reecie. Run Reecie Run....

Free Turd (Apr 15, 2004 1:12:11 PM)
alright lets make this first question easy. gary, what percentage chance would you give us of landing that stud RB from florida?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:14:28 PM)
Hi FredTurd...those who have been following my work in the past know that I'm not very big on assigning percentages until I feel strong enough to feel confident to use the 'L' word. But I'll play along right now and say a respectable 40% right now and I look for that to increase to as much as 50 by signing day.

themainbuck (Apr 15, 2004 1:14:43 PM)
hey gary , can you tell us how much we can expect from the freshman Trapasso?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:18:16 PM)
Hi themainbuck...I admit that I've been a big Josh Huston fan since I started following him in high school and I would like to think that he will have a decent shot at the punting job. He has the strong leg it's just that it's all new to him, at least it would be in game conditions. On the other hand, if a freshman can come in this year and lock down that position for the next four years, then I'm all for it. I say don't expect a lot from Trapasso, he may be a year away yet, but he could be a pleasant surprise. Today's kick scrimmage, which I will not be in attendance, should give us an idea of how that position might play out.

slimkid (Apr 15, 2004 1:18:22 PM)
In terms of the special teams scrimmage, how far will it go in determining the starters -- punter, holders, long snapper, return guys -- for next fall?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:22:07 PM)
Hi slimkid, from what I know, the snappers, holder and plackers are all set. We need to find a punter obviously. As far as the return men go, since Ginn isn't here to return kickoffs yet, they need to find someone to be back there with him in the fall. Ginn is a lock. I'd like to someone like Dareus Hiley step up either as a kick or punt returner. He too was electric in high school. OSU has so many athletes to choose from but Ginn will be a kick returner for sure in the fall. I think Holmes could be the main punt returner initially.

Free Turd (Apr 15, 2004 1:22:13 PM)
Gary, what high schools do you like to make a run at the state crown this year?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:26:40 PM)
Hi Free...I said Fred last time I'm sorry...I assume you mean football and I really have no idea at this point. I do think Glenville will be as strong as they have ever been and will be formidable. Canton McKinley will be strong once again. Akron Hoban will be strong. I have to believe DCJ will be right there. It's way too early to make any of those predictions. I think St. Ed will be strong again. That's hard to answer Free sorry.

DuckOfDeath (Apr 15, 2004 1:26:55 PM)
If the NFL wins in court where does that leave Mo C? Can he be a Buckeye again or is he done?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:31:10 PM)
Hi Duckofdeath...I wish Reecie a long and healthy and happy career in the NFL and I hope it begins April 24th, I really do. Reecie is my favorite high school football player that I've ever had the privilege of watching. That said. I believe he will be in the April 24th draft from listening to some of his people up here, (it may be a biased interpretation granted) but if not...I believe Reecie's team will press on for an eventual supplemental draft at some point. Whatever the case, Reecie will never don the scarlet and gray again, that's a given. And the bottom line on's really sad that it ever came to this.

tsteele316 (Apr 15, 2004 1:31:32 PM)
what does the future at osu hold for d'andrea with schlegel now appearing to be the starter at mlb?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:37:03 PM)
Hi tsteele316, make no mistake about it, we haven't heard the last from Mike D'Andrea at middle linebacker. He is the consumate preparer both physically and mentally and frankly he is a favorite of the OSU staff to succeed because he is such a relentless performer and a great example to all of his teammates. I'm a big fan of Mike D'Andrea but I welcome the competition that we can expect from Schlegel and John Kerr, please don't forget about John Kerr, another of my high school favorites. I couldn't be any more excited to have D'Andrea, Schlegel, Kerr, Carpenter, Hawk and Freeman to go to war with every Saturday. If there is a better linebacking corp in all of college football, well good for them. I'll take these six any day of the week. Six studs! Period. But Mike D'Andrea is not finished in any way, nor is he conceding the position. Can't wait till the fall.

edbuck51 (Apr 15, 2004 1:37:21 PM)
With the A.Olds situation, do you think there are going to be four OLs in the next class?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:42:02 PM)
Hi edbuck51, yes four OL sounds like a really good number to pursue. And for those of you who are excited about Doering from Illinois, cool your engines a bit. He's the Jeff Byers of this year's class that will give OSU nothing more than a cursory sniff. I love the kid but I think we need to concentrate on adding two more instate lineman and maybe one other from out of state to replace an instate guy. They could take five but I doubt they'll get more than four this year. Things happen with guys like Ryan Cook and Adam Olds more frequent than not so you have to have enough of them in the pipeline.

themainbuck (Apr 15, 2004 1:42:11 PM)
Do you think that bam bam is goin to be a top notch return man this year if given the chance?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:47:02 PM)
Hi mainbuck...first of all I expect Bam to be the MVP of the spring game, I think he is every year. I get a little worried with Bam either catching or holding on to the ball once he has it but I think he will be a Jonathon Wells type of senior and really step his game up on Saturday's this year. He'll get his chances that's for sure but he needs to make the most of them like Santonio did last year. I think he can be an exciting return man, very elusive, but the first time he coughs up the ball, if he does, will be his last. I always like to see our Mr. Football guys in Ohio do well and certainly with Bam it's no exception.

DaHawg (Apr 15, 2004 1:47:09 PM)
Why are some kids chosen to return kicks and others return punts? Why don't the same kid/kids return both? Are the skills required different?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:52:21 PM)
Hi DaHawg...It's mainly a comfort level that you have to have to return punts. It has to be comfortable for the player to catch a ball while facing would-be tacklers on the dead run and there has to be a comfort level with the coaching staff that they have in the player being able to catch the ball and make something of it with would-be tacklers bearing down on them. I think you need to more elusive to evade tacklers as well if you're a punt returner. I think speed and vision are the most important thing as a kickoff returner and that's something Ginn has an abundance of with both. He's an absolute natural back there. Obviously it's possible to do both but there seems to be an area of specialization that a player has in one over the other. I think Ginn can do both but he will be the main kickoff returner first. Eventually he may returns punts as well.

Free Turd (Apr 15, 2004 1:52:36 PM)
Gary, yeah i meant HS football, so are you thinking that Ginn will definitely be the punt return man next year?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:56:21 PM)
Hi Free...I think Ginn will be the main kickoff returner initially as I alluded to a question earlier. If you saw the Army All-American Bowl, then you know why I am so confident in saying that. But I also saw Teddy make ridiculous runs as quarterback last year on the move, starting and stopping and accelerating and making people look stupid, that he can also be adept at returning punts as well. I think it will be easier for him to gain his confidence as a kickoff returner first. Make no mistake about it though, he is special with the football in his hands.

witter (Apr 15, 2004 1:56:27 PM)
what is a realistic record for our football buckeyes next year?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 1:58:53 PM)
One or two losses and no more. Period. And we should not be happy with anything worse. I expect Ohio State to be as good or better than any team we play this year so therefore I believe we have a good chance to win every game we play this year. We will hurt people when we are on defense this year. I think it could come down to two unbeaten teams in the Horseshoe playing in late November. Call me crazy! Smile!

themainbuck (Apr 15, 2004 1:59:04 PM)
what do you think about the OL's new found speed? I'm sure we

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:04:26 PM)
About our offensive line...I think John Peterson could be an asset to that group during closed door meetings. You have to be excited about having someone like him added to the staff even though it will be difficult for him to replace Conley outside of Ohio, like in Florida. Peterson will be just as effective as Conley in Ohio and particularly in that SW corner of the state that we don't do very well in. But his biggest asset to the team is an offensive line coach, even though he will be specifically working with the tight ends. I think he just made Sims and Barton and Mangold and Schafer and Datish instantly a bit better by being hired. I expect a solid performance from our O-line this year. The bodies are there and the coaching is there.

Free Turd (Apr 15, 2004 2:04:36 PM)
Gary with all of this traveling how many miles do you rack up on that car of yours?

Kirk (Apr 15, 2004 2:07:41 PM)
Gary has to log off in a bit, so I will post the remaining questions and Gary, you can answer them one by one:

slimkid (Apr 15, 2004 2:07:49 PM)
How many scholarships will be available next year, and where will they come from (i.e., how many seniors and underclassmen leaving; how many medical cases -- Olds and Chattams, for example; etc.)?

DuckOfDeath (Apr 15, 2004 2:07:52 PM)
Do you think we will see a player pull a "Mike Stafford" this year? I mean a player that no one thought would contribute at all come up big time.

Free Turd (Apr 15, 2004 2:07:59 PM)
Gary in the last 5 years what home grown ohio boy upset you more that we couldn't land or let slip away?

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:08:01 PM)
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Tires go the fastest on my car. I rack up 25 -30 k or so a year roughly. It seems those regular maintenance checkups help out tremendously. It's a labor of love and I've been fortunate not to ever have been broken down on the road over all my years. I think my cars are all sports fans as well. Smile!

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:09:57 PM)
Hi Slimkid...I'm not ducking your scholarship question, but Steve is usually pretty good at coming up with those kinds of numbers and if you asked him that he would have a better guestimate than I could ever come up with.

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:12:04 PM)
Hi Duckofdeath...this year's Stafford could be Mike Kne (Does anyone else think he needs another 'e' on the end of his name?). Sure he would be a welcome and solid addition to the offensive line but I must admit...I want to see some of these scholarship kids out of high school, guys like Downing and Datish for instance, to step up instead of a one-time walk on. No offense to Kne and if he starts, then good for him, but these top-rated prep linemen need to step up as well and not just Datish or Downing, I'm not singling them out in any way.

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:15:30 PM)
Hi Free turd...the years go by so fast but the one that got away that I wanted the most has to be Prescott Burgess from Warren Harding. We've all heard the reasons or alleged reason why he went to Michigan, but it just isn't right for a player of that caliber to not want to go to OSU in the first place. And Manningham really disturbs me as well. I'm sure there are some other great players that I'm missing out on here but those are the first two names that came to my head.

GaryHousteau (Apr 15, 2004 2:17:03 PM)
Thanks everyone for allowing me the privilege of trying to answer some of your questions. I had a great time and I look forward to next week when I'll know a lot more about recruiting and about our Buckeyes on the gridiron. Have a great tax day. I have to run my taxes down the post office right now. Go Bucks! Smile!

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