Sander Takes In Scrimmage

As the Buckeyes try to sort out the punting situation, last year's star punter B.J. Sander was in attendance yesterday to check out the special teams scrimmage, and he shared his thoughts on that as well as the NFL draft.

There has been a good deal of discussion already about the upcoming NFL draft. Talk has centered around the plethora of talent likely to be taken from Ohio State. One of those possible draftees, B.J. Sander, was walking around taking in the scrimmage yesterday. I spoke with him afterward.

What did you think of the punters today?

"They looked good. I was very impressed. I wasn't expecting what I saw. They came out, they hit the ball real well."

What is the situation with the upcoming draft?

"I've gone though all my workouts, I've been to the combine, I've done some personal workouts. Now it is just wait and see. The draft is in a week and a half so it is just a wait and see thing now."

Are you allowed to say who you worked out with personally?

"I've worked out for several teams. I worked out for I think eight or nine different teams so the interest is there. It is just a matter of who is available in the draft when they are drafting."

Any of the teams make any statements that they were intending on drafting you?

"No one has really committed to anything yet. I have asked them, ‘do you forsee yourself drafting a punter?' Several teams have said, ‘Yeah, if we think you are the one who can help our team most, we have no problem drafting a punter.' That is encouraging from my point of view."

What is the most difficult part of this whole process for you?

"Just waiting. Waiting around. I want to find out where I am going – where I am going to be."

Draft day – where will you be?

"I'll be in Cincinnati. My parents are having a bunch of people over. We will be watching it on Saturday and Sunday, and we'll see what happens."

Will you be able to take the waiting?

"I might go golfing. I might have to get out of the house, but we'll wait and see what happens, see what is going on."

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