Colerain RB Looking For Offers

What's in a name? For RB Mister Simpson of Cincinnati Colerain, it's one heck of a football player. Simpson already has two offers and seems open to any school that extends one.

Colerain High School in Cincinnati will continue to be a perennial power with a guy like Mister Simpson around to carry the football.

"I just go to practice and lift and work just as hard as everyone else there," Simpson said. "I just work real hard every time I do something, and I do what the coaches tell me to do. I just want to make myself better."

If statistics are any indication, Simpson has obviously listened very well to his coaches. In his sophomore year he rushed for 1,079 yards and scored 16 touchdowns and in his junior season he rushed for 1,640 yards and recorded 23 touchdowns. He hopes to eclipse the 2,000 yard barrier during just the regular season this coming year.

"That's my goal, I always set goals for myself," he said. "This goal for my senior year is 2,000 yards before the playoffs. I don't see a reason why I can't achieve 2,000 yards before the playoffs. I'm very blessed with very good offensive linemen so there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to."

The Cardinals' offense is very conducive for him be able to achieve such prodigious numbers. The 5-10, 200 Simpson is the fullback in a triple-option attack.

"We run the ball a whole lot and I play fullback, and I'm not really allowed to move around and do a lot of agility type stuff," he said. "Coach (Kerry) Coombs tells me to just run straight and run forward so really I'm not allowed to try to juke anybody. I just do what the coaches tell me to do and whoever is in my way I just run them over."

But Simpson hopes to be a tailback at the next level.

"That's what I'm being recruited as hopefully, because I don't want to play fullback in college. I don't think I'm big enough to play football in college," he said. "I carry the ball more than I block. I don't really block that much, I carry the ball a lot. I block, don't get me wrong, but I run the ball."

And it's usually full speed ahead for Simpson.

"It's mostly all up the middle, I don't really go to the outside very much," he said. "That would be fun but I don't go to the outside a lot. It's mostly defensive tackles and linebackers that I'm going up against. I would love to play tailback but Coach Coombs thinks that it's better for me to stay at fullback. I get a decent amount of touches at fullback, so that's where I'm at."

His experience at the Nike camp wasn't all that it could have been, but that was due to a pre-existing injury.

"Coach Coombs wanted me to go up there so I could show my face and see how it was," Simpson said. "But I strained my hamstring pretty bad in track practice. I run track. I strained my hamstring pretty bad and it started to bleed behind my knee. Coach Coombs told me not to do anything, just go up there and show my face."

Simpson was able to test at some of the stations but he couldn't do the 40-yard dash or the shuttle run. He bench pressed 185 for 31 repetitions and his vertical leap, even with the injury, was 35.9. He jumped over 37 feet at the Nike camp in Michigan last year.

"It was well worth it because I got my face shown and I got to see how it was," Simpson said. "I had a good time. I liked the competition up there. I like competition. I liked to see who it was I would have been going up against."

Although he impressed with some of the talented players at the combine, he stayed off to the side and kept a low profile while he was there.

"It was a Nike camp, everybody that was up there was extremely blessed with talent but I didn't see nobody that stood out as far as being that much better than everybody else," Simpson said. "I was just kind of hanging out and I really didn't meet anybody."

Simpson attended junior days at Bowling Green and Cincinnati and both of those schools have offered him a full scholarship.

"I just want to go to a school that's suitable for me and my type of running. I want to play tailback, I don't want to play fullback in college," he said. "Whichever college is willing to recruit me as a tailback, I'm willing to go there and play. It doesn't really matter to me at this point, Free-ride University I guess. Whichever school wants to give me a full scholarship, I'm willing to go."

The Detroit, Michigan native would love to get some attention from Ohio State but it hasn't worked that way for him at this point.

"I'd love to go to Ohio State, it's just that Ohio State hasn't said anything about a scholarship," Simpson said. "I think Michigan is kind of talking about me my coach said but I'm not too sure. I haven't really heard anything from them."

Simpson was never at Ohio State prior to the Nike camp.

"That was my first time at Ohio State at all and it was pretty impressive. I liked it," he said. "I liked the weight room, the indoor facility, all of it."

Now it's time for him to heal the hamstring and focus on football, lifting and boxing. In track, Simpson ran the 4X100, 4X200, open 100 meters and the open 200 meters.

"Since track isn't going to be an issue this season, I went back to boxing," said Simpson, who ran a 4.6 at the Michigan Nike camp last year. "And of course I'm working hard on football."

He still needs to work at it in the classroom. Simpson has a 2.3 GPA and he just took his ACT test recently and hasn't received his score.

As far as him being named Mister, he can't really explain the reason why.

"My dad said that he wanted it to be his first name which makes no sense to me," Simpson said. "He said he always wanted it to be his first name so he gave it to me. It's very different but I don't get the teasing too much anymore, I used to get it a little bit when I moved here from Michigan but that's it."

And he said never was really a Michigan fan despite being from the state.

"I didn't really play football as a kid until I got here. The first time I ever played football was in the eighth grade," Simpson said. "I never really grew up liking football or playing football."

Simpson likes it now and he's pretty good it. He might be someone you want to keep an eye on.

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