Boone Taking A Look Around

OL Alex Boone of Lakewood (Oh.) St. Edward committed to OSU last year and still plans to be a Buckeye, but he is indeed going to check out a couple more campuses. Duane Long talked to him to find out more.

Offensive lineman Alex Boone has been an Ohio State commitment for about ten months, but he has indeed decided to take a look at some other campuses. One of those is the University of Michigan, which he checked out this weekend.

"Yes, I visited on Sunday," he said. Michigan was a really nice camps, nice campers, coaches were great. It was an all-around really nice visit. My parents are really impressed with the academics."

There will be two other lucky schools to have Boone on campus soon.

"I will go take a look at Oklahoma and Notre Dame," he said. "They offered today.

"I haven't scheduled those visits yet, but hopefully we'll get it done by June."

Boone is one of the nation's top OL prospects and already can't remember how many schools have offered him.

"I can't remember them all," he said. "The most recent ones are Michigan State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Tennessee."

Boone, who hopes to go into law or business, recently took part in camp at Ohio State. He weighed 296 at camp.

"I played at 315. I'm thinking of going a bit higher than 315 during the season but it depends if I don't compromise my speed and athleticism," he said.

"I ran a 5.1 at camp," he added. "I put up 185, 25 times which was a bit disappointing, but my elbow is still bothering me. I hurt it about midseason, and it stayed with me the rest of the year. I'm going to see a doctor about it tomorrow."

Boone ended the conversation by stating that he does still intend to become a Buckeye.

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