Your Spring Game Rosters, Primer

If you're going to Saturday's Scarlet and Gray Game (1 p.m., WBNS-TV, ONN) or planning to watch it on television, you need to click on this free link and print out the team rosters. Plus, we share our take on how the game might go. We look at the personnel (including LB A.J. Hawk on the Gray squad) and key match-ups.

Ohio State will wrap up spring football with the Scarlet and Gray Game Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Saturday's game will kickoff at 1:05 p.m. in and will be televised by WBNS-TV (Ch. 10) in Columbus and statewide on Ohio News Network. It will also be broadcast by WBNS-AM (1460).

Tickets currently are on sale at the Athletics Ticket Office in the Jerome Schottenstein Center and are $5 each. Tickets can also be purchased by phone at (800) GO BUCKS or by going on line at On Saturday, tickets will only be available at the Stadium, beginning at 9 a.m. at the north end of the Stadium. Gates to the Stadium will open at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The game will be played with four 12-minute quarters with a regulation clock and a 25-second play clock.

On Wednesday, the team's seniors were split into two groups and they, along with members of the coaching staff, drafted teams for the Scarlet and Gray Game. For those headed to the game or those watching on television, here are rosters for the game:

Scarlet Team

Head Coach: Joe Daniels. Assistants: Mark Snyder, John Peterson, Dick Tressel, Jim Heacock. Support Staff: Jared Smith, Mike Cochran, Bernardo Amerson, Bob Tucker.

1 Thomas Matthews OLB

4 Santonio Holmes FL

11 Tony Gonzalez WR

12 Justin Zwick QB

13 Harlen Jacobs CB

14 Antonio Smith S

17 Todd Boeckman* QB

18 David Lisko WR

19 Derek Harden WR

21 Nate Salley S

23 Josh Huston K-P

24 Michael Roberts CB

25 Antonio Pittman TB

26 Ashton Youboty CB

30 Lydell Ross TB

32 Brandon Mitchell S

33 John Kerr MLB

36 Michael DeMaria# TB

39 Branden Joe FB

42 Bobby Carpenter OLB

52 Mike Kne OG

58 Dimitrios Makridis LS

59 John Conroy OG

65 Chris Schlichter DL

65 Derek Coker DL

68 Drew Norman LS

69 Andree Tyree OG

72 T.J. Downing OT

73 Steve Winner C

77 Rob Sims OT

79 Justin Whaley C

80 Ryan Hamby TE

84 Marcel Frost DE

84 John Hollins SE

86 Kyle Turano P

89 Stan White Jr. FB

95 Sian Cotton DT

96 Jordan Hoewischer TE

98 Joel Penton# DE

99 Jay Richardson DE

*-Will play for both teams

#-Not expected to play due to injury

Gray Team

Head Coach: Mel Tucker. Assistants: Jim Bollman, Darrell Hazell, Luke Fickell, Paul Nichols, Al Johnson, Jack Johnson, John Hill, Stan Jefferson.

2 E.J. Underwood CB

3 Bam Childress FL

8 Roy Hall SE

9 Donte Whitner S

9 Brent Ullery SE

10 Troy Smith QB

15 A.J. Trapasso P

17 Marcus Freeman OLB

17 Todd Boeckman* QB

19 De'Angelo Haslam CB

20 Roshawn Parker TB

28 Maurice Hall# TB

33 Colby Staubs FB

34 Rob Harley S

36 Curt Lukens LB

37 Dustin Fox# CB

40 Ryan Franzinger FB

43 Brandon Schnittker FB

47 A.J. Hawk OLB

48 Reggie Smith DE

49 Matthew Johnson RB

50 Doug Datish OG

51 Anthony Schlegel MLB

53 Caesar Buie DT

55 Nick Mangold C

57 Mike Kudla DE

60 Kyle Andrews LS

62 John McLaughlin OT

66 R.J. Coleman OG

68 Tim Schafer OT

70 Brandon Maupin DT

71 Steve Rehring OT

75 Simon Fraser DE

82 Devin Jordan SE

83 Redgie Arden DE

85 Mike Nugent K

87 Jason Caldwell TE

88 Louis Irizarry TE

90 Quinn Pitcock DT

?? J.D. Bergman P

?? Gruber P

?? Wes Scott SE

?? Knapke OLB

?? Danny Dye OG

*-Will play for both teams

#-Not expected to play due to injury

Not expected to play due to injury -- OT Kirk Barton, RB Michael DeMaria, FB Steve Fender, TB Maurice Hall, LB Joe Bradley, MLB Mike D'Andrea, S Tyler Everett, CB Dustin Fox, DT Marcus Green, DL David Patterson, DL Joel Penton.

Not expected to play due to department policy -- FL Dareus Hiley, TB Ira Guilford.

How We See It

* When the Scarlet has the ball -- The focus will obviously be on Justin Zwick, but also look for Lydell Ross and Branden Joe to get a few carries as well. Joe has been dinged up a little bit, so don't look for him to do too much. Likewise, they may not want to risk injury to Ross, their only healthy, proven tailback, so he may get just 10 or so carries before retiring for the day and turning the TB duties over to Antonio Pittman. Zwick should be well protected with Rob Sims guarding his blind side. He'll have Santonio Holmes and Tony Gonzalez to throw to. The Holmes-E.J. Underwood match-up should be fun to watch. Up front, Sims will have his hands full with ends Simon Fraser and Mike Kudla of the Gray. Anthony Schlegel and A.J. Hawk will do their best to bottle up Ross, although Hawk may only play a few plays.

* When the Gray has the ball -- The focus will obviously be on Troy Smith and, as I've noted, I think things set up nicely for him. His top RB is underrated Roshawn Parker, who could have a nice day. But Smith has three starting linemen, including C Nick Mangold, in front of him and an array of receivers to throw to with Roy Hall, Bam Childress and Devin Jordan as well as TE Louis Irizarry on his side. I would be shocked if that group doesn't make some big plays, although the Scarlet is adequate at corner with Ashton Youboty, Harlen Jacobs and Mike Roberts. LB Bobby Carpenter and FS Nate Salley will have to key the Scarlet defense, which will be rife with inexperience.

* How it could go -- Remember, Todd Boeckman will spell both quarterbacks, so his impact on this game can't be understated, either. For some reason, I see each side scoring two touchdowns. But the Gray, with Mike Nugent booting three field goals (including a 50-some yarder), will prevail 23-20.

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