Hairston Returns From Official Visit To Oregon

Detroit Renaissance standout Malik Hairston made his fourth official visit this past weekend as he trekked cross country to Oregon. His father, Richard, discussed the trip as well as the likelihood that his son will visit Oklahoma as planned next weekend. Click here for more.

This weekend, much ballyhooed high school senior Malik Hairston took an official visit to Oregon. Sunday evening, Bucknuts spoke with his father, Richard, and found out what the Hairstons thought of that visit.

Hairston, the No. 2-ranked small forward in the class of 2004 by The, and the overall ninth-best player nationally, had already visited Ohio State, UCLA and Kansas in consecutive weeks back in September. This visit was considered a courtesy by Mr. Hairston himself, but did it leave Malik with any lasting impressions?

"I think the visit did go well," Mr. Hairston said of Malik's trip to Eugene. "I don't think he was bowled over by any means, however."

Hairston left for Eugene early Friday evening and returned around 12:30 early Sunday morning to his home in Detroit.

Mr. Hairston said that while his son enjoyed his trip, it wasn't anything Malik had not already seen.

"We talked before he left and I don't think he (Malik) was expecting to be taken back by anything on the visit," he said. "He definitely did not have any revelations while he was there. It was more or less another visit, but he wasn't bowled over this weekend."

While the visit as a whole wasn't classified by Mr. Hairston as anything special, the trip wasn't apparently without its finer moments for Malik.

"Malik did really enjoy the campus and playing with their players," he said. "The highlight of his weekend was taking Luke Jackson strong to the hoop a few times. He (Malik) said they had a pretty good big man as well."

The attention now turns to whether or not Hairston will visit Oklahoma as planned this weekend.

Mr. Hairston says tentatively that trip is still on, but it's not yet set in stone.

"We still have to talk about that," Mr. Hairston said. "We don't have confirmation of the trip. I want to talk with him later this evening about it."

If the visit to Norman takes place as expected, Hairston could possibly announce his choice as soon as the following Monday. His father mentioned that is still not clear as of yet.

"I don't know if it will be (on Monday) or not," he said. "It will definitely be shortly thereafter if it's not."

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