Spiece Run 'N Slam Notables To Watch

Here are updates on several players from the Spiece Run 'N Slam tournament, including Ohio sophomore Richard Semrau as well as Chad Millard, Kent Tribbett, Eric Devendorf and Dominic James.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of a big time AAU basketball tournament like the Spiece Run 'N Slam event in Fort Wayne, Ind., is all of the access to interviews and information to the relevant recruits. Throughout the day Saturday, we caught up with several guys in between the boat loads of games.

The most intriguing underclassmen at Spiece may very well be Rocky River, Ohio 6-10 sophomore Richard Semrau.

Semrau is from Lutheran West High School and has quickly emerged this spring as one of the better sophomore prospects in the entire nation. Teams are already making their way to Rocky River to get involved in this big time talent.

"Tubby Smith just visited our school last week," Semrau said. "I've talked to UCLA, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Boston College, and Louisville."

Ohio State has not yet begun to recruit this talented big man, but it is believed there are plans to begin doing so.

Semrau is a special talent because not only can he block shots and score down low, he has an even better stroke from the outside and runs the floor extremely well. He probably needs to get a little stronger and could stand to play a little more aggressive sometimes. Semrau plans to attend the ABCD and NBPA camps this summer.

Here are some other notables we met at Spiece:

* Semrau's AAU (Blessed IJN) teammate, 6-8 New Hampshire product Chad Millard is a senior who is slated to be considered one of the top 50 seniors in the nation in 2004-05.

Millard, much like Semrau, is a perimeter-oriented big man who can also mix it up down low. Millard is a little stronger than Semrau at this stage of the game, which can likely be attributed to being a year older as well.

He is also a very good passer and has above-average court awareness. Millard too often spends his time behind the three-point line, but nonetheless he's a good player who several teams won't shy off recruiting.

"Right now I like N.C. State, Providence, Missouri, Kansas, and Louisville," Millard said Saturday afternoon. "It's still very open at this point, but those are the five schools I like most early on."

Millard indicated of the five schools he's currently considering, all but Kansas came by to his school to visit him. Millard also said he's had some contact with Ohio State.

"I've gotten some letters from them," he said. "I haven't really gotten a chance to speak with them yet."

* Another guy the Buckeyes have looked at, but not yet spoken with is Team Philly MJC center Kent Tribbett, a 6-9 center from Chester, Pa.

"I haven't talked to Ohio State yet, but they've talked to my AAU coach a lot," Tribbett said. "They've been looking at me for close to a year."

Tribbett says that currently Villanova, West Virginia, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rutgers and Penn State are all recruiting him with Villanova and Rutgers having already offered.

* Eric Devendorf is yet another talented player the Buckeyes are interested in. Devendorf is a 6-2 shooting guard who had been committed to Michigan State, but as his junior season began, decided to put some more thought into his decision.

Although Devendorf would seem like a longshot at this point, he cautions nothing is set in stone.

"I'm still pretty open right now," he said. "Anyone that wants to get involved, can. I'll listen to what teams have to say."

He did indicate he's well aware they are also interested in his AAU teammate Jabari Currie, and said he's pretty impressed with (Buckeye assistant coach) Lamonta Stone who he's spoken with on a few occasions.

* Spiece Select point guard Dominic James from Richmond, Ind., we spoke with once again on Saturday evening. James talked about his trip to Europe with a team full of Ohio players.

"I really, really enjoyed myself," he said. "It was a great trip and an awesome time. I loved playing with the guys, we had a blast."

The team he played on had Daequan Cook, James Dews, Jamar Howard and Lakewood St. Edward's' Scott Moviel amongst others.

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