Cornley Working On His Game

Tough, hard-working Jamelle Cornley of Columbus Brookhaven has heard some talk about his size, but he is busy doing what he can to try and get colleges to come in. Kyle Lamb caught up with him over the weekend to get the latest.

Jamelle Cornley can't change his height, but he sure can change his attitude. Then again, the mindset Cornley is in right now, you wouldn't want him to change.

Cornley is well aware of what people say about him. He realizes people think he's too small for big time college basketball. He's accepted the fact he's unlikely to grow to satisfactory levels, so he's going to embrace what it will take to reach his ultimate goals.

"I've been at the gym working on my ball-handling and my outside shot every day," Cornley said. "I've just got to do the things teams want me to do in order to make it."

There have never been any questioning of Cornley's heart and determination. In fact, there's probably rarely been any duplicating it either.

Cornley has been a model of consistency from the very first day he stepped on a court for his high school team, the Brookhaven Bearcats his freshman year. Cornley finshed the season averaging 24 points a game and 12 rebounds a game during his junior campaign.

AAU competition has provided him an opportunity to showcase himself, and while in some ways it has proven the scouts to be correct in the size concerns, it's also proven to himself he needs to change his game.

"It can get frustrating at times," Cornley said of the size argument. "I do understand it, however, and if I work on my game and improve every day it won't matter."

Everyone realizes that college teams aren't usually in the market for a 6-4 power forward with limited offensive skills. Even Cornley realizes that. But even Cornley can hold himself to someone like A.J. Moye.

Moye has spent his career with Indiana essentially as a 6-3 power forward. He has always been responsible for guarding post players, he's always been in the top ten in the Big Ten in rebounding, and he too had only modest offensive ability.

However, Moye's heart and determination allowed him to do the things necessary to make it in the Big Ten. His outside shot was average at best, but he became just enough a threat for opponents to take it seriously.

Cornley feels if he works on his ball-handling and develops an outside shot, he too can make up for the size.

"I know I am going to have to work on my shot," he said. "I'm going to be improving my jumper every day."

As for now, Cornley is certain to be a fan favorite wherever he goes because of hustle and determination. Wherever that may be, is still yet to be decided.

"Right now I'm looking at Michigan, Louisville, Butler, Bowling Green, Vanderbilt, and, well obviously Ohio State I guess," Cornley added. "So far Cleveland State, Bowling Green, Vanderbilt, Wright State, Providence, and Butler have come in to see me."

There's no doubt Cornley wants to be wanted. He won't be able to control what teams think about him, but he won't stop trying. That will never change.

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