Housteau Chat: May 6 Archive

Here is the archive of Thursday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com staff member Gary Housteau. Gary conducts these Chat sessions each Thursday for Bucknuts.com subscribers.

ToledoBUCKnutty (May 6, 2004 1:02:10 PM)
It is a travesty when these young guys have the world at their fingertips and just throw it all away on such stupidity. Any late word on what is going to happen to them?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:03:06 PM)
A preamble.....Hi everyone. I'm sure people will be asking about Louis Irizarry and I will tell you that I've spoken to some people about his situation but I don't want to discuss any particulars here. Like Reecie, I need to communicate with certain people and I don't want to compromise my relationships by going public with what I know and how I know it.

dozer (May 6, 2004 1:03:17 PM)
Hey Gary, Does JT go on the road in May?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:05:39 PM)
Hi dozer...I believe and Steve can correct me on this... that during the quiet period of May they can go to the schools, even JT, but they can't talk with players. They can watch film or acknowledge them in the hallways but they can't or aren't suppposed to communicate with them one on one. I know JT and his staff abide by this while other coaches do not. I've been told this by coaches and players.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 1:06:26 PM)
Yes, I think Coach Tressel can recruit off-campus during May. Only 7 coaches can be off-campus at one time, leaving 3 of the 10 (9 assistants and JT) back in Columbus.

ToledoBUCKnutty (May 6, 2004 1:06:33 PM)
The chances of landing Malik appear to be getting brighter and brighter. Is that your take? It didn't sound so good for a while.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:09:03 PM)
Hi Toledo... and I didn't mean to dodge your first question but I was already typing that out before your question came up so I just answered it that way. I'm not the hoops guy here but I read everything that Kyle writes. He does a great job by the way...the best OSU bball coverage on the web I might add. The last piece sounded like Malik is really considering OSU because of playing time if for nothing else. Also the family likes Obrien so I guess we're still a viable option. Cross your fingers.

dozer (May 6, 2004 1:09:12 PM)
Do you see any verbals anytime soon, or do we wait until camp?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:12:09 PM)
Hi Dozer...I guess it's just me you toledo and Steve. Steve's filling in for Kirk today moderating the chat...got to love the versatility of this man...smile. I'm guessing the offers will come in JT's office during camp...that's such a powerful tool. Kids are won over and amazed when that happens. Ringer and Harrision could be the first two maybe. I'd like to see Hartline get one at camp also. Could be very interesting. The offers will come and the commitments will soon follow.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 1:13:03 PM)
No, you have questions from others we will get to soon. We hear there may be one more notable offer in the weeks ahead. Not sure about a quick verbal, though. Stay tuned.

osufan25 (May 6, 2004 1:13:13 PM)
Hey Gary! What is the status of Antwon Hight?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:15:37 PM)
Hi osufan25. I absolutely love Antwon Hight the football player. Great two way prospect but could eventually be that dominating, mobile, athletic inside tackle on defense. He's a great TE prospect as well. Very athletic. The problem here, and it's a shame, is that he's not very prolific, in the classroom, to say it mildly. Why that is I cannot fathom a reason. I hope it's not too late for him or he's a top five player in the state, IMHO.

osufan25 (May 6, 2004 1:15:47 PM)
Gary, what running backs will get a hard look in ohio and which oos guys will we pursue.?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:20:38 PM)
I guess in state, that JT has his eyes on Ringer and Sutton first and foremost. They both deserve attention. Unfortunately only one of the two will likely get offered and I think it will be Ringer. I guess Dennis Underwood, Cedrick Tolbert and Greg Keys are also long shots in state too. OOS obviously Maurice Wells and Jay Oakley are two names that come to mind quickly. We might take 2 or 3 I would guess. Wells, Ringer and Sutton would be nice.

BuckeyeDave (May 6, 2004 1:20:48 PM)
From a football standpoint, I'd say we are hurt more by losing Irizarry than by losing Guilford. Your thoughts?

GreyMonkey (May 6, 2004 1:22:18 PM)
Who, in your opinion, steps in for Irizarry if he is lost for the season?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:26:02 PM)
Hi Buckeye Dave...It makes me sick to even think of the LI situation but yes losing him definitely hurts more than Guilford. During the spring game....I was standing next to Kirk Herbstreit and he was going on and on about how you can't possibly have a. better body to play the TE position than what Louis has. Clearly he was enamored with his potential as a new generation TE. I'm still not convinced a 'new generation' TE fits in well with a JT run offense but that's neither here nor there. Guilford was a man without an island really. I don't think his future was on offense but yet that's where he was slated to perform if he was eligible. I'm guessing Louis is gone and Ira has one foot out of the door as we speak. It's a terrible thing and I hope they both can still turn their lives into something really positive.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:27:29 PM)
Hi GregMonkey... we need Jason Caldwell to step up as the backside blocking TE. Too much to expect Hoobler or Nicol to step in right away. Caldwell can do it. Showed a flash or two this spring.

osufan25 (May 6, 2004 1:26:19 PM)
What recruits on ohio this year have strong feelings toward michigan? I heard Dennis Underwood and that QB from St. X are seriously considering Michigan.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:32:07 PM)
hi osufan...I have a real solid in with Underwood's coach, he was a player for Jim Tressel at YSU so I wouldn't necessarily say he's a strong michigan lean unless OSU has shown no interest at all. I like the possibilities Underwood brings to the table. Good size, fast and he seems to have his head screwed on straight. I didn't really look at the QB from St. X at the Nike camp and I'm kicking myself about that now. But I'm starting to like him more and more. Again I hate to see any Ohio kid go play for Michigan but in some cases it can't be avoided. This may be one because I'm not sure if OSU will really make a run at him. But I don't really know if either of these two are Michigan leans or not sorry. I know that Tyrell Sutton likes Michigan but I wouldn't say that he's a michigan lean. I would hate to lose another Mr. Football to Michigan and Sutton will be Mr. Football.

BuckeyeDave (May 6, 2004 1:32:25 PM)
The media is giving Coach Tressel a beating lately. They say one of the reasons Coach Cooper was fired and Coach Tressel was hired was to clean up the program. Then they point to all of the fractions of the Tressel era. Your thoughts?

dozer (May 6, 2004 1:32:46 PM)
We need some good news for a change! I hate to see the bad press about OSU floating around on other boards.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:36:21 PM)
I'm amazed at the transgressions being committed under JT as well. He was pretty good at keeping things swept under the carpet at YSU but this is obviously an entirely different situation. I don't have any answers and obviously JT doesn't have any either. But again, JT can't babysit 24 hours a day. I'm lost for any answer except to get rid of the bad seeds no matter how talented they are.

BuckeyeDave (May 6, 2004 1:36:59 PM)
How about Orton from HH-Wayne? (My alma mater!)

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:39:33 PM)
I like Orton a lot. Good size first and foremost. Good speed. He comes from a great program. Hi coach speaks very highly of him. I like him. But I'm still waiting for that other star receiver from Wayne to be productive and I hope it is indeed in this his senior year. Orton, Hartline, Robiskie, Stross, Chambers are some the best of the rest after Manningham.

russiabuck (May 6, 2004 1:39:50 PM)
If indeed Irizary and Guilford are kicked off the team, they ( the players) lose those schollies? right? I thought I read if Clarrett wanted to stay in school, he would still be under scholarship, but does that still count against the football team??

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:42:54 PM)
Hi russiabuck...maybe steve can chime in on this... but if they expel you from the university there ain't no scholarship to be had. It's not like a medical waiver where you can retain your scholarship. I don't beleive any final determination on the status of reecie was ever rendered...he was/is just like floating around out there. Unfortunately it looks like Louis and maybe even Ira will not only lose the privilege of playing for OSU but they will no longer be enrolled at The Ohio State University. Again that is only speculation not fact.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 1:43:19 PM)
On the scholarships, I can say that Clarett would not be considered on scholarship this fall. He isn't an amateur any more. He has an agent. Regarding Irizarry and Guilford, if they're gone, they're gone and 2 more scholarships would open.

GreyMonkey (May 6, 2004 1:43:45 PM)
What TE(s) do you feel will be recruited the hardest, in-state and oos?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:47:10 PM)
I should have a pat answer for this question by now but I don't. I guess the TE I'm hearing about at Reynoldsberg will be one of the leading candidates right now in state. Out of state... I think that Derek Hardman from Roan County WVa. is a TE/Tackle candidate a la Kirk Barton. How are those two names for starters? I guess there is a big need to restock the position now.

tsteele316 (May 6, 2004 1:47:16 PM)
what's the deal with shoenhoft from cinci? it seems he has offers from mich. and fla, yet osu seems disinterested.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:51:09 PM)
Hi tsteele316...It's not that OSU isn't interested at all in Schoenhoft I believe, it's just that I think unless they really hit the QB lotto this year, a guy near the top of their list nationally, then they might be content without taking a QB until next year when Schlister and Hartline are already two solid prospects they may be looking at. I think Schoenoft has moved up a great deal since camp, at least name recognition wise alone and thats wonderful for him. I don't know what they'll do about a quarterback this year at this time.

BuckeyeDave (May 6, 2004 1:51:19 PM)
Can Irizarry and/orGuilford transfer to another DIv 1-A school? Has the NCAA ruled on their long-term eligibilty? Could they go Div 1-AA? What do you think the odds are?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:54:37 PM)
I don't know the legal answer to that. I would bet that Guilford would have a better chance to play at like at a school like YSU right now than Louis would. Louis has more than football to worry about right now and it pains me to say that. He's a good friend of mine and I'm hoping that he can regroup and move on in a positive manner. I think both need to fly under the radar for a while for whatever way they eventually go.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 1:54:40 PM)
There has been no NCAA ruling and there is nothing to rule on. Schools decide on eligibility in discipline cases. If we assume they will not be back at OSU, they can transfer down a level to I-AA, II or III or NAIA and play this year or they can transfer I-A and sit out this year (almost as a redshirt year) and each would still have 3 years left beginning in 2005.

BuckeyeDave (May 6, 2004 1:54:58 PM)
How do you think Ja-Ja Riley will fare at UNLV this season?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 1:57:18 PM)
I like Ja-Ja Riley during the short time he was here. He showed a flash or two on a couple of occasions but he saw no opportunity and decided to leave. Boy was he ever wrong. I don't know much about his status this year I admit but I wish him luck and I hope he would have an outstanding season this year. You can't deny those San Diego area running backs can you?

osugrad21 (May 6, 2004 1:57:34 PM)
Gary, assuming that Ira is gone for at least this season, would it be safe to assume the redshirts for Haw and Pittman have both been tossed or will it depend on health issues..specifically Maurice Hall's status. Sorry if this was asked..got in here late

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:02:11 PM)
HI osugrad21...There's still a lot of variables out there like Brandan Joe and if he's healthy enough to carry the ball. If Ross can stay healthy, big question, and Joe can stay healthy, just as big a question, then I think you can only use either PIttman or Haw and not both this year. That will be difficult for the fourth back but at least the depth will be there for the team in time of injury. I just think, because of injuries, that both Pittman and Haw will get some meaningful carries this season. Both will be fantastic I might add. I have no doubts about either's ability and I was extremely impressed with what Pittman did in the spring game. Pittman and Haw should really secure the future in the backfield.

District6Guru (May 6, 2004 2:02:26 PM)
I have heard all these good things about Javon Ringer and Brandon Harrison of CJ, why haven't they gotten many offers?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:06:50 PM)
Hi district6Guru and welcome to this side of the state. I'm near the border in Youngstown. Obviously because of my location...I focus a lot more on the guys up north and I'm not real familiar with Ringer or Harrison's situation. I'm just starting to get to know them both. I don't know what the underlying issues really are but the talent level of the football field for both of them is unquestioned. I think both players will get more than their share of big time offers sooner rather than later and I think they'll each get one from OSU in camp in June. We shall see how it goes down. I think if both get offered that both will be Buckeyes.

GreyMonkey (May 6, 2004 2:08:46 PM)
You had mentioned the "QB lotto". Who do you think qualifies for as a QB that is at the top of their list?

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:13:05 PM)
I really don't know that list greymonkey.... I don't know if all of the quarterbacks have gotten a hand written letter from JT like the kid from Illinois did so that's impressive. I know Stull is one name bandied about. I don't know if he's a national caliber type or not. There are a few more getting looks like the Jason Forcier kid from California I met at the Nike camp who has made his name available during the Nike camps and visits across the country. I just don't know many big names at this time but I don't think OSU will be in a hurry to try to get one. That's just the vibe I keep getting.

redondo (May 6, 2004 2:13:15 PM)
Hi Gary - Have you spoken to LI's parents? they must be beside themselves over this. Thank you.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:16:00 PM)
hi redondo...no I have not...the last I heard they were in Columbus earlier in the week and I have driven by the house a couple of time but it seemed like no one was there. It's a tough situation for me because they know the could trust me as a friend but at the same time I'm a reporter. I don't want to make them uncomfortable right now. When the time is right I'll speak to them both and they'll tell me everything. They're really nice people and I'm sure they're disappointed in their son to say the least.

District6Guru (May 6, 2004 2:16:17 PM)
Gary I would like your opinion on WR Marcellus Bowman from Liberty HS, My Panthers have offered him and I haven't seen his tape, can you tell me anything about him

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:19:41 PM)
I have yet to see him in person or on film and I wasn't aware that Pitt offered him either sorry. He's not even a name that I've been focusing on but I will check him out now that you have made me aware of that. Thanks District.... please email me sometime at h2hsports@aol.com.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 2:19:45 PM)
Here is the last question for Gary, then I will answer one from Redondo and have some closing remarks.

BuckeyePavs (May 6, 2004 2:19:50 PM)
Gary, I know you don't want to comment. But could you just say if there is more to the LI situation that appears? Could it be a misunderstanding, or was it something that is cut and dry.

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:23:32 PM)
Hi Buckeyepavs...from what I've heard from some people here, and I haven't confirmed what I did hear, It's cut and dry with Louis at this point. Last time I spoke with Louis parents and Louis attorney almost immediately but this time I've done either because I fear the worse is likely to happen and it's not a good time to poke my nose in there. I wish him well...he's my guy! Reecie's my guy too. The pride of Youngstown! How did it go so wrong so fast??? The first time Louis picks up the phone and gives me a call, if he does...I'll be there for him.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 2:23:38 PM)
Thank you, Gary, that was a lot of fun. (I learned how to moderate a Chat today and will be able to do my own starting tomorrow ... yippee! I'm sure Kirk will be happy about that, too.) Stay tuned. Redondo had a question for me. Then I have some closing remarks.

redondo (May 6, 2004 2:24:13 PM)
Steve - What are your thoughts on USC's/Pete Carroll's remarks relative to Mike Williams compared with JT/OSU's relative to Clarett and the draft? I'm not sure that Petey isn't outpositioning JT from a recruiting standpoint. Then again, I'm not sure MoC hasn't painted JT into a corner. Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 2:27:39 PM)
They are two totally different situations, although both have retained agents. The NCAA seems to be granting leeway (which is nice since they came down against Reecie and Mike in briefs to the court.) toward letting guys with agents back in this one time. But Reecie has probably gone too far and taken far too much money to try and give it all back. Not sure Mike has done that. Plus, Reecie hasn't been in school since fall quarter. He might be behind on his credit hours. He'd probably need to get 20-25 hours this summer to get caught up. Lot of hurdles. I think Tressel is just dealing with the real world here. He could say "Oh, yes, that would be great, we'll look into it." But there is probably too much to overcome. Williams has a legit chance to regain his eligibility, it seems. That's all.

ToledoBUCKnutty (May 6, 2004 2:25:11 PM)
uh-oh Kirk's out of a job. jj. thanks as always guys!

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:25:14 PM)
Thanks everyone...time goes by so fast when there's a good chat going and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to join in the chat to help make it lively. Have a great day. Smile and tell someone that you love..that you love them!

GaryHousteau (May 6, 2004 2:26:02 PM)
Good job Steve and thanks for your assistance! You need to work on your passwords though...smile!

SteveHelwagen (May 6, 2004 2:29:32 PM)
Thank you all (and Gary) for a fun afternoon. Get out and enjoy the sun (it's 80 here in C-bus today). I will have a Chat at 1 p.m. Eastern tomorrow. Hope to see you then. We want to thank all of our great subscribers. The site is just getting bigger and better every day. We think we're slowly building the premier destination for OSU fans on the Internet, and we thank you all for your help in doing that. Stay tuned later today for (hopefully) a verdict on Malik Hairston.

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