Illinois Standout Pargo Keeping Options Open

Chicago Robeson shooting guard Jeremy Pargo helped his team win a championship at last weekend's Spiece Run N' Slam tournament in Fort Wayne, Ind. Here is what he had to say about schools he is considering.

Jeremy Pargo doesn't need to be told how good he is or how good he can be, he'll tell you that himself. Naturally, no one needs to tell him how impressive of an early list he's come up with.

Last weekend in Ft. Wayne, Ind., spoke with an early Ohio State basketball recruiting target.

The 6-2, 205-pound shooting guard from Chicago helped his team, the Illinois Fire capture a Spiece Run ‘N' Slam championship.

Pargo spent a majority of the weekend struggling to find any role, but as the single elimination progressed, Pargo's game stepped up.

"I feel like I can be as good as anyone in the country," Pargo proclaimed. "I've just got to keep focused and concentrate on my game, that's all."

Pargo, the younger brother of Chicago Bulls' role player Jannero, has a whole heap of schools just standing in line to take a look.

"Right now my recruitment is wide open," Pargo said. "Gonzaga, Purdue, Illinois, Depaul, USC, UConn, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Wake Forest and Ohio State are all involved. Mississippi, Gonzaga, and Purdue were all in my school last week."

Although Pargo was not a factor for most of the weekend, during the tournament, especially in the semifinals, he played with a lot of intensity. Against the Spiece Indy Heat, he scored 18 points as a shooter with the ability to penetrate.

Pargo said he would like to play in an up-tempo setting at the next level.

"I am looking to play with an open floor," he reiterated. "I want to run up and down the floor and show what I can do. I always love to play some unselfish basketball, though. It's good to keep your teammates happy."

Pargo averaged 22 points a game as a sophomore before averaging 17 points a game as a junior at Chicago Robeson High School.

Bucknuts will continue to monitor Pargo's play and tell you about anything that might come up. In the meantime, Pargo's game will do the talking.

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