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We have a transcript of today's chat with Gary Housteau posted now. Check it out for discussion about Ohio's top recruits and much more.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:02:52 PM)
Hi everyone! I'm really looking forward to the state track meet tomorrow. I attended the Austintown Regional last week and I'm excited to see the great competition over the weekend. Also Denlinger was another great pickup for the Bucks. Let's chat!

TitanicThompson (Jun 3, 2004 1:02:54 PM)
Hey gary great news with todd coming aboard who do you think we'll see commit next?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:05:01 PM)
Hi Titanic...I really believe a guy like Brian Hartline just might be the next one to be offered and commit at camp. He might not commit on the spot but he's as good as a Buckeye if he gets that offer. I think it's just a formality right now.

tsteele316 (Jun 3, 2004 1:06:51 PM)
do you see any in-state LB's getting an offer this year? Maybe Long or Travers?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:10:24 PM)
Hi tsteele...I think if any instate backers get offered the first one would be Travers. His stock seems to be on the rise as much as anyone else's right now. I'd like to see Long get offered as a tight end with the dearth of any quality TE prospects in state this year. So maybe both guys you mentioned could eventually get an offer. I think if Long gets one it will come later in the season after schools have taken a good look at him on film. I think OSU would wait to offer both guys if they offer at all.

TitanicThompson (Jun 3, 2004 1:10:32 PM)
Sweet- do you think his brother is going to be a better prospect next year than he is so far this year?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:16:32 PM)
I didn't understand what sweet meant I'm sorry. But obviously now you're speaking of Mike Hartline. I met Mike at the track last week for the first time and he's still yet to fill out honestly. He's got a big frame and he ran the third leg of the 4X400...Brian ran the anchor. I'm hearing rave reviews of his potential as a signal caller and I expect him and Schlichter to be the two top QB's in state next year. I'm expecting great things from him yes.

Cville Buck (Jun 3, 2004 1:16:44 PM)
Hi Gary, You have any insight as to the grade situation of Javon Ringer? Word is from the originals last weekend that he wasn’t eligible for track this spring. Also, when asked if he would make grades to get through the clearinghouse the source close to the CJ program just shrugged and rolled his eyes. Stating he isn’t sure how he has maintained his HS football eligibility.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:21:19 PM)
Hi Cville Buck...Ringer claimed the reason why he wasn't in track was so he could concentrate on his academics so I guess the situation is related whether he was not eligible or he declared himself unavailable. It sort of smells a little bit like Ray Williams academic situation at this point but I hope it's not as grave as his obviously was. It's a shame that these talented kids aren't all better off academically regardless of the reason why. I'll try to uncover Ringer's situation this weekend at the state track meet.

Kirk (Jun 3, 2004 1:21:39 PM)
Coach Place himself told me that Ringer was a "projector" meaning he was projected to qualify

bob (Jun 3, 2004 1:21:46 PM)
is alex daniels next

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:24:32 PM)
Hi Bob...many people seem to think that Alex Daniels could indeed be next inline to become a Buckeye. I don't think that's too far fetched at all. I'm one of the few who, after looking at him in camp, think that his future is at wide receiver. I say he's a can't miss prospect there, especially with some seasoning at the position. I like Alex Daniels.

dcbuck (Jun 3, 2004 1:24:42 PM)
What are our prospects w/ M. Wells? I ask with the concern that he is a small RB and not necessarily a "Big Ten" type running back, will Tressel be able to use him effectively, will the Big 10 scare him off?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:29:57 PM)
Hi DCbuck...I assume we remain a solid option for Wells services and yes I am a little concerned with his size but I can't really say at this time. He's fast that's for sure. If he can keep his lightening speed and add 15 pounds or so then he'd be fine in my book. I'm into production and making football plays more than I am into being of the prototypical size but it makes it even better if you look the part as well. I'm optimistic about our RB position in the future with Pittman and Haw and whoever comes next.

BHoying14 (Jun 3, 2004 1:30:05 PM)
Any news about Bauserman as the MLB draft is up new week? I've heard he had a bad spring and is slipping. He's the 10th prospect in Florida. Baseball America still has him going in the second round.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:33:36 PM)
Hi BHoying14...It's all about the money I would think. I'm guessing that we will be a seeing a lot of Bauserman in the near future but I have no insight. He looks and sounds like he's a top prospect in both sports so that's definitely a good situation for him to be in. With Boeckman around for four or five more years and Bauserman looking to be around for maybe five or six years, I think OSU will not take a QB this year unless it's the guy they have at the top of their board, be it Stull or some other.

bucknut13 (Jun 3, 2004 1:33:41 PM)
In your opinion, will Sutton get any looks from us and/or invite to Senior Camp? Thanks.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:37:31 PM)
Bucknut 13 asked about Sutton...I'm a big fan of his. I spoke with him briefly at the track meet last week and we talked about the lack of respect/interest he's receiving. That's motivating him no doubt. He's my Mr. Football pick hands down already. He's got the total package and no school could go wrong taking him regardless of his size. I didn't ask him about camp but I think I remember him saying that he would be at Michigan's camp this summer. I'll have to recheck with him. I hope he's a Buckeye but I don't think it's in the cards. I hope I'm wrong.

buckeyenole (Jun 3, 2004 1:37:51 PM)
what position do you believe Alex Daniels will play?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:38:47 PM)
Hi Buckeyenole...he can play numerous position no doubt but I'd like to see him at wide receiver. I think he can be a special player at that position. Look at his measurables.

scribeohio (Jun 3, 2004 1:39:42 PM)
Gary, the staff seems split on IS OL's - Hennis, Kersey, Brewster, Cironi etc. Do you think an offer comes from camp and to whom or do we wait for the season? Thanks

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:43:13 PM)
HI Scribeohio...I think the instate linemen are going to have to bide their time in a similar situation to the Ty Hall linemen class of a few years ago. Someone will really have to differentiate themselves from the others to be the one to get an offer. All four guys you mentioned are names to consider no doubt but I don't the staff is really high on any of them like they were with Boone and Cordle. They may wait and see how the numbers fall with schollies before they offer instate guys this year. I think Hennis and Brewster are slightly ahead of Cironni and Kersey at this time.

sears3820 (Jun 3, 2004 1:39:30 PM)
What's the story with Kendell Davis out of Alliance? Duane seems to be pretty high on him. Just wanting to get your thoughts.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:46:35 PM)
Sears3820 wants to know the deal with Kendell Davis from Alliance. He's here from my neck of the woods and plays in a conference with teams from where I'm from so I know a lot about Davis. He's as talented a prospect as there is out there. I've talked to many coaches who played against him and they all seem to think he's going to be a really good one. Good size, good speed and can play both ways. I like him a lot and will be checking on him at a game this season no doubt.

TitanicThompson (Jun 3, 2004 1:46:49 PM)
Gary have you seen any video on ryan williams? im excited about his commitment and equally excited about the fact he's talking us up to top tier talent he meets over on the west coast and is bringing sanchez and bemoell sp? on a visit with him. I heard sanchez has an offer but the verdict was out on bemoell. does he have one? and do you know anything about him?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:52:41 PM)
Let's not go crazy over the Ryan Williams commitment. You might as well say he's a Washington Courthouse (or wherever his family is from) recruit for all intents and purposes. I think of him along the lines of the defensive lineman from Arizona we got a few years back who had family originally in Columbus. (I forget his name at the moment). Now the fact that Williams could bring a top guy or two along with him would excite me for sure. I don't know the status of either guy at this time but I am excited about Williams for whatever reason he decided to become a Buckeye.

buckeyenole (Jun 3, 2004 1:53:01 PM)
Who do you like better: Brewster or Kersey? Why?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 1:56:34 PM)
I saw Kersey play some last year but I've never seen Brewster in action. I don't know if Kersey helped to make Pittman look better or vice-versa. I think Duane is pretty impressed with both guys but I kind of think he gives the edge to Brewster at this time. I'll have to take a rain check on picking that one right now.

BuckeyeDave (Jun 3, 2004 1:56:42 PM)
Orton from HH-Wayne seems to have fallen off the WR recruiting radar, no?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:00:32 PM)
Hi Buckeye does look like that's the case with Orton but it's extremely early right now. I think Hartline will get an offer and maybe Daniels as a receiver and then OSU will play the waiting game on taking a third receiver this year. And if they Daniels at another position, then another receiver spot will open up. I think we'll take three receivers this year.

dragonknight (Jun 3, 2004 2:00:49 PM)
Does Kendell Davis has major grade issues? Any clue how bad off he is in that department?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:02:27 PM)
Hi dragonknight...I believe that could be the case but I'll have to check on that or confirm it before passing that along as the truth. I was at the school a while ago and I was under the impression at the time that he would be okay academically.

buckeyenole (Jun 3, 2004 2:02:51 PM)
Is Justin King interested only in CB or is he interested in TB as well? BTW, I'm rude. Hi, Gary! Thanks for talking with us today!

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:06:17 PM)
My pleasure buckeyenole...I'd like to see King at cornerback but I believe some schools are on him as a tailback. I'd love to see Daniels work his magic on this kid but I've already written him off to Penn State or Michigan. I think the longer he waits, the better OSU has at having a shot at him. It's encouraging that were being mentioned at this time but I see those other two schools as the leaders now. King is a big-time prospect...everybit as big as O'Neal.

scribeohio (Jun 3, 2004 2:06:38 PM)
Gary, you've said that JT's offense is much like Patton's tanks, sort of. Did you attend the Marshall game when YSU came back from 28 - 0 to lose 31 - 28 and their NC game scoring in the higher 30's. What was the O like in those games/how'd they put that many points up?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:10:34 PM)
Patton's tanks...I've never quite put it so eloquently I think. Yes I was at the Marshall YSU game that year. Nick Cochran was the QB that year and he almost brought the Penguins back for the victory. Cochran went to OSU for a few years before transfering to YSU. JT can move the ball in the air but it took a 28-0 deficit in that instance to do it. He's had skill on offense before but he chooses to do it his way unless his way won't suffice. Patton's tanks...I'll have to remember that.

TitanicThompson (Jun 3, 2004 2:10:51 PM)
Gary you mentioned you were the austintown regionals can you give us some highlights also is there a good website to get info on the track meets?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:14:35 PM)
I'm not certain about the web sites and I took some neat photos at the track meet last week of the "G-force" gang and others but I'm having problems getting them to Kirk for some reason. I have zoominternet now and it's faster but AOL was much more efficient and slower transmitting photos. Brandon Smith had a good day. Brian Hartline had a real nice day. And I got a nice look at Sutton who was there as well. Not as many big timers there this year than there's been in years past. Brad Jones from Canton McKinley was there and I think he made it to Columbus this weekend. I'm still working on the photos to get them posted sometime. I'll have more state photos after this weekend.

BuckeyeDave (Jun 3, 2004 2:14:48 PM)
What makes Schlicter such a hot QB prospect?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:16:47 PM)
His name first and foremost. If it's top notch production you're looking for he's still got two years to produce that. Most people think or hope it's in the genes. I'm one of those guys. Let's take a real good look at him this year and we'll know a lot more after this season. He has the swagger I can tell you.

buckeyenole (Jun 3, 2004 2:17:02 PM)
With Ringer sounding less and less secure academically, is Mikell Simpson the answer? Or would Sutton merit an offer?

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:20:33 PM)
I think it's safe to say that Mister Simpson will put up some big numbers this fall. He's put together very well that's for sure. I think his own offense has hampered him in a way. I'd love to see him dot the I but he's more of a fullback in a wishbone type of formation. Sutton already merits an offer whether he'll get one from OSU or not. The last two years I called Mauk and Williams as the Mr. Football winners hands down because of their previous production and Ohio State wasn't into either of them for whatever reasons. The trend will continue as OSU seems to not be very interested in Sutton and he will win Mr. Football this year, hands down.

GaryHousteau (Jun 3, 2004 2:22:24 PM)
Thanks Kirk and everyone for particpating in today's chat. Head on over to the state track meet over the weekend and say hello if you have a chance. Have a great day and a better weekend! Smile!

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