Haw Finishes Track Career, Focuses On Football

Incoming OSU RB Erik Haw was disappointed in his finish in yesterday's track outing, but he says that after today he is ready now to move on and focus on what's next -- getting prepared for his first season of Ohio State football.

To say that Erik Haw was disappointed that he didn't make it to the finals of the 100 meters is an understatement, but at the end of the day he made no excuses for it.

"The 100 was very competitive today and I tried to step up to the challenge," Haw said. "In the 100 everything has to be perfect, and I guess I had something that went wrong so I got (ninth) place. I ran a 10.88 (seconds). I'm not satisfied but you've got to just put it behind you, and so we ran the 4X100 and got second place. We ran a pretty good time. We plan to take the state, compete with Glenville; they ran a pretty good time today. We're just going to do the best that we possibly can."

Actually, Haw posted a strong time in the 100 but it just wasn't good enough on a fast track. His regional time to get to the state was ran in 11.14 seconds.

"I've been getting faster as the year goes on and usually I can go to the finals and do pretty good," he said, "but it seems like something went wrong. But there's no excuses basically."

Haw made it to the state finals in the 100 in each of the past two years, finishing fourth in his sophomore year and fifth last year.

"My times are getting better but my places are just getting worse," he said. "But I'm about 215 (pounds) right now and I'm a football player running track."

Erik Haw waits to see his time posted after running in yesterday's state track preliminaries

A Columbus Independence product, Haw is ready to trade in his cleats he wore at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium for spikes that he'll use over at Ohio Stadium in the fall.

"I still have the summer to go, and I plan to work out with Ohio State as soon as I graduate tomorrow, Saturday," Haw said. "I'm just going to try to get in the system and get acclimated and become the best player that I possibly can."

Haw used most of the winter to work on lifting weights and speed training. He dedicated the spring to his track season.

"Right now, I was just doing a lot of track. I wasn't really lifting, I was just maintaining strength, doing light bench press work outs," he said. "I haven't lifted it real heavy in a long time."

Next he'll concentrate on the North-South game and then on to the Big-33 game in July before he begins his quest to be the main man in the Ohio State backfield in the fall.

"The position is up for grabs and any man can possibly win it," Haw said. "I just want to get in there and do the best I possibly can and try to become a better running back and athlete, and try to contribute to the team so we can try to win another national championship."

During the spring, Haw got a sneak peak at Tony Pittman, the nifty running back from Akron Buchtel who got a head start on his college career by enrolling early at Ohio State and participating in spring ball. Buckeye fans will be seeing a lot of these two young guys over the next few seasons.

"Seeing Antonio Pittman doing his thing up there just made me a lot more hungry, definitely," Haw said. "He probably knows the system now a lot better than I do, but we'll see come fall."

Haw, who runs with a low center of gravity, thinks he brings his own unique ability as a running back to the table.

"I have that balance of speed and power," he said. "I can go inside or outside, whatever they need me to do to win that national championship game."

His immediate goals once he gets to Ohio State are high because his level of confidence is so high.

"In the first year, I want to do the best that I can. A high goal would be 1,000 yards if I get in there a lot," Haw said. "A redshirt (year) would not be bad but I feel like in the situation right now that I'm looking at, that probably won't be the situation."

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