Westlake's Travers Gathering Scholarship Offers

B.J. Travers, a standout linebacker from Westlake, Ohio, was among a number of top football prospects who participated in the state track and field meet this weekend at Ohio State. Click here for an update on Travers, who is fielding a number of scholarship offers. And, stay tuned to Bucknuts.com for more updates on key prospects we met at the state meet.

With a sixth place finish in the discus at the state meet, B.J. Travers of Westlake High School is ready to put the track season behind him now and move on to focusing on recruiting and his senior year in football.

"I haven't really been able to get into recruiting too much because of track season, but now that it's over, I'm going to be able to take a lot of visits," Travers said. "The only visit I've really gone on is Penn State, and we came down here for the Nike camp at Ohio State."

Travers said his scholarship offers already number in the high 20's, and Southern Cal and Iowa just offered recently. He's attracting all of this regional and even national attention from his exploits as a middle linebacker.

"I'm more of an aggressive player, and I've got more speed when I'm on the field," he said. "If I were to take my 40 (yard dash) time from sideline to sideline compared to my 40 time on paper right now, I think I'd be faster. I can carry my pads pretty well. I think I'm pretty fast; I'm pretty good at running guys down on sweeps and I'm pretty good playing in the middle."

At the Nike camp, Travers was clocked at 4.87 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He sports a 445 pound bench press, a 585 pound squat, he power cleans 360 pounds, has a 36-inch vertical and shuttle time of 4.4 flat.

"That's not even close to what I run. I run more of like a 4.7 flat," he said. "Hopefully by summer camps I can get my 40 down to the 4.6 or low 4.7 range, and hopefully I can get close to 40 or 50 reps on the bench (at 185 pounds)."

At 6-0, 236 pounds, Travers doesn't have the imposing size for a middle linebacker but that hasn't hindered him in any way up to this point.

"Some people say that I'm not tall enough to play in the middle, and some people even say that I should play fullback," he said. "But I think I've done a good enough job (at linebacker) so far, and hopefully I can continue it throughout my college career."

Travers just started playing the position in his sophomore year, when he was named a team captain and led the defense in tackles that year. In his freshman season he played some varsity at defensive tackle.

"I've only had two years at linebacker so far so my senior year should be a lot better," he said. "I'm getting more used to it."

He's already getting used to all of the attention from the college recruiters.

"It's been like this for quite some time now, and my coach kind of warned me before that I would be getting a lot of offers and there would be a lot of schools in, so I was ready for it I guess," Travers said. "But it's been pretty amazing."

The list of schools that are recruiting him is pretty amazing as well. Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan and Penn State are some of the schools like Ohio State that are interested but have yet to offer him a scholarship.

"I love the Buckeyes, but I haven't been able to come down here and meet all of the coaches yet," Travers said. "I was down here for the combine and met a few people, but we're going to come down here for a camp this summer and meet some coaches and get a feel for it and then go up to Michigan for a camp. But I like Ohio State a lot, obviously. I'm an Ohio guy."

In addition to attending some camps this summer, Travers will also visit some of the other campuses he's interested in and of course continue to work out to prepare for his senior campaign on the gridiron.

"I just want to get faster and work hard so I can make plays next year," Travers said. "Big plays!"

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