Lawsuit Contains Far-Reaching Allegations has learned that a lawsuit filed by a Columbus woman against former OSU basketball player Boban Savovic contains some damning allegations against fired head coach Jim O'Brien and members of his coaching staff. Click here for more.

One piece of the puzzle in the firing of Ohio State men's basketball coach Jim O'Brien is a lawsuit filed by a Columbus woman against former Buckeye player Boban Savovic.

According to a source that has viewed the lawsuit, it contains some damning allegations regarding the program, O'Brien and members of his staff.

The suit was filed by Kathleen Salyers in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. She is seeking reimbursement from Savovic for living expenses and other items. In fact, Salyers is asking for compensatory damages, attorneys' fees, and punitive damages of $300,000.

According to the suit, Savovic was living with a Columbus couple, Dan and Kim Roslovic. But when Dan Roslovic, an alleged OSU booster, learned it would be a violation of NCAA rules for the player to live with him, he suggested that Savovic move in with his housekeeper, Salyers.

The suit alleges Roslovic got that advice from former OSU assistant Paul Biancardi, now the head coach at Wright State University. It also alleges that Roslovic agreed to pay Salyers $1,000 a month as well as living expenses for Savovic to stay at her home.

The suit contends that Savovic stayed with Salyers for four years, 1998-2002. It also states that she was advised by Biancardi to say that she became acquainted with Savovic when her son played basketball with him.

Salyers maintains in the suit she paid for, among other things, tutoring expenses, travel, spending money and car insurance premiums for Savovic.

Salyers maintains she was never reimbursed for Savovic's living expenses. It also states that the Roslovic's marriage ended after Savovic had an affair with Kim Roslovic.

Filings in accordance with the lawsuit also state that O'Brien sought reimbursement of the $6,000 he admittedly provided signee Aleksandar Radojevic after Radojevic signed a contract to play for the NBA's Toronto Raptors.

The chain of custody for the return of that money -- in a brown paper envelope -- was allegedly Radojevic, Savovic, Salyers and, finally, Biancardi, who retrieved it at her home.

That may explain how the $6,000 payment came to light some five years after it happened.

We will keep you updated as more details are learned.

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