Oodles Of Offers For Alex Daniels

The offers keep pouring in for ATH Alex Daniels of Columbus Marion-Franklin. One of those came from Ohio State, but the list doesn't stop there. Daniels talked with us about his offers as well as something odd you may not know about his performance last year.

When most people go to their mailbox, they might get a stack of bills. The other day, when ATH Alex Daniels (6-3, 225) of Columbus Marion-Franklin went to his mailbox, he found a stack of scholarship offers.

"Actually six offers," he said. "They all came in the mail the same day. Ohio State, Oklahoma, Maryland, Michigan State, Illinois, and Purdue."

Not bad for one day. Those offers join the list of the several he already has.

"I've got written offers from every team in the Big Ten except Michigan," Daniels said.

Daniels says he will camp at Ohio State, Tennessee and Cincinnati.

"Cincinnati's offered too, and West Virginia," he said.

Maybe more so than any prospect in Ohio, Daniels can play so many different positions on the field. The way he's being recruited demonstrates that.

"The schools are recruiting me all over the place," Daniels said. "Kentucky, Maryland and Wisconsin are recruiting me as a tailback. Oklahoma's recruiting me as a strong safety. Ohio State's recruiting me for both ways."

Daniels is in the process of preparing for the next season. It should be a much busier season for him.

"I'm training really hard now, running a lot of steps and a lot of weight training," he said. "Coach says I'm going to be getting the ball 25 times a game this year. Last year, we had three backs so I was not getting the ball all the time. Every time I touch the ball more than ten times in a game, I have at least 150 yards rushing, but that only happened a couple of times because we had so many guys. They were trying to spread the ball around."

On film, Alex Daniels shows good vision as a running back. Daniels dropped a bit of a shocker on us recently though as he revealed to us that his actual eyesight was lousy in 2003.

"It's going to be better this year," he said. "I couldn't see last year. My vision's 20/40. I was playing without contacts. I just got contacts for basketball season.

"A lot of times, I was just running away from blurs."

Daniels is taking his test tomorrow.  He will likely be rated in the top ten overall players in the state in the upcoming issue of Ohio High.

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