Schoenhoft Reflects On Camp Circuit

Cincinnati St. Xavier quarterback Rob Schoenhoft is back from his various summer camp travels. See what this talented quarterback had to say about his camp stops, including Sunday's stint at Ohio State's advanced camp.

Things are good right now for Cincinnati St. Xavier quarterback Rob Schoenhoft.

The 6-5½, 235-pound Schoenhoft is being considered as one of the nation's top quarterback prospects. He also has scholarship offers from three of his four favorite schools.

He attended camp at those three schools (Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State) as well as the school he also favors that has not offered (Notre Dame).

Schoenhoft, whose best 40-yard time is 4.85 seconds, discussed his time at the Ohio State camp this past Sunday.

"The athletes who were there were really unbelievable," Schoenhoft said. "There were so many receivers there I would have loved to take back to my team with me. They were catching balls I didn't think they could catch. That's not a discredit to the receivers on my team, but I was like `Whoa' watching some of those guys.

"The facilities at Ohio State are nice. They are second to none. We went to the stadium for lunch on Sunday and some of those guys were amazed. I had been to games there before, but we ate lunch in the press box. I had never been up there before. It's an unbelievable place."

Even while he was at his summer job earlier Wednesday, Schoenhoft got a hint of what Ohio State is all about.

"Ohio State has to have the biggest fan base in the nation," he said. "I can't doubt that. I was at work today and a guy came up and said, `You're Rob Schoenhoft? Hey, you should go to Ohio State. It's a neat place.' "

Observers noticed how Schoenhoft hung around after Sunday's camp and spent roughly 20 minutes talking with OSU head coach Jim Tressel.

"He talked about how Joe Bauserman had been drafted and signed to play (minor league) baseball and how, because of that, they planned on taking two quarterbacks," Schoenhoft said. "We were just talking."

It seems that OSU is also after a pair of California quarterbacks in Mark Sanchez, who has been offered, and Jason Forcier, who has not.

"We never really talked about (those guys)," Schoenhoft said. "I know Jason. He and I have become pretty good friends. He was at the Notre Dame camp with me. He is a hell of a quarterback. He's one of the most accurate quarterbacks I've seen."

Regarding his time at Michigan, Schoenhoft said, "I liked how I threw there. Coach (Scott) Loeffler moved my feet around and got my balance the way it should be. After 10 or 15 minutes of him working with me on my feet, the ball was always right there. That is a great place to be."

Regarding Michigan State, he said, "I noticed how much they throw the ball. They throw the ball a bunch. They said they want me and how I was their number one guy. They said they wouldn't settle for anything less. I like the coaching staff there and I think I could be a successful quarterback there."

Schoenhoft's last camp stop was at Notre Dame on Tuesday.

"That was a good experience," he said. "It was more of an evaluation camp so they could see who they want. I had a lot of fun hanging out with some new friends like Jason and Evan Sharpley. I probably did not learn as much there."

As of late Wednesday, Schoenhoft had not been offered by Notre Dame.

"I believe they have offered some other kids," he said. "Maybe at the quarterback position they just want to be a little bit more picky. I have respect for the process."

Playing time could be an issue. All of his schools will have young quarterbacks at the helm this year.

"Michigan took Chad Henne last year and he was the number two quarterback in the country," Schoenhoft said. "That's a situation where I may only be able to come in there and play one year, so that is kind of a drawback with Michigan. At every other place, it may be a little better. Michigan State is bringing in (Cleveland St. Ignatius') Brian Hoyer, who I am good friends with.

"Ohio State didn't bring in anyone because Joe Bauserman was supposed to come in there."

When asked if he had a favorite, Schoenhoft said, "No, I wish I knew. It's all still up in the air."

In July, Schoenhoft will venture to California to participate in the Elite 11 quarterback camp.

"It's a blessing to be considered as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation," he said. "I know the Elite 11 will be an awesome experience. I know I will get to meet a lot of people out there. It will be neat to follow their careers through college and beyond. Hopefully, I can showcase my abilities and learn some new stuff."

Schoenhoft said he hopes to make a college decision before his team opens the 2004 season.

"I'm planning on it happening around the time of the Elite 11 camp," he said. "But I really don't have a grasp on where I want to go. I will try to do it before the season."

Schoenhoft will be playing for a new coach at St. X this year as Steve Specht replaces longtime coach Steve Rasso.

"(Specht) has been our defensive coordinator," Schoenhoft said. "He's brilliant. We already have our offense in. We are basing it on what Brian Brohm did at Louisville Trinity. It's exciting. I'm working out with our receivers a lot to get out timing down. I am lucky to have him as my coach as he has helped me out a lot with the recruiting process."

As a junior, Schoenhoft threw for 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns against four interceptions as St. X finished 6-4. He also averaged 10 points and six rebounds a game in basketball.

Others who offered Schoenhoft include Iowa, Vanderbilt, Duke, Akron, Boston College, Indiana, Miami (Ohio), Cincinnati and Maryland.

Schoenhoft holds a 2.9 GPA. He scored an 1050 on the SAT and a 23 on the ACT.

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