Cironi Getting A Feel For His Status

OL Rocco Cironi of Warren Harding is a prospect for whom camps were going to be important. Now that camps have passed, Cironi has a better feel for where he stands with certain colleges. How do things look for Ohio State? Gary Housteau caught up with Rocco recently to find out.

In the typical fashion of his Warren G. Harding Raider team, offensive tackle Rocco Cironi doesn't tend to shy away from any of the state's top competition. At his recent stop at Ohio State's advanced senior camp, Cironi was looking forward to possibly working out with or alongside Ohio's top-rated offensive line prospect.

"I went to Ohio State, and it was fine down there," Cironi said. "I was hoping that Alex Boone would have been there, but I guess he went the day after I was there. I went Saturday and he went Sunday."

Cironi went to the camp, obviously, to prove that he too is deserving of one of the few remaining scholarship offers for offensive linemen that only Boone and Jim Cordle are in possession of.

"I was just trying to impress (the staff) because from what I hear they still have at least one scholarship open for a lineman," Cironi said. "So I was just trying to do my best and maybe open some eyes while I was there."

And the results from his perspective?

"I did pretty well there. I'm still trying to work hard on my 40 time but I did great with the rest of it," said the 6-7, 270 pound Cironi who ran a 5.3 second 40-yard dash time at Ohio State's camp. "I've always been proud of my vertical jump and for being as big as I am, I have a 27 ½-inch vertical jump. But I've really been trying to work on my 40 time, trying to stretch a little more, but I still can't get it under 5.2 at any of these camps."

Cironi, who has added nearly 35 pounds since the end of basketball season, left OSU's camp without receiving any real positive vibes from the staff at all.

"They were working with a lot of kids, so I wasn't really expecting them to come up to me personally," he said. "So not a lot went on down there. It was just another camp."

Although his feelings toward Ohio State haven't changed, he's starting to get a practical feel on where he stands with them.

"Ohio State is a great program and I'd love to be a part of it," he said, "but by the way that they've been recruiting me, it doesn't look too good at this point."

A veteran in the trenches, Cironi has anchored the offensive line at left tackle over the past two seasons at Harding during a span in which the Raiders won 26 of their 28 games. In addition to Ohio State, Cironi, ranked as the 13th best prospect in the state and the fourth-rated offensive lineman by Ohio High, showcased his skills this summer at camps on the campuses of Michigan and Notre Dame as well.

"I did really well at Notre Dame's camp. I think I impressed them quite a bit," Cironi said. "And I also went up to Michigan for a one day camp on a Tuesday and Coach Moeller was impressed with my play. I think they're pretty interested in me up there too now."

But so far Cironi has no offers from any of his big three schools. Up to this point in the recruiting process, only Kansas, Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio, Akron, Bowling Green and Kent have extended him an a offer.

"You want certain schools to talk to you and they're not talking to you, so you get a little frustrated," said Cironi who admitted that he's anxious to get the whole process behind him now. "But it's always good to hear from schools that do want you and show an interest in you and make you feel good."

Ideally, Cironi would like to make his decision prior to the start of the season, but he may actually put if off for a few weeks into the season.

"I'm basically thinking that if I don't commit before the season, I'm going to wait for a couple of games and get my game films out to the colleges and let them watch, and then they can base their opinions on that," he said. "But by week four or five I should have a commitment, if not before the season."

Cironi has a 3.0 GPA and scored an 18 on his ACT.

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