Fine Junior Prospect Interested In Ohio State

It'll be a while before we focus on the junior recruiting class, but one player who has had his name known for a while is Trotwood-Madison's Jovanni Chappell. Football is definitely his focus, and the Buckeyes are one of the teams he is interested in.

DB Jovanni Chappell of Trotwood-Madison will be one of Ohio's top junior prospects this year. Chappell has had his name out there for quite some time as he was offered a scholarship a year ago by Illinois.

"We did a tour of Big Ten camps last year and I was offered," he said.

We caught up with Jovanni a while back, and his team was planning to camp at several schools, including Michigan, Ohio State, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He doesn't know what school he will be attending, but he does know he will be enrolling early, which he said is only thing he is sure of at this point.

"I have not thought about what I want to do yet," he said. "I liked it up at Michigan and I like Ohio State. 

"I am taking summer school classes so I can be ready to graduate fall quarter after my senior year and be ready to enroll winter quarter."

Chappell said he had his bench press up to 280, and during the spring he ran track, but he was mostly working on football speed and getting stronger.

Chappell said that he may not be as fast as some of the other local runners, but that didn't stop him from running track.

"I will be out there competing," he said. "That's my nature. I may not have the speed of some of these guys around here, but I am going to give it a go every time. It's about getting faster for football for me."

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