Another Hartline On The Radar

Not too long ago, senior WR Brian Hartline of Canton GlenOak made a verbal commitment to play football at Ohio State. He won't be the last Hartline to come on the recruiting scene though as brother Mike, a junior, is one of Ohio's top quarterback prospects.

WR Brian Hartline out of Canton GlenOak is the most recent commitment to Ohio State. Hartline is a four-star prospect and stands as one of Ohio's top players this year, and his commitment was a big one, but naturally, it didn't take long for some to wonder if Brian's brother Mike could also someday be a Buckeye.

Mike Hartline is currently rated as one of the top overall players in the Ohio junior class. As highly recruited as Brian was, there's a good chance that recruiting could get even crazier once Mike's turn comes around. As a matter of fact, Mike has already been offered a scholarship by Kent State.

"(GlenOak head coach Jack Rose) is telling me it's going to get worse for me than for Brian because I'm a quarterback," Mike said. "I look around here at all the mail for Brian and can't believe it can get any worse."

Mike recently showed why he is one of Ohio's fastest rising prospects as he put on a good show at Ohio State's summer camp. He had a chance to stay with GlenOak product and current Buckeye Dustin Fox.

"I really enjoyed myself down there," he said. "I mean staying with Dustin and the camp.

"Dustin says competition is really fierce there. I don't care; I'm not worried about competition."

Mike worked much of the time with OSU QBs coach Joe Daniels.

"Joe Daniels is a great guy," he said. "I had a lot more fun with the drills down there. They were just as informative (as other camps), but it was looser. I really loved it."

Mike needs to add some weight to his frame, but right now, it doesn't seem to be a concern.

"I'm almost 6-6 and about 175," Mike said. "I think I'll fill out some more. Coach Daniels said not to worry about the weight. He liked my other camp numbers."

Hartline also traveled to camp at Michigan and was slated to go to Purdue, but passed up on that one.

"I went to camp at Ohio State, and I went up to Michigan for one day," he said. "Scott Loeffler is a really good guy and he convinced me to come up. I was thinking of going to Purdue camp, but I was a little tired. Brian was really tired, so we forgot about that."

Mike Hartline didn't need much time last season to establish himself as one of Ohio's top quarterback prospects.

"I only started six games," he said. "I threw for about 1200 yards and 4 TDs. I didn't get to throw much in the red zone. We went to a power offense inside the 20."

 Expect bigger numbers this season from Hartline, especially seeing as how GlenOak has a very good team returning.

"We have so many weapons this year," Mike said. "Brandon Long is our tight end, and what an athlete he is. We have a new running back who is transferring in from McKinley. We have two returning linemen, plus (talented junior OL) Ryan Palmer."

Football is right around the corner, but Mike is thinking of taking a bit of a break from the sport before the season starts.

"I may go play a lot of basketball the rest of the summer," he said. "Right now, we are doing conditioning and some speed work, plus some weightlifting. Then we go out on our own and run plays."

So now comes the part that people are curious about. What are the chances of there being two Hartlines at Ohio State? It sounds like it is just too early to tell.

"I think I'm going to be a little more curious than Brian," Mike said. "Ohio State is a high possibility, but I have been there a lot, and I want to take my visits. I just haven't seen everything, and I want to see more.

So far, he hasn't quite figured out what schools he is most interested in.

"Ohio State, USC, Stanford," he said. "Not a lot of schools really catch my eye yet except Ohio State. We will see. I just don't know."

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