Olds Addresses His Health Status

In a special interview submitted by his father, OSU offensive lineman Adam Olds discusses his health status after a pair of hip surgeries as well as his future plans and some observations on participating in the football program. Click this free link for more.

It appears that offensive lineman Adam Olds will not be able to resume his career with the Ohio State football team due to lingering health concerns. His father, Robert, recently forwarded this interview with Adam on where things stand with his situation and also observations on his time with the Buckeyes.

Q: So Adam, what is up with your physical situation?

Adam Olds: Like so many of my teammates, I have been blessed with many things. One of my blessings included an extra set of bones right below my hips. Without going into detail, the way these things are attached to the rest of my frame has been the cause of my hip cartilage shredding and degenerating. The two hip operations I have had in the past two years have not been pleasant nor has the rehab but they were small prices to pay to be able to wear the Scarlet and Gray. I would continue to play but if I do the cartilage will continue to degenerate at a rapid rate and I become a very good candidate for hip replacements in the next two years. You also have to take into account that the repaired hips limit my ability to do things offensive linemen need to do so I am not the athlete I was even a year ago. On top of that they have found that my vertebrae are moving and want me to either stop playing or get a spinal fusion. All in all I am a walking study in what the human anatomy should not look like.

Q. How do you plan on handling the unexpected transition?

Olds: I have talked to others who had their careers end prematurely due to physical problems and to others who have just had their careers end due to age. Nobody likes the idea but they all find ways to transition. My college football career had to end sooner or later so I am just having to deal with it before I had planned. Luckily for me, I am a student-athlete and being a student takes up a great deal of my time. I will transition from player to coaching assistant this summer. To tell you the truth, I do not think I am going to have much time to think about any transition. The coaches work absolutely brutal hours and if I combine only a portion of that with school I will be one very busy guy.

Q. Congratulations on your election to the Ohio State Mortar Board Society. What is it exactly and are there many athletes in that group?

Olds: The society is an academic achievement group much like the National Honor Society in high school only much more select. It takes the academic record and the community service record both into account. There are not many scholarship athletes in the OSU society but that is not because there are not a great many serious student athletes out there. I could name you a half dozen of the guys in my class on the team that would easily qualify.

Q. Before your freshman year OSU went through a coaching change and you could have changed your mind about coming to OSU but didn't. You actually went on TV to talk about commitment to OSU. Do you still feel that you did the right thing for you?

Olds: Absolutely. I tell every athlete considering college to pick the college on its merits. You have to like the coaching staff but if you are serious about an education you need to pick the school you want to get that education at. I always tell young athletes to ask themselves: "If it turns out that I get hurt and can not play anymore, will I be at the school I want to be at?" I did this. Here at OSU, nobody even blinked an eye when I could no longer play. The coaches and staff have taken it as fact and have said, "Now, how do we go about preparing Adam Olds for his role in society?" This is what they focus on when you are playing and when you are not playing. Here they are with full time, high pressure jobs and they take the time to continue to help me. Now that is commitment! I am one very fortunate guy!

Q. Is it true that you are on track to become a doctor?

Olds: This is my goal and I am on track. This summer I am doing research at the James Cancer Hospital and I am going to observe joint replacement surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic. I am working with the team academic advisors to schedule my MCATs.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say?

Olds: Well there is one thing. Some people (notably defensive lineman on our team and some disgruntled defensive linemen around the league) say that I became a professional holder after my first hip injury. I wish to refute that. I became a professional holder during my freshman season after learning that this level is full of defensive lineman who are as big as me but run the 40 in half the time it takes me and in their spare time they leap tall buildings in a single bound! I had plenty of time that first year to watch guys like Lecharles (Bentley) and Tyson (Walter) closely and believe me, if I am a professional holder, those guys are like Master Holders! On a serious note, I want to thank the Buckeye fans out there. You will never know what a charge you give us every day of every week throughout the year. I will be running out on the field this year in khaki pants and a white OSU shirt but I will continue to soak up the appreciation and I will do my best to help us represent the OSU community and its fans in the best possible ways.. Go Bucks!

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