Schlichter Talks Camps, Recruiting

While many junior prospects haven't thought much about recruiting yet, QB Miles Schlichter of Washington Court House (Oh.) Miami Trace has had his name out there for a while and has been seen at several camps over the past two years. He was out on the camping trail once again this summer, and we caught up with him to talk about that as well as where he stands with recruiting.

QB Miles Schlichter of Washington Court House Miami Trace has not even played his junior season yet, but already he is one of the more well-known players in Ohio. The 6-1, 185 pound Schlichter once again made the camp rounds this summer.

"I went to LSU, Pitt, and Ohio State for camps," he said. "I had been to Ohio State and Pitt before, but I went to LSU for the first time. I got to throw with Ryan Perriloux. It was a good experience comparing myself to the best in the country. He throws a really hard ball."

He came away from OSU and Pitt as a fan of the coaching staffs.

"Ohio State has great coaches, and Walt Harris is a great coach," he said.

Schlichter did not seem pleased with how he performed at OSU though.

"I guess I threw all right up there," he said. "I was not that impressed with my performance.

"It is harder to look good at camps. Football is a game of timing, and I was not used to the players I was throwing to."

Camps have passed now, and Schlichter is in the process of preparing for the season. He is optimistic about what has seen so far. 

"We just started our mini-camp today, so I just got in from a workout," he said. "Well, I just got in from painting fences. I had a workout earlier in the day... We used to live on a farm. I used to bale hay all summer. I used to show animals, but football takes up so much time.

"We had our first seven-on-seven last Saturday and I like how we're coming along. This junior class is a nice one. I like how we mix in with the seniors. We should be a good football team."

For those going to see Schlichter play this year, he gave a description of what kind of player he is and what you can expect to see.

"I'm a really good athlete and I read defenses well," he said. "I make good decisions and I have a pretty good arm."

It's real early when it comes to Schlichter's recruitment, so when asked about when a decision might come, it wasn't expected that it would be soon. But Schlichter may wait it out until he is absolutely sure of his choice.

"I don't know about an early decision," he said. "I am thinking I might, but we will see. I am likely to take all my visits. We're talking about spending the next four or five years somewhere, so you want to be sure. I want to be somewhere where I can be comfortable and happy."

He did say that he already has at least one pal who will be on the Ohio State football team.

"I am really good friends with Ryan Williams," he said. "I stayed with him when he was (in Columbus)."

There's been some talk going around that Schichter may be concerned about playing in ex-OSU QB Art Schlichter's shadow and living up to the legacy of his relative. That, however, does not seem to be the case at all.

"I don't know how that got started," Miles said. "I love to compete. If I went somewhere, it'll be because that is the place for me. He was him and I am me. That will have no impact on my decision. I see his jersey every day at school, so it is something I am used to. Really, all it does is motivate me. I want to have my jersey right up there beside his."

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