Chat Transcript - Duane Long

Duane Long stopped by for club chat today, and we discussed recruiting as well as some issues with the upcoming Buckeye team. A transcript is posted now.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:11:26 PM)
How is everyone? Lets get started.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:11:51 PM)
What time is Robbie set to announce today Duane?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:12:06 PM)
I have not heard a time set yet.

fighter59 (Jul 22, 2004 1:11:58 PM)
Have you seen tape of Lymon?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:12:30 PM)
I was trying to see tape of Lymon yesterday and I see we don't have any yet.

Blue Chip (Jul 22, 2004 1:12:27 PM)
Who do you like in the Big 33 game?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:13:01 PM)
I think this year is going to be possibly the best Big 33 yet. I have not seen both rosters so I can't pick a favorite.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 1:12:51 PM)
Thanks Duane, How is the recruiting of Alex Daniels going? Has it changed at all dut to his transfer to Brookhaven? Are there any other Bearcats we might want to watch out for?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:13:42 PM)
Daniels has not changed his mind. With a new coach there I don't know if going to Brookhaven is going to be a plus or a minus. I still think the Buckeyes land Daniels.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:13:44 PM)
Do you see OSU offering Greg Orton? Seems like a pretty good option for another WR from what i've seen of him....

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:03 PM)
The Buckeyes have not been pursuing Orton.

edbuck51 (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:06 PM)
Duane. How do you see the receiving corp recruiting playing out this year? Do you think signing Schoenhoft is going to open some doors to the bigger names?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:34 PM)
I think it depends on Schoenhoft's Eite 11 showing. If he shows well it should help.

mattent2b2 (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:09 PM)
What are our chances of landing Wells at RB

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:52 PM)
Which Wells?

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:14:59 PM)

mattent2b2 (Jul 22, 2004 1:15:02 PM)
from FL in this class

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:15:49 PM)
I think Wells is leaving the state and has family here in Columbus. I am not as high on him as some but we have a great shot.

GrandPoobah (Jul 22, 2004 1:15:07 PM)
Duane, have you changed your opinion on Rob? You have not been high on him.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:16:09 PM)
I need to see more of Schoenhoft before I change my mind.

cb (Jul 22, 2004 1:15:27 PM)
I heard Rob was in the top 3 or top 4 of QB's yesterday in the first day of the camp!

deacon44 (Jul 22, 2004 1:15:46 PM)
Do you see us taking more than one RB. Besides Mo Wells who else do we have a chance with?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:16:51 PM)
I think if we could get in on a bigtimer we could take 2 backs. Don't count out Ringer. I still think grades are playing a part in that.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 1:16:13 PM)
Do you have any inside info on the Dennis Kennedy matter?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:17:06 PM)
I know nothing about the Kenndy matter.

fighter59 (Jul 22, 2004 1:16:31 PM)
Since you're really an Ohio recruiting expert, do you get tired of the questions on out of state kids?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:17:34 PM)
Early on I don't like oos questions but now I am up to speed.

toledobucknutty (Jul 22, 2004 1:16:37 PM)
hey duane! hey kirk! if we only get one more OL in this class who would you want (that we have a shot at? how good is our OL from Cali? Haven't seen film yet.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:18:10 PM)
I want Doering. I think he is the #1 OL in the country. I think he is headed to ND though. I want to see film of Ronnie Wilson.

loganbuck (Jul 22, 2004 1:17:14 PM)
hey duane have you followed up any on JuJuan Jones?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:18:39 PM)
I have an e-mail into JOnes coach. He has not responded yet.

GrandPoobah (Jul 22, 2004 1:18:08 PM)
Robiskie...does he get offered and do we want him?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:19 PM)
I think an offer to Robiskie could come. I love him. But first we need to hear from Amos and a couple of the oos kids we have offered.

Bob (Jul 22, 2004 1:18:46 PM)
did we lose a good one in Travers

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:50 PM)
I really like Travers. He did not have ideal speed but I would have offered him.

fighter59 (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:28 PM)
Will you be attending any of the 7 on 7's? We'd love your opinion of Zwick and Smith.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:20:11 PM)
I am trying to make arrangements to get out to the 7 on 7s.

toledobucknutty (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:33 PM)
Our OL may be the toughest ever at OSU in a couple of years. Agree? Like it seems scUM always has!

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:20:57 PM)
We are not close to what we have seen from Michigan in the last few years. We don't even have a sure RT. I am very concerned. I think the freshmen need to help us.

Buckwildin' (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:57 PM)
Do you feel it's a down year for WR's? Last year, it seemed like there were a lot of studs at that position.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:21:17 PM)
This is a great year instate for WRs. Nationally not so much.

loganbuck (Jul 22, 2004 1:19:58 PM)
While the topic is up which WR(s) do you feel OSU has the best shot at?

ThaBuckGuy (Jul 22, 2004 1:20:09 PM)
If we get Rob S. this year at QB, How does this effect OSU's recruiting of QB's in the following years?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:22:18 PM)
I think Schoenhoft committing may impact next year. I thought we had a real shot at both Schlicther and Hartline. Now I am thinking the first to commit is all we get.

fountainhead (Jul 22, 2004 1:20:35 PM)
in what priority do you think the buckeyes have their running backs? wells, the miami kid (coolridge?), ringer? if ringer gets his grades in order, does he get an offer regardless? what do you think of ringer?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:23:18 PM)
I love Ringer. Reminds me of Barry Sanders. I think this staff rates Wells higher. Personally, I like Ringer better. He runs with better power.

toledobucknutty (Jul 22, 2004 1:21:18 PM)
I mean in a couple years though

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:23:49 PM)
I think we have landed a huge class for OLs this year and last. I am very happy.

BUCKEYELOYAL (Jul 22, 2004 1:21:24 PM)
Duane, How do you think we end up recruiting wise at the DL position?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:25:27 PM)
I think the DL is very deep. I will be making a post later that has something to do with the current DL situation. I love Denlinger and Williams looks alot like Vrabel did at the same age. I would love to add Doug Worthington and if we could get Lawrence Wilson too, I would be ecstatic.

GrandPoobah (Jul 22, 2004 1:22:47 PM)
We don't have offers out yet for either, do we?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:26:28 PM)
We do not have offers out yet to either QB.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:22:54 PM)
Do you think an offer for Freddy Lenix is forthcoming?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:26:35 PM)
Coach Ginn feels confident Freddie will be offered. He said the offer would be as an LB.

Buckwildin' (Jul 22, 2004 1:23:17 PM)
Are schlister and Harltine good enough to where we should've held off for both next year? How do they compare to this year's talent at QB?

Buckwildin' (Jul 22, 2004 1:24:19 PM)
Do you think it's grades only keeping Ringer from getting an offer? He truly looks like a super talent, plus if he really is over 200 now, the size issue is no longer one.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:29:58 PM)
I am not sure but my gut tells me Ringer may be offered if he gets his gpa up. I think it more likely should we not get Wells.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 1:25:08 PM)
Any word on Adam Myers-White? To me, he seems key to this being an elite class. whats your gut tell you?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:27:56 PM)
I think Myers-White will be a Buckeye. Fans need to calm down. He wants to visit. I have always maintained that rabid scarlet and gray bleeding Buckeye that I am, I would still take all 5. Travel, no parents, college chicks. No brainer for me.

ThaBuckGuy (Jul 22, 2004 1:29:06 PM)
1 last ? for me, Schictster (sp) or Hartline? Who do you prefer?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:29:59 PM)
Right now Schlichter. When it really matters? Hartline.

BUCKEYELOYAL (Jul 22, 2004 1:30:10 PM)
Duane, Do you like the reported move of Frost to TE. In past write-up you seemed very positive on his TE abilities.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:32:09 PM)
I love the move. He is special. I also think it says something about how Richardson is coming along. I will have more to say about this in the post I am putting up.

fighter59 (Jul 22, 2004 1:32:15 PM)
Does Daniels have any of the LB instincts that Hawk had at the same level?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:32:57 PM)
I would not go that far. He has good attacking instincts but Hawk was as good as any LB I have seen at the high school level.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:33:09 PM)
What do you think our chances are with Rico McCoy and Doug Worthington? I love the fact that Cornelius Greene is on the case with McCoy...

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:33:59 PM)
I have not spoken with McCoy so I can't say. It seems he thinks he can play early here and that is often important with the top players. I think we land Worthington.

Buckwildin' (Jul 22, 2004 1:34:06 PM)
You mentioned your concern on the Oline. How much does this year's class help that situation, and depending on if we bring more in this year, what do we need to do with next year's class to bring it up to speed?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:37:38 PM)
Are we talking about this incoming class or the one being recruited now? I will assume you are talking about the incoming class. It helps immensely because I see 3 of the 4 as being super talents and there are 2 ture tackles in the class plus the other 2, Person and Mitchum, could play tackle. We have had some guard here in recent years but tackles are the unique ones and we haven't had any. Sims is better off at guard. All the recent OLs have been better off at guard.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:38:27 PM)
I would love to add 2 more players on this years OL class but would be very happy with one more. I am satisfied with what we have but one more tackle would be great.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 1:37:45 PM)
Can you name 2 or 3 Junior to be prospects in the state to keep an eye on?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:40:53 PM)
Ross Homan is one to watch for and there are several OLs including Springfield Souths Lee TIlley and Glen Oaks Ryan Palmer. Springfield South is loaded. Nate Miller is an athlete down there to watch.

BUCKEYELOYAL (Jul 22, 2004 1:40:59 PM)
Duane, Potentially, does this years recruiting class equal 2002?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:41:55 PM)
At this rate? I think so. I don't think that class had this many top kids this early.

loverbuck (Jul 22, 2004 1:42:00 PM)
Is the RS verbal confirmed yet?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:42:34 PM)
I am 100% sure he has told the coaching staff he is coming.

Blue Chip (Jul 22, 2004 1:42:52 PM)
If you could have two '05 recruit that are still undecided sign on the dotted line for the Bucks tomorrow, who would they be?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:44:02 PM)
Instate? Daniels and Amos. Nationally? Doering and Worthington.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 1:44:22 PM)
What do you think of Chris Wells? Is he destined to be a Buckeye?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:45:04 PM)
I feel very confident about Wells. I just don't see him leaving the state.

Biggieval (Jul 22, 2004 1:45:09 PM)
What do you make of Alex Barrow? I had the chance to watch him play starting all the way back in his middle school days. He runs sideline to sideline and a frame to be filled in... I see him similar to Jay Richardson

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:46:47 PM)
I was always tooting Barrow's horn. Nobody was happier when he put on a show in the North-South game. He wore #78 and looked so much like Bruce Smith in body and in play that it brought a smile to my face.

hh (Jul 22, 2004 1:46:57 PM)
Duane, do you see any moves being made to get Thomas Matthews any more playing time? You would think Staff would want to use the fastest LB on the team who had 9 sacks at the Spring Game.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:49:28 PM)
I would play him a lot in the same way we used Cie Grant. As a weakside LB and let him play in space.

bucksfan47 (Jul 22, 2004 1:49:54 PM)
Duane, with the size, and power B. Joe has do you see Tressel going back to Woody's favorite play? The old 26 play, fullback off tackle. I absolutely love this play, and I think Joe would run it perfectly!

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:50:21 PM)

Woody68 (Jul 22, 2004 1:50:39 PM)
In the 2006 class, where do you see Ray Smalls Playing at the next level?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:53:03 PM)
I like him at RB but coach Ginn says corner.

BUCKEYELOYAL (Jul 22, 2004 1:53:20 PM)
Duane, Will Chris Wells recruitment be a battle IE Freeman between us and Michigan?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:54:37 PM)
I think it will come down to those 2 but I think he ends up at Ohio State.

homesickbuck (Jul 22, 2004 1:54:47 PM)
If Alex Daniels wants to play Strong Safety, Why wouldn't they agree to that rather than lose him to Oklahoma?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:57:48 PM)
There is no reason to think he won't get the chance to with the Buckeyes.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:57:50 PM)
There seems to be so much mis-information out there about Daniels.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 1:59:02 PM)
Fans are reading between the lines and coming up with their own conclusions. He has never mentioned Oklahoma as his leader to me. When I have spoken to him he has talked about USC and LSU more than anyone but Ohio State.

bucks4fun (Jul 22, 2004 1:59:27 PM)
Hi Duane, where do you see rb Greg Keyes of Bellevue landing this recruiting season?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:00:57 PM)
I can't say. He has been an enigma. I am still trying to get tape of him. I have to assume colleges have film of him but he has no offers that I am aware of.

ImBack45 (Jul 22, 2004 2:02:13 PM)
Duane, Sorry if this item has already been mentioned, but why is it we seem to have trouble getting top OOS running backs to come to OSU. I know about Wells, but it just seems all rbs should have OSU at or near the top of their prospective schools. I know Cooper used to target the top five nationally and would count on getting one. Does Tress & company have a similar approach? Are there some other OOS backs I'm missing? Thx.!

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:05:37 PM)
I think Clarett had an impact the last couple of years. He was Freshman of the Year. Kids assumed he would be the man for at least a couple of years. They didn't want to take chances of sitting for a couple of years. This year it is just luck of the draw. hey want to stay close to home. National recruiting is really a crapshoot. Most kids stay in state and most of the rest stay in region. Look at rosters around the country. I am saying 3/4 or more are from instate or in region.

crazynuts (Jul 22, 2004 2:05:48 PM)
Duane i am getting nervous about running backs for this years class. We know that JT likes to run, who are we going to pick up?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:07:21 PM)
I really don't think he is worried about it. You didn't see Haw and Pittman high on the national lists but let me tell you. I saw both of them and I saw most of the national kids. We are fine. These kids can run. Pittman ran well in spring and Haw is better. he performed beautifully in the North-South.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:10:40 PM)
This is not a great year for backs anyway. I like Jonathan Stewart, Justin King and Kevin Grady. After that I am fine with taking Ringer.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 2:10:48 PM)
Do you see Hennis earning an offer? He sure passes "the look test".

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:12:00 PM)
I have to say I was not that impressed with Hennis on tape. He may earn an offer, Brewster too, but I am not excited about him.

daytonbuckeye (Jul 22, 2004 2:12:08 PM)
I posted this question but didn't see it come across so sorry if you already answered it. Tell me what you know about the Cali kid Shawn Oatis? How do you like him and does Ostate have an opportunity at landing him?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:13:13 PM)
After our conversation I think the Buckeyes are odds on to get him. I think he is the perfect compliment to Myers-White.

fighter59 (Jul 22, 2004 2:13:21 PM)
Have any of the recruits you've spoken to this year mentioned the Morgan or Williams fiascos from last year? Will it have an effect?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:14:46 PM)
Not one. I don't know if they are even aware of it.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:15:06 PM)
I see that as a positive, not just for Ohio State but for college football in general. The amount of negative recruiting has gotten out of hand. Maybe we are seeing some decorum.

osubucks22 (Jul 22, 2004 2:14:51 PM)
Pittman or Haw? Which one has the bigger impact this year? After watching Pittman in the spring game, I've got a man-crush on him.... i'm sold

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:16:02 PM)
Haw is better. I only see one playing though. Pittman has a leg up coming in early.

homesickbuck (Jul 22, 2004 2:17:44 PM)
Do you see Rob Schoenhoft's commitment swaying any big time OOS wide recievers? Such as Rouse or Lymon, etc.?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:18:38 PM)
As I said earlier it will depend on his Elite 11 performance.

tulsabuck (Jul 22, 2004 2:18:58 PM)
Do many of the recruits follow the message board discussions? Could a negative thread send them toward another school? Are Buckeye fans most rabid? What other schools come close?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:20:26 PM)
You have no idea how many kids, and parents, follow the discussions. Buckeye fans are very rabid. More than most. I could not single out other fans. I do not go to other boards much.

TheLastStand (Jul 22, 2004 2:22:12 PM)
Where do you see Brian Hartline being most effective, offense or defense?

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:23:00 PM)
Offense. He is explosive. Great leaper and great in the open field.

Duane (Jul 22, 2004 2:24:25 PM)
Good chatting with you. See you on the boards and I will be back to chat soon.

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