Nicol Enjoying Big 33 Experience

Ohio State tight end recruit Rory Nicol will be going up against his future teammates and catching passes from a future Wolverine and a future Nittany Lion in Saturday's Big 33 game, but that's the way things go in all-star games sometimes. Nicol talked with Gary Housteau about the Big 33 experience so far.

With George Chaump at the helm for the Pennsylvania All-Stars in the 47th annual PNC Big 33 Football Classic, Ohio State recruit Rory Nicol of Beaver Area High School is excited about the role that he is likely to be called upon to play in the Keystoners offensive scheme.

"The week's gone well," Nicol said. "We came into it with not too much stuff for the tight ends, but as the week went on, a little progress was made. We've got some routes we're going to be running and some blocks we're going to be making."

He's just excited to be a part of the prestigious all-star game, regardless of the role he ultimately plays, and he wants his team to earn a victory.

"I'm just really here for the experience. It's a honor to be here, there's no complaints," Nicol said. "I just want to get out there and play a successful game and get a win."

Nicol proclaimed himself to be in good physical condition for the game after working out with his future OSU teammates for almost a full calendar month before he arrived in Hershey.

"I was in Columbus for a month running with the team but just coming out here banging is a little different obviously," he said. "But you get those first three days to get over that hump and you're fine and ready to go."

Nicol is slated to play only on the offensive side of the ball during the game.

"Just tight end I'm playing right now. Our defensive ends are here to play defense," he said. "Things are going well for me at tight end. I'm back in the groove, and I feel strong, and I feel fast and I feel great out there. It's just a great honor to be here."

Having Chad Henne and Anthony Morelli under center may also have something to do with him feeling so well right now.

"They're both incredible. They're on the money, both of them," Nicol said. "I've never seen arms like that in my life. So it's an exciting thing and I don't think you've got to worry too much about the ball not being there."

The Pennsylvania All-Stars got to meet their respective buddies for the first time on Thursday. The Ohio team did the same on Tuesday.

"You just have to put things into perspective and stay grounded," Nicol said. "We're blessed and these kids would do anything to be in our shoes. It's just an honor to be here and represent PA to the fullest and just realize everyday is a gift and not to take it for granted because it could be gone at any second of any day."

The friendships that Nicol and his Buckeye teammates on the Pa. squad have already made with some of the players on the Ohio team are likely going to be around for a long time regardless of what team comes away with a victory in the game, but those friendships are sort of on hold until Saturday.

"We see them in lunch but we haven't talked with them too much," he said. "Ben Person and Chad Hoobler were our roommates up at school so we have a little friendly competition going. But we haven't seen much of them throughout the week, so I guess we'll see them Saturday night and see how it goes."

Nicol with his buddy for the week

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