Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

Gary Housteau dropped in today to chat about goings on in Hershey, Pa. where the Big 33 game is being held, and we also discussed several Buckeye issues as well. Click on the link for a transcript.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:04:28 PM)
I'm here in Hershey and if you have any questions about the game I'll be glad to answer them if I can.

BuckeyeDave (Jul 23, 2004 2:04:34 PM)
Zwick, then Schoenhoft, then Hartline, then Dawes (from Cinti-Princeton). Mark it down!

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:05:31 PM)
Hi Buckeye Dave... I'm happy with the first two right now. I'd like to see the name Schlichter in there somewhere???

murfinatl (Jul 23, 2004 2:05:57 PM)
Gary - Is it true Ginn is only playing offense?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:08:22 PM)
Hi murfinati...It's true that he is only practicing with the offense but he may be called upon to use his natural ability and guard Lyons if Brandon Underwood or Tony Davis or anyone else isn't capable of it. Lyons is looking forward to matching up with Ginn. Lyons is very confident of his ability and he looks great. Both he and Ginn catch the ball so well.

Kirk (Jul 23, 2004 2:09:18 PM)
Gary, what's your overall impression on the two teams' attitudes? I have to say it sounds like PA is more fired up. A guy on location for GoBlueWolverine said PA has been practicing more too.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:13:31 PM)
Unfortunately the contact practices were over when I got here yesterday, just shells on for both teams yesterday. And today it was pouring down rain all morning and the Ohio team had a walk thru inside and I didn't see Pa this morning. Coach Chaump had Henne and Lyons and a few others out on the practice field before lunch working on some timing things near the goal line. Ohio will be hard pressed to be able to defend everything Chaump has up his sleeve. Pa did practice pretty hard for shells yesterday while Ohio just barely went through the motions for about 45 minutes. Yesterday was a definite edge for Pa and today was a wash literally. Overall I'm getting stronger vibes for the Pa side right now. I hope I'm wrong.

OTC (Jul 23, 2004 2:14:13 PM)
who do you think will play early out of all the guys at the game?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:21:00 PM)
Hi OTC...I have to say I'm very impressed with all four of the Pa guys. I really am. Their upbeat attitude is contagious. I think Lyons and Mitchum have a good shot at early playing time and I really like Nicol and Skinner too. Nicol is going to surprise people sooner rather than later and Skinner is so solid. On the Ohio side, Ginn is a given. He's so talented and he will rise to the occasion again I'm sure of it. The only reason Chad Hoobler might not play this year is because LB is so loaded this year. He told me yesterday they are going to move him over to defense but he's not sure if it will be inside or outside. He may have to redshirt because of the depth but he is a football player. You will love him in this game. Haw will have a shot to play next year but I would consider redshirting him unless neither Ross or Pittman can deliver or there are injuries. Maybe Person may get a shot in the interior of the line as well. I think the rest of the Ohio guys will likely redshirt next year.

Madler6808 (Jul 23, 2004 2:21:05 PM)
Gary, opening game prediction. How tough do you think the cinnci game will be. Do you think JT will come out consevative or ULTRA consevative. Do you think with Dantonio's knowledge of our system will close the talent gap between both schools. Thanks

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:26:50 PM)
Thanks for the question madler6068...First JT will throw the obligatory long pass at some early point in the game if not on the first play and then it's all conservative from then on. The fact that he has less confidence in his QB, whoever it is, the line is young, and knowing that Dantonio knows his tendencies so well will cause JT to pound a square peg into a round hole all game long. The name of the game is field position and defense. You used the word ULTRA and you may be on to something here. For those of you who think JT will throw caution to the wind with this offense...early on...I don't think so. Sorry!

OTC (Jul 23, 2004 2:26:55 PM)
How would you compare Mitchum, Skinner, and Person to each other, and where do they project at OSU?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:32:08 PM)
Person is shorter and more bottom heavy than Mitchum and Skinner. I think Person and Skinner are the better straight ahead blockers while Mitchum is better guy to pull and trap with. They're all tough and physical kids but Person would be the most physical of the three. He's so big like, a Korey Stringer type of lineman, while Mitchum and Skinner are more like a Jim Lachey type of lineman. I think all three are sure to see a lot of time on the line in their respective careers at OSU. Mitchum and Person are guards and Skinner is a tackle.

buckimike (Jul 23, 2004 2:32:19 PM)
Do you see Marshall as a big upset threat since they are sandwiched between the Mark Dantonio game and the NC State game? That is the game I fear the most of the non-conference games

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:36:20 PM)
No I don't because we will have one game of experience to know what works best and we will be playing a MAC team, plain and simple. You can't lose at home and you certainly can't lose to a MAC team at home. Tressel will make do on offense with what he has from week two on. It's week one that worries me the most. Our defense and Nugent can carry us from week two on through the Michigan game. It might not be pretty but we'll beat Marshall.

Brutus 10 (Jul 23, 2004 2:36:28 PM)
Where you you see Ginn making the biggest impact early. Special Teams, Defense or Offense?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:41:52 PM)
Hi Brutus10 up until now...I've been a firm believer that Ginn will make his biggest impact on the kicking team and defense. It's harder to find a great corner like Ginn will be than it is to find a really good receiver especially in this offense. Even a good receiver in this offense isn't very good overall. The bottom line is Ginn will excel wherever he plays, I'm so confident of that. He meets every challenge. And he won't complain if he doesn't get the ball on offense. I just think his talent will be wasted on offense compared to defense. He's a better corner than people are giving him credit for. He's primetime on defense. I would like to see him lock down on Lyons against Henne and Morelli. And he needs to show people that he's an aggressive tackler. Ginn doesn't have a passive bone in his body. So to sum it up special teams, kick return, is a given. He'll have his first chance to perform and make plays on offense but he'll eventually make his real presence known the most on defense.

cb (Jul 23, 2004 2:42:05 PM)
Gary, What do you project as our Oline of the future?? LT-Boone LG-Cordle C-Mitchum- RG-Person RT- Bemoll ??? Skinner?? We are building depth, that is for sure. GO BUCKS

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:45:24 PM)
HI cb...that's really hard to do but I have to keep Barton in mind unless he can't stay healthy. I think Mitchum has to play guard and so does person. I don't know enough about Cordle or Bemoll yet. Boone is definitely your man at one tackle spot. We'll see who else they bring in but I'll be happy constructing my line out of that group of guys in two years. Maybe we need to recruit another true center.

Brutus 10 (Jul 23, 2004 2:45:54 PM)
Who, besides Simon Fraser, do you see stepping up on the D-Line this year? I guess this question is focused on the young players that will be starting and getting reps.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:46:23 PM)
cb...Skinner is another solid tackle candidate as you mentioned his name.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:52:26 PM)
I like Kudla as a relentless worker who's very opportunistic already in his career. He's ready to step in for Will Smith. I like Jay Richardson on the outside to give the Bucks a nice three man rotation with the ability to put Patterson out there as well in certain situations. I did like Frost but he's on offense now. Inside on the line you have to like Marcus Green for his veteran presence and Pitcock and Patterson along with Penton and Cotton. I think Patterson can swing inside and outside or play anywhere along the D-line. So there's seven or eight guys there not even counting Brandon Maupin.

OTC (Jul 23, 2004 2:52:33 PM)
What are your impressions of Lyons, and how good do you think he will be at OSU?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 2:57:54 PM)
I really like the whole package that is Devon Lyons. He's smart. He's tall. He's lanky. He can run. He can go up and grab the ball out of the air. He's confident. He's smooth. And on top of it all he's an extremely likable young man. Very friendly and well spoken. And he's young. His upside is tremendous. I see number 18 on the field this year. He can be be better than Jenkins if he sticks around for four years and he can be as good as anyone ever was at OSU. I think Chaump will look to go to him early and often in the Big 33 game.

bucklover (Jul 23, 2004 2:57:59 PM)
Gray-to me, this defense looks better on paper than perhaps the last two years due to 2 factors, speed and depth. Richardson, Pitcock, Patterson excite me. Carpenter excites me, and EJ along with Whitner and Salley are premier athletes. I cannot remember more talent at just needs game action.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:00:35 PM)
Hi bucklover the big thing in addition to speed and depth with this unit is athleticism. There are athletes everywhere. It can truly be a great unit if our offense doesn't keep them on the field all game. That's the big key.

dcbuck (Jul 23, 2004 3:00:43 PM)
How good has Chad Henne and Anthony Morelli looked (please say bad)? How did Zwick/Smith compare at that age?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:03:40 PM)
Boy oh boy... I'd take Chad Henne over any of them. Boy, he looks the part and it pains me to admit it. My second choice... Morelli! Sorry but I call them only as I see them. I think both Henne and Morelli have that innate ability in them where Zwick and Smith are still trying to develop it. Henne is as good looking of a quarterback as I've seen at this stage.

MADLER6808 (Jul 23, 2004 3:03:48 PM)
Does Brandon Smith's play match the way he looks. how did he look in the north-south all star game. I would hate to run into this guy in a dark alley

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:06:33 PM)
I think Smith isn't going to obey the rules as good as he did in the north south game. He was disappointed in his play in the North/South game and he wants to be a playmaker in this one. I'm comfortable with Hoobler and Smith being in the middle of the Ohio defense. I think Smith will eventually be too big and move down to the line on defense but he said he'll play wherever they play him. He's got a great attitude.

Brutus 10 (Jul 23, 2004 3:06:40 PM)
Gary, We all have our feeling regarding how the offense has been run and how it's performed over the past two years. With a NC in 2002, it's hard to really complain. But do you see Tressel opening it up with some more screens, sweeps, reverses, throwing down field, etc. with the new personell in the offense this year?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:07:54 PM)

Brutus 10 (Jul 23, 2004 3:08:06 PM)
Gary, I always viewed Louis as a Winslow type difference maker at TE that would really give defenses trouble, spread the defense and generally open up the passing and running game overall. Do we have anyone in the stable that will be able to fill his shoes?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:13:28 PM)
I have a hunch you will enjoy watching Nicol if you see the Big 33 game. The thing with even Louis at tight end if he were still here...JT would call a big play or even two for he did to Louis with the pass he dropped, but it won't be interwoven into an offensive scheme. We all should know the scheme by now. There are no plays being set up to run other plays or plays that evolve into other plays as the season goes along. That is just not a part of how JT coaches an offense. A surprise with a tight end? Sure but a regular part of the passing attack that's a regular part of an offense is just a pipedream. There's only so many songs in JT's jukebox and I've heard all of them through the years. Nothing changes but the season.

bucklover (Jul 23, 2004 3:09:07 PM)
Gary-what do you think of this line in 05. Barton and Sims at the tackles, with Datish and Mitchum at guard spots. Mangold at center. Sounds pretty good to me.

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:14:47 PM)
Bucklover... I think this year will go a long way in saying who will be playing in 2005. A guy like Datish could cement his future on the line with a strong performance while he has his opportunity but we will have to see if he takes advantage of it. Right now I can't say who will be the line but I'm certain the line will be deeper no matter who is starting.

cb (Jul 23, 2004 3:09:12 PM)
If Mitchum and Person are guards, Boone, Skinner, Bemoll are tackles..who plays Center?? Cordle?

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:16:19 PM)
cb I can't answer that right now... maybe Datish for instance... maybe Cordle?? I don't know. Let's see if any of the young guys step up this year.

Brutus 10 (Jul 23, 2004 3:16:23 PM)
Gary, Thanks for your time today and for answering my questions. Have fun at the Big 33 game!

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:17:21 PM)
Thanks guys I have to go. There's a banquet with Matt Millen and others that I'll be heading over to soon. Then I'll be back trying to post more updates before the game tomorrow. I wish I could chat longer but we will do it again next week. Go Ohio!

GaryHousteau (Jul 23, 2004 3:18:55 PM)
One last point... I did confirm that Reggie Smith is gone from the team and he is likely to be done with football. But we shall see. It's a shame!

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