Five-Star Point Guard Interested In The Buckeyes

Another outstanding basketball prospect, point guard Chris Douglas-Roberts of Detroit (Mi.) Cass Tech, is expressing interest in Ohio State. Just how much interest is there? Kyle Lamb caught up with him to find out.

Chris Douglas-Roberts isn't in any need of attention, but he's getting more of it every day. Bucknuts spoke with Douglas-Roberts -- C.D.R. for short -- and he informed us just who the attention is coming from.

"Right now the schools I'm most interested in are Miami, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Michigan State, Connecticut, Arizona, and Oklahoma," he said.

What about Ohio State? Is there any mutual interest with this 6'5 point guard from Detroit Cass Tech?

"I haven't really heard from Ohio State like I thought I would," he added. "I am definitely interested in OSU, but they don't seem to be real interested in me right now."

Douglas-Roberts (6-5, 195) stopped short of saying he hasn't heard from them, however.

"I did get a chance to speak with Coach Matta last week after practice," he said. "Coach Matta did tell me they were interested in me, but I don't get the impression it's real serious. If it is, they haven't shown it as much yet."

A common theme that C.D.R. echoed was how much interest teams are showing him, or lack thereof.

For instance, many people have believed that with fellow Detroit hoops star Malik Hairston signing with Oregon, the Ducks might have an edge in landing Hairston's pal.

"Oregon hasn't been showing me that much interest, so quite honestly I'm just not interested in them," Douglas-Roberts proclaimed. "I only want to go to a school that wants me to go there, and I'm kind of surprised I haven't heard more from them. I don't know if I'd even consider them now."

It's not all about how much interest C.D.R. is receiving, however. There are several factors involved in his selection, although proximity to home is not one of them.

"My family wants me to go wherever I'm comfortable," he said. "It doesn't matter how far away I go. I just want to go where there's a family type atmosphere and where I'm comfortable with the coaching staff."

Douglas-Roberts made it clear that if the home-state schools feel they have an advantage because they are located in Michigan, it wouldn't make a difference.

He did, however, state that playing point guard is a huge factor despite being labeled as a guy who can play any of the three guard positions.

"At first I didn't think the position mattered, I just wanted the ball in my hands," Douglas-Roberts said. "But lately I've realized that the way to get the ball in my hands is to play point guard. I want to have the freedom to distribute the basketball and see the floor while running the show. So definitely, I would prefer to play point guard."

Although not every team recruiting Douglas-Roberts has assured him of playing point, he did say most teams were recruiting him as a point guard. The only other factor he was looking at is playing time.

"No one wants to go somewhere and sit on the bench," he said. "I feel I can earn playing time, but I want the opportunity to do so. Not everywhere will give you a fair chance as a freshman."

Douglas-Roberts said he is still very wide open and there's plenty of time for more teams to get involved. He plans to make his college choice in November.

Until then, Douglas-Roberts will continue to receive plenty of attention. He won't be afraid to tell you that, either.

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