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Bucknuts.com staff member Kyle Lamb is back with his second edition of A Schott In The Arm, his column on OSU men's basketball and recruiting. In this column, Lamb shares comments on Thad Matta from a few high school coaches as well as O.J. Mayo. He also examines the status of JuJuan Jones, the underclassman in Ohio, what the holdup with Derrick Brown is, some sleepers to watch over the next few years and much more. Click here for all the details.

Kyle Lamb has just completed another edition of his column, A Schott In The Arm, our special look at Ohio State men's basketball and recruiting.

This is a special column for Ohio State fans only. That is why it is posted on our premium Club Subscriber Basketball message board.

Obviously, there are no shortage of things to talk about. Here are the highlights from this week's column:

* Comments on how Ohio's top underclassmen as well as high school coaches view new OSU basketball coach Thad Matta.

* More comments from super sophomore O.J. Mayo on where his future may lie and his feelings for Ohio State.

* The status of Dayton Chaminade-Julienne forward Derrick Brown, whom Matta was working hard to recruit to Xavier.

* A look at OSU's pursuit of several high profile big men.

* Much more on some other players in the junior, sophomore and even freshman classes.

* An update on Sidney's talented JuJuan Jones, who may not be at Sidney this year.

* And there is much more.

Nobody else in the universe is providing this kind of insight and detail on OSU men's basketball and recruiting.

Click below to read this week's edition of A Schott In The Arm (Remember, before clicking, this column is hosted on a premium forum.)

Click here for A Schott In The Arm.

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