Wilson Plans To Visit Ohio State

Offensive lineman Ronnie Wilson of Pompano Beach (Fl.) Ely is getting things set up for the season as well as his official visits. The Buckeyes will get one of those visits. Wilson talked with Duane Long recently about how recruiting is coming along and how the season is shaping up.

The Buckeyes have already added three outsanding offensive linemen to this year's recruiting class, but if Ronnie Wilson of Pompano Beach (Fl.) Ely wanted to make it four, OSU would welcome him with open arms.

Right now, Wilson has visits set up to Pitt, NC State, Ohio State. He plans on taking all five of his official visits, but because of his plans to enroll in college early, he must do it during the season.

"I will be coming in in January," Wilson said. "I have to get it over with."

With three visits set up, what schools will get the other two?

"I have not made any more calls to schools, but LSU looks like one," he said. "I am not sure about the last one."

There are no Ely products at Ohio State, but two of the other schools Wilson will visit have players from his high school.

"There's one at Pitt, and there's two at NC State from our school," he said. "Ohio State's also recruiting my teammate, Carlton Jackson. Maybe as a quarterback but more as an athlete."

So far, Wilson's visit list makes it sound like he will head out of state for college. For many southern players thinking about coming north, the weather is usually an issue, but Wilson does not seem to be concerned about the cold winters.

"The cold's really not going to be a problem," Wilson said. "I've never been up north during the winter, but I don't think it's going to be a problem."

What about Wilson's parents? Will leaving the state be a concern there?

"They just want me to be happy," Wilson said. "They know I know I'm going to be wherever I'm going to be for five years."

Wilson was up in Columbus for camp this year, and like many prospects coming to OSU for the first time, he was impressed with the stadium.

"I really enjoyed the stadium at Ohio State," he said. "We saw it from the field and then we went up to the press box. It was really something."

Ronnie also made an impression during the camp itself as he made a highly-rated defensive lineman want to give up.

"Yeah, I gave him a punch," Wilson said. "I don't know his name. I just know he left the rotation."

Wilson has been training throughout the summer and is currently getting ready for the season.

"Right now, I weigh about 335," he said. "We have been steadily in the weight room since spring. I have a 360 bench now.

Ely had three weeks of spring football, starting May 1 and then ending with the spring game, but practice this month seems to be getting cut short a bit.

"We're not doing two-a-days this year because we're starting school early. We're having one really long practice instead of two-a-days."

Regardless, Wilson is high on his team's chances this season.

"We're really going to have a good team," he said. "We made the playoffs last year. We should be even better this year."

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