Hartline Discusses Buckeyes, Upcoming Season

Last night, OSU commitment Brian Hartline took to the airwaves up in Canton for the debut of a local radio show, and Bill Greene had a chance to catch up with him afterwards to discuss the upcoming season, the Buckeyes, and more.

Radio station WDPN in Canton held it's preseason call-in show tonight, and the featured guests were GlenOak coach Jack Rose, and his top player OSU recruit Brian Hartline. We caught up with Hartline, ranked as one of the top seniors by Ohio High magazine, after the show and asked him about the upcoming season.

Most of your attention the past month has been on recruiting. How do you turn the switch to concentrate on your season at GlenOak?

"In the first place, my scholarship came about because of my play at GlenOak, so that's my first responsibility. I verballed early to get that out of the way so I could concentrate totally on my last year of high school."

What are your goals for this season?

"My main goal is to win the Federal League. I also want to get into the playoffs, and go as far as we can. For myself, I want to get to 1,000 yards receiving. Last season, I split the year between QB and WR, but this year I'm strictly a WR on offense."

What will your role be this year, on the field?

"Offensively, I'll be at wide receiver. I'll also be starting at defensive back and might punt. On special teams, I'll be returning kickoffs and punts. I'll only be off the field when we kick off."

What will be your role off the field?

"As a senior, I'm looked at as one of our leaders, but I want to be more than that. This year I want to show the guys that when we need a play, I'll make it. I want to be a guy my teammates know will come through in the clutch. We have high expectations for this season, and I'm expecting a lot from myself."

Who do you look up to, on and off the field?

"I'm a big Dallas Cowboy fan, and I always admired Alvin Harper and Michael Irvin. They both could get deep, but also make tough catches over the middle. I want to be like they were on the field. Off the field, I have to say Coach Rose, because he's done so much for me."

Tell me about Jack Rose.

"As a person, he's a great guy. He's been much more emotional so far this year, and I love that. He's a great coach, because he's seen it all. He's coached in college, as well as high school, for a lot of years, so nothing surprises him. He's a great teacher, because of all his coaching experience."

Hartline and Jack Rose

Have you spoken with any of your fellow Buckeye recruits?

"I've gotten to know Jamario O'Neal from running track, and he's a real cool guy. We through the football around with Coach Ginn, of Glenville, and I kidded Jamario that I'll be beating him in practice at OSU someday. I've also met Todd Denlinger, Jim Cordle and Alex Boone, and they're good guys."

Are you talking to any players who haven't committed that OSU is recruiting?

"Not really, but I plan on talking to Chris Wells of Akron Garfield. We scrimmage them next week, and I'm going to push for him to come to Ohio State. Oh yeah, I talk to my brother Mike about it all the time."

What are your thoughts on former GlenOak star Dustin Fox?

"Dustin is all football, and a great player. I think he's the most underrated cornerback in college football. I stayed with him during camp and saw how focused he is on football and his schoolwork. I ran patterns against him and saw how great he is. He really pushed the OSU coaches to offer me a scholarship. He told them if they didn't take me that I was going to hurt them in a few years."

What are your thoughts on Jim Tressel and his staff?

"The first thing is that he's such a family guy and has built that type of atmosphere at Ohio State. He seems to be saying that if you don't do good off the field, you won't be playing on the field, and I like that. I really like the whole coaching staff. Their was great chemistry between the coaches and myself. I just felt like I belonged there, because of the coaches."

Finally, we caught up with Brian's sister Jamie, a freshman volleyball player at GlenOak, to tell us about her brother. When asked about Brian, Jamie said " Brian gets annoyed easily, but that's because he expects a lot from himself. He's really sarcastic around his friends, but at home he's pretty quiet. He'll do anything for me, and he's the typical older brother."

There are high expectations for GlenOak this year. Coach Jack Rose, who won a state championship in 1984 at St. Thomas Aquinas, is one of the top coaches in the state, and the Golden Eagles boast some of the top players in Ohio as well. They could be ranked in the preseason rolls and are clearly the favorite to win the Federal League. Brian Hartline, Brandon Long, Nick Roman, Mike Hartline, and Ryan Palmer are ranked among the top players in the state by Ohio High magazine, and they will be counted on to lead the way for GlenOak in 2004.

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