Confident Ginn Waiting To Take The Field

The time is almost here for highly-hyped true freshman Ted Ginn to take the field and show what he can do. Ginn is confident and more than ready to go.

There's no doubt that Ted Ginn Jr. is a confident young man.

"You got to have confidence. Without confidence, you ain't going to succeed in life," said Ginn as he answered a question posed by the beat reporter from the Dayton Daily News. "That goes with everything; with your job, with your books, with everything. You've got to have confidence."

Self-confidence helped Ginn to be in Ohio Stadium on media day as a member of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Self-confidence allowed him to answer matter-of-factly when reporters were firing one question after another at him throughout the two-hour session.

"This feels great to be here," Ginn said. "As I was walking down (to the field) I wanted to play in a game. It felt good to be in an Ohio State uniform."

Ohio State fans have been looking forward to seeing Ginn in his Ohio State uniform at Ohio Stadium ever since they've seen him win the MVP award of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in January and then take the same prize in the PNC Big 33 Football Classic last month.

The expectations of him from others are enormous, but Ginn is confident he can handle it.

"How I'm going to handle it at first is I'm just going to be comfortable. That's just me," he said. "I like to play on both sides of the ball and I'm going to come in and show them what I got, and just hope that I can get in on both sides of the ball."

Defense seems to be Ginn's passion where offense is more or less a hobby of his. On the first practice session after reporting to camp, even prior to the media day event, Ginn worked mainly on honing his defensive skills.

"Today I had 21 periods of defense and then three periods of offense and I was straight with that," he said. "Before I came down Coach Tress was like, ‘Ted you're going to be in defensive meetings but then you're going to work with the offense on the side too.' So I already knew what it was going to be like."

Is he nervous or even scared in any way?

"No I'm not nervous and I'm not scared. What for?" he said. "They ain't nothing but a little bit bigger and faster. There's nothing to be scared of. I just have to come out and play ball."

Is he afraid to fail?

"No I'm not scared to fail." Ginn said. "Well a little bit because a lot of people want to see me on the field. But it just depends on how hard I work, how much work I put into it. That's all that counts."

Obviously it's a bigger stage and a bigger crowd and a bigger challenge now but Ginn has continuously matched and even outperformed his greatest of challenges to arguably be considered the best in two different sports during his prep career at Glenville High School.

"When it's game time I just block everything out and I play ball," he said. "It might be a bigger crowd and people might boo me or people might say anything, but I just block it out and play ball."

Humility is possibly the greatest asset Ginn has in his enormous arsenal. It's an intangible trait that has been ingrained in him from his parents and the one single thing that has allowed him to comfortably move on and then conquer his next biggest challenge.

"I'm very proud of what I've accomplished but now it's over with. I did it and it's done," he said. "Now it's time to move on, it's time to get new accolades and it's time to be another man."

And if it don't work out the way Ginn imagines it will at Ohio State, in either sport?

"I'll just have to rely on my school and whatever I get out of my major," Ginn said. "But I believe everything is going to work out because I will make it work out."

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